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Brian DuBreuil

Beyond the Headlines

with Brian Dubreuil
Reviewing MLAs perks and pensions
Reviewing MLAs perks and pensions
Dec 6, 2:13 PM

When the province's independent review panel delivers its report into MLA remuneration early next year, their salaries and pensions will get most of the attention.But Nova Scotians would do well... more »

Phonse Jessome

From the Field

with Phonse Jessome
A Letter to Uncle Bill
A Letter to Uncle Bill
Dec 14, 9:20 AM

Bill Jessome, a well-known Maritime broadcaster and one of the pioneer voices in Nova Scotia television, died at the age of 88. This is a letter his nephew and CBC... more »

Blair Rhodes

On Watch

with Blair Rhodes
In the Real World
In the Real World
Jun 28, 12:15 PM

I've seen dozens of forensic teams combing over a crime scene in the past few years. However, until a few days ago, they were all fake. Just about every... more »