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Laakuluk Williamson Bathory Laakuluk Williamson Bathory
Romeo Saganash Romeo Saganash
Kiera-Dawn Kolson Kiera-Dawn Kolson
Stephen Frost Stephen Frost
Francois Paulette Francois Paulette
Rassi Nashalik Rassi Nashalik
Jordin Tootoo Jordin Tootoo
Paul Andrew Paul Andrew
Minnie Awashish Minnie Awashish
Sheatie Tagak Sheatie Tagak
Dennis Shorty Dennis Shorty
Berna Landry Berna Landry
Harry Magsagak Harry Magsagak
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Culture Secrets

CBC North asked well-known northerners from Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Nunavik about their cultural secrets. For some, it’s a specific place. For others, it was an idea, a ritual, a dance, or even a memory. Check out their cultural secrets by clicking on their pictures above the map. And CBC North is looking for your cultural secret! If you have something cultural that is very important to you, tell us about it! Click the Submit Location link above and fill out the form for it to be included here.