Trevor Peddle

  • Age: 21 /
  • Born: Spaniard’s Bay
  • OCCUPATION: First-year apprentice, heat and frost insulator, Guildfords Inc. /
  • Hours: 40 PER Week /
  • Salary: As a unionized employee Peddle makes 18.60 an hour + 10 per cent holiday pay + 3 per cent vacation. Five dollars an hour also goes into a pension, and another $1.50 an hour is put into an RRSP.

Peddle first tried a career in music before coming over to the trades. “I realized it’s a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication,“ he says. “I haven’t given up on music as a career, but I’m kinda going to just put that on the back burner to support myself financially.” Peddle says his grandfather, father and several uncles all worked in the trade. “My whole family is pretty much insulators,” he says. “I figured it was just as well for me to try it as well.”

Landed the job

His father, who also works for Guildfords, got him a job with the company in the summer of 2012. He got a feel for the work, and decided to enrol in Academy Canada’s Heat Frost five-month insulators program. Guildfords hired him when he graduated.


Installing heat and frost insulation, using fiberglass or mineral fibre wool and wrapping it around pipes or tanks or vessels to keep heat in or out for energy costs or protect people from getting burned.

Monthly expenses

Rent, groceries, car payments, insurance and other miscellaneous items.

Best part

“Working on the site you can the hands-on side of it, but I’ve also met a lot of the guys who work with the company and they all seem great.”

Most challenging

Learning and trying to adapt to different changes in the construction industry.

Enjoys earnings

“Usually I like to spoil myself by going out to dinner. That’s kind of a guilty pleasure,” says Peddle. Wingin’ It is one place he likes to dine.

Future plans

“Hopefully still working in the trade and climbing the ladder to the highest position I can get to.”


“Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” says Kevin McEvoy, Guildfords branch manager for Newfoundland and Labrador.

He says Peddle is keen to learn. “In this case we have Trevor who is very keen on learning. He’s shown some initial skills that are exceptional, shown good maturity.”

“Knowing the family besides that,” McEvoy says, “is everything. It makes a big difference because we know the work ethic of the family, the skill set of the family.”

“For the most part you hope it’s passed down to the offspring as well and i think in this case Trevor is going to do well in the insulation trade.”