Matt Tucker

  • Age: 24 /
  • Born: Goulds
  • OCCUPATION: Realtor, Exit Realty on the Rock /
  • Hours: 60-80 per week /
  • Salary: $100,000+

“I love it when people ask me questions about real estate. I love being an expert in a field,” says Tucker, who has been in real estate since 2006. “I can’t go to a party or a family event without anybody asking me, 'Matt, what’s the market like? Matt, what do you think my house is worth? Matt, really like to get in and look at this house?,'" he says. “You get a real sense of pride when you are the centre of attention, and you can help people out.”

Landed the job

A broker suggested he make an appointment with Exit Realty on The Rock franchisee owner Anne Squires. They had a meeting, and she decided to give him a chance.


No one typical day or set of responsibilities. “It’s one of these things [where] you could be with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I can’t tell you where I’ll be on Monday. Or if I’ll even be in the province.”

Monthly expenses

“It’s a little depressing,” says Tucker. Professional expenses are $2,000+ per month, including paying salary of a personal assistant, and $2,000-2,500 for personal and living expenses.

Best part

Getting the deal done. “I love when a client comes back to me and is so happy,” says Tucker.

Most challenging

“When somebody feels as though they were burned ... I really feel poorly when someone feels like the got the bad end of the stick.” And “I work sometimes to the point of exhaustion. I have actually developed stress-induced asthma.”

Enjoys earnings

Travelling. He took 16 trips in 2012 for work and pleasure, including Jamaica and Dominican Republic. Likes spending money on good food to cook.

Future plans

Be in real estate. Have an established team of his own. “I don’t think I could last just selling for 25-plus years. I think if I want to have any balance of family life, personal life and business life I am really going to have my own brokerage.”


As the owner and founder of Exit Realty on the Rock, Anne Squires says she meets plenty of young people who want to work in real estate, but few have what it takes to make it. She oversees 100 agents in eight offices across the province.

“We have people on a daily basis looking for a position in real estate because people thinks it’s easy money and you can learn it really, really fast. And you don’t have a boss anymore,” says Squires.

“It’s probably some of the toughest, hardest money you will ever earn in your life. And you also get told 'no', more often than any career out there, so after a little while you have to have a lot self esteem and confidence to help someone find their dream home.”

To make it, Squires says young people entering the business must realize that to succeed requires sacrifice. “I have some younger ones who have come on board and just didn’t cut it,” she says.

“Takes them awhile to realize open houses are on Sunday. [Saturday till] 4 a.m. and open house at 11 a.m is probably not a good mix … They probably try that once or twice, and then they find that either one has got to go.”

Six-digit salaries

Squires says six-figure salaries for agents are becoming more prevalent in the province. She says some agents are selling up to 150 houses a year.

“The sky is the limit, but it comes down to knowing how much you have on your plate,” Squires says.