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CBC Newfoundland and Labrador | March 21, 2005

CBC Radio and Television in Newfoundland and Labrador will be broadcasting segments on The Teen Age during the week of March 21.

Out and aboutOut and about:Click to Watch to the RealVideo file

Chesley Ward grew up in a small community in Labrador. Now 18, he is proud to be gay and has no plans to hide his sexuality in the closet.

Glenn Deir reports. (runs 6:16).


Forget the stereotypes:Click to listen to the Audio file

Zipora Hunter talks about being a teen, being Inuit, and living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (runs 4:24)


Teenage nationalismTeenage nationalism:Click to listen to the Audio file

Heather Barrett speaks with Jeff Gilhooly, host of the St. John's Morning Show, about a revived sense of nationalism among the province's youth. (runs 7:07)



Teenage wastelandTeenage wasteland:Click to listen to the Audio file

Jeff Gilhooly speaks with CBC News Online's John Gushue about the dramatic drop in the number of teenagers in the province. (runs 4:44)

View our web feature - Teenage Wasteland click to view page


What's on your plate? - John FollettWhat's on your plate?Click to Watch to the RealVideo file

For many teenagers, junk food can dominate a diet. John Follett and other teenagers are trying to keep nutrition a priority.

Jonathan Crowe reports. (runs 3:51)


The budget through teens' eyesThe budget through teens' eyesClick to listen to the RealAudio file

On The Go host Ted Blades consults a panel of youth about the 2005 provincial budget. Participating are Adam Vickers, Danielle Taylor, Jenny Dawe and Sheila Pairi. (runs 9:50)


Cleaning upWhat's on your plate?Click to Watch to the RealVideo file

Experimenting with sex and drugs is a normal part of growing up. Becky Doyle is one teenager choosing a lifestyle that embraces clean living, through her church group. Other teens take a similar, non-religious path through the Straight Edge movement. Jane Adey reports. (runs 6:42)


The Morning Show forum:Click to listen to the Audio file

Listen in as St. John�s Morning Show host Jeff Gilhooly talks about a wide variety of issues - from education to drivers� licences with a dozen teenagers. (runs 21:19)


Abstinence makes the heart grow fonderAbstinence makes the heart grow fonder:Click to listen to the Audio file

Jane Adey reports on how many teenagers - some religious, some not - are steering away from sex and drugs in favour of a healthy lifestyle.(runs 6:00)


Culture clashCulture clash:Click to Watch to the RealVideo file

Teenagers may be losing their ties to their Newfoundland roots, but some are fighting the good fight. Katie Nicholson reports. (runs 6:02)


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