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What If?

We've all heard how Placentia Bay resembles the Gulf of Mexico with its mix of a vibrant fishery with active industrial traffic, which includes tankers travelling to oil refineries at Come-By-Chance and Whiffen Head. Placentia Bay has also been identified as the most likely site in Canada for a major oil spill.

What if there was tanker spill in Placentia Bay? We looked at information about several spills that have occurred in recent memory: The Exxon Valdez; the Prestige, which went down off the coast of Spain; and the Ixtoc 1 - not a spill that comes to mind, but one that is still listed as one of the biggest in history. And of course, the Deepwater Horizon, which continues to pour oil into the Gulf of Mexico even today. We've estimated what they would look like if they happened in Placentia Bay.