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I Think Spring Has Sprung...

Hey Folks,


-Our Spring Storm continues to pound away on you folks on the in Eastern and Southeastern Labrador...
-Through today and into tonight another 10-15 cm of Snow could fall up through Mary's Harbour and up the Coast to Cartwright.
-Looks like 5-10 cm today for HV-GB and North of Gros Water Bay.
-Maybe more tomorrow for the North Coast depending on the track this thing takes.
-Winds will continue to gust to 70 or 80 km/h and so white out conditions will continue.


This was As Advertised from the very start "A Spring Storm"... but there's no doubt this system could have been much worse Snow wise across the Island. We did see some Snow up though Central and up the Northern Pen. However, some of the forecast models were showing as much as 20-25 cm in Central... and most of them were showing 40+ cm up the Northern Peninsula. And although I knew totals wouldn't be that high... I did think the cold air would hold on for more of a fight than it did.

But that's really been quite the common theme this winter hasn't it? Temperatures bumped up 1 or 2 degrees warmer than forecast and as a result we saw more Ice Pellets, Freezing Rain and Rain then anything else. Even up through the Northern Peninsula today... temperatures have bumped up ABOVE the freezing mark in many places. Some of you from Flowers Cove have been saying that not much Snow fell at all. Now the webcam in St. Anthony is showing some more Snowfall this afternoon... but Rain has been mixing in at times as well which is keeping totals down.


I think it's Safe to say Spring has Officially and Unofficially arrived in Newfoundland. Old Man Winter has had another chance to get in there... and came up short again! (famous last words I'm sure... lol.)

Here are a few numbers from yesterday.

St. John's- 33.8 mm of Rain ( A New March 25th record)
St. Lawrence- 40 mm of Rain
Cape Race- 24 mm of Rain

Winds were very impressive from this Storm

Wreckhouse- 163 km/h
Port aux Basques- 119 km/h
Burgeo- 109 km/h
Argentia- 104 km/h
Twillingate- 96 km/h
Stephenville- 94 km/h


-Most of us will see a taste of Sunshine tomorrow. An area of High pressure is going to sneak in from the South and clear things out overnight and into early tomorrow. However we'll see the Clouds building in late in the day from our next system building in from the Southwest.
-Thanks to the System rolling in... we'll see a solid Southwesterly flow.. that could bump temperatures to double digits in Newfoundland tomorrow!!!
-That system which is really more like a Cold front will cross the Labrador late Friday and Friday night and on Saturday across Newfoundland.
-On the Island it could drop a couple of wet cm's of Snow... especially in the East late Saturday.
-Things will be cooler in behind and will also start to clear again on Sunday.
-Early next week is looking pretty solid right now for most of the Province... although Western Labrador could see some Clouds and Flurries.

More details tonight on Here & Now.


Your Comments

Hi Ryan,
Love your up to date status for weather forecasting, as well, you make it enjoyable to view on the television. Just wondering, if you can be a fortune teller and give me some guidance on whether or not I could plan an outdoor Easter Egg hunt for Saturday, April 3rd? It will obvioulsy depend on the conditions if I can plan this or not!

Posted by: Jennifer Howlett on March 26, 2010 08:55 AM

Hey Ryan!

Looks more like "Patty's Brush" to me!

Now just watch out for Sheila; she is never out done by Patty!

Sure wouldn't want to be a 24th of May camper this year!

Posted by: Robert Kirby on March 27, 2010 09:21 PM

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