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Spring Storm Update

Hey Folks,

Snow, Ice Pellets, Freezing Rain, Rain, Wind, High Seas & Pounding Surf... just another Spring Storm in Newfoundland and Labrador.

-This will be a Wednesday and into Thursday Storm for Newfoundland and a Thursday and into Friday Storm for Labrador.

-In Newfoundland... this is going to be a very messy system. Everyone South of the Northern Peninsula will see a Mix of everything. The Snow will start on Wednesday and then slowly transition to Ice Pellets, Freezing Rain later in the day and then to Rain by Thursday Morning. The change over will occur from South to North as the warm air pushes in.


-Along the South Coast Winds Driving in from the Southeast will mean high seas and pounding surf from Wednesday into Thursday.

-The West Coast of Newfoundland from Port aux Basques to Gros Morne is under a Wind Warning. East Winds will gust to 100 km/h along the Coast. Wind Warnings are in effect.

-The higher elevations in Gros Morne and then up through Parson's Pond, Hawke's Bay and up the Northern Peninsula to St. Anthony will likely stay cold enough for Snow and Blowing Snow.

-From Port au Choix to Englee and North through the Straits to Mary's Harbour... maybe even a tad bit further North... this is where the bulls eye could be for Snowfall. The forecast models are showing a decent 30+ cm in the latest runs. Maybe as much as 40 in some of the higher elevations. Winds will be really gusting as well. Winter Storm Watches are in effect.

-For most of Labrador this system will be a Thursday and Friday Storm... and will also be a Snow event.


-Cartwright and into Happy Valley Goose Bay and then up the Coast to Nain could top out at 25 cm by the time things are said and done on Friday night.

-Totals in Labrador City and Churchill Falls should be somewhere near 10-15 cm of Snow.

-I'll have a better time line for you tonight on Here & Now.


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