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Messy Spring System

Hey Folks,

I hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine that's around today and Tuesday... because things will turn unsettled on Wednesday and could stay that way through next weekend.

A Few Points

-The actual track of this system has changed again since we last talked. It looks like now it's destined to track into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and then up into Eastern Labrador.
-That track will help wrap SOME warm air in from the Southeast... however it doesn't look like it will be enough to change everyone from Snow to Rain.
-The South Coast of Newfoundland could take a pretty good hit from this storm. A good shot of Snow to start and then some good onshore Rain to follow.
-Labrador will be a Mostly Snow event. We could see some light showers mixing in on Thursday through Eastern Labrador, especially along the Coast.
-Labrador could see upwards of 20 cm from this system.
-The big question mark with this Storm will be Newfoundland. Especially Central Newfoundland in terms of how far Northwest that mixing line will go. With that warm air invading from the Southeast... temperatures will start to rise and change the Snow to Rain... however just 1 to 2 degrees will be vital. This will be a tough forecast for Central Newfoundland for sure.
-Western Newfoundland and up the Northern Peninsula I think will see some Rain mixing in as well... however this will be a mostly Snow event for you as well. I think more than 15 cm is possible.
-St. John's, The Avalon and the Northeast Coast will see some Snow (maybe even 10+ cm) from this system when it moves in on Wednesday. However it looks like Rain will take over for most in the East late Wednesday into Thursday.
-During the transition from Snow to Rain... Freezing Rain is a possibility again with this system... especially Wednesday night in Eastern and Central Newfoundland.

I'll see you tonight on Here & Now.


Your Comments

Hi Ryan
good job. One question though,
When you say 'dinner time' do you mean the Newfoundland 'suppertime' ie 5-6pm
or do you mean Newfdoundland 'dinner' -ie noon meal??

Posted by: fred anstey on March 22, 2010 06:51 PM

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