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Keeping You Up To Date

Hey Folks,

If there's one thing we know about the Weather in Newfoundland and Labrador... it's that it's always changing.
I know many of you check out the blog on a regular basis during the day or even on the weekends to find out the latest on a big storm moving in or last minute changes to the forecast... and so I do my best to update it as often as I can. However, I'm trying to make it even easier for you to get quick updates on the latest Weather situation.

As some of you already know I've joined Twitter. Which allows me to quickly drop you a line about changing weather... or what I'll have on the show tonight. It's a very cool tool.

And so I wanted to let you know that I've also finally joined this thing they call "Facebook". Hahaha. Yes I know facebook has been around forever... I should have joined years ago. Using facebook, you'll be able to post weather pictures on my wall, post messages on my wall about what the weather is doing in your backyard and we'll be better able to stay connected. This is a big Province with a 1000 micro-climates so the more I hear from you, the better. I'll also be able to send out status updates when there are big weather events happening.

So what are you waiting for... be my friend on facebook!!!!


Alright on to the weather... and it's looking pretty good for the weekend. We'll have a few more clouds and flurries kicking around for Friday, however things will improve from there. An area of High pressure over Northern Quebec is slowly sinking Southeast and will move over the Province as we move into the weekend.


-That high will help block a system moving into Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and keep Newfoundland and Labrador in a nice Mix of Sun and Cloud.
-Temperatures will warm throughout the weekend as well. As our high moves to the Southeast of Newfoundland on Sunday we should start to see a weak Southwesterly flow.
-It's a little early to talk about actual temps right now, however it appears 3 or 4 degrees could be on the menu for a good portion of the Province. Maybe even warmer in some spots!

Talk to ya soon,

Your Comments

March 12/10 @ 21:50Hrs
Any news about the outage of the Holyrood weather radar? I miss my radar fix. I presume there are ice/power issues.
Tom Turner

Posted by: Tom Turner on March 12, 2010 09:53 PM

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