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Changes for Next Weeks System???

Hey Folks,

I'm running short on time today... but I just wanted to show you this...


This is the latest GFS model run... for next Wednesday. A completely different idea than the GFS model run I showed you yesterday. The model is really backing off on the strength of the Ridge of High Pressure in the Atlantic. As a result, our system would be allowed to come much further East. Yesterday the track was through Western Labrador... which would bring a southerly flow of nice warm air into the Province. However, this further East track would allow colder air to sink into Labrador and wrap into the backside of the system producing a decent shot of... S-N-O-W for some.

The latest GFS and European have also shifted their thinking on this one... whether it's a temporary shift or permanent shift... still remains to be seen.

I'll update you on this tomorrow.


Your Comments

Please Ryan,

no snow.....no snow...
we want the warm weather
i know, i know, u cant do anything about it.....

but nice to hear the good weather coming from u....not snow...please?!


Posted by: Lori Drover on March 18, 2010 04:24 PM

Snow....forget about it - it won't stay long in the RDF.

The precursor of the current home renovation tax incentive in the 1970's had a marketing slogan ".....why wait for sping - do it now....". Why wait for the weekend, spring has been here for weeks already?

The Aussies start their seasons on the first of the month - apparently the equinox and other astromical phenomena appear different when viewed from down under?

And why not, spring doesn't show up here until June anyway, the calendar thing is just paperwork.

Posted by: pete on March 18, 2010 08:33 PM

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