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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

What a Weekend!

I hope you folks enjoyed the weekend. It was a great one... especially Sunday. Labrador City was the warmest spot in Province at 9.1 degrees!!! Happy Valley-Goose Bay hit 8.1, which was officially a new record. Here are some of the other Sunday temps...

Labrador City: 9.1
Badger: 8.4
Goose Bay: 8.1
Mary's Harbour: 7.9
Rocky Harbour: 7.9
Terra Nova: 7.8
Gander: 7.8
Deer Lake: 7.1

Another really nice one today AWAY from the Northeast Coast which has a Northerly flow setup again. Western Newfoundland could see 5 or 6 degrees again today as well as Happy Valley-Goose Bay. However the warmest spot in the Province will once again be Labrador City, where double digits are possible later this afternoon.


There is a cold front moving through Northern Quebec today and that will slice into Labrador tonight/tomorrow and then into Newfoundland on Wednesday. That front will drop temperatures back to Normal and bring some flurries in as well. More details on that, tonight on Here & Now.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

It's the old saying... and really it proves true when you're looking at the Satellite Pictures below.
It's been awhile since we've had clear enough days to view our Province from space... but Saturday and Sunday we're perfect. These images are courtesy of NASA's MODIS Satellite.

-Eastern Newfoundland was a bit cloudy on Saturday but what a view of the Western half of the Island and up the Northern Peninsula. You can clearly see the lack of Ice in Gulf and up through the Strait. There is a bit... but not much up along the Southeast Coast of Labrador up to Black Tickle. From there it does appear to thicken up a bit to the North... but the Cloud cover mixing in makes it tough to see.

-A much better image of Southern Newfoundland. You can clearly see where the Snow cover had retreated along the Coast around the Southern half of the Avalon. Another great shot of the Bay of Exploits where again, I'm not seeing much ice at all. A bit of Snow retreat along the South Coast... but not much through Central yet.
The other spot where you can see the Snow has started to melt... is along the Humber River North of Deer Lake through the Humber Valley.

Gulf of St. Lawrence
This image was taken on Sunday as well. Again, you can clearly see no ice in the Gulf and even down into the St. Lawrence River.

See you tonight on Here & Now.


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