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The Week Ahead

Hey folks,

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of everyone involved in last Thursday's tragedy. With the focus switching to recovery this week... the weather is obviously going to be a big factor. So here's a look at what the TSB can expect this week at the site and what you can expect in your backyard.

With winds pumping in from the Northwest... it's a Chilly day across the Province. Those winds are also firing up a few flurries along the Coasts of the Island... particularly in the West. Recovery crews could see the odd flurry poking through the crash site area as well today... however generally it's not a bad day. Winds are about 30-40 km/h. In Labrador it's mainly cloudy in the West and mainly Sunny in the East.

High pressure will sink to the Southeast... taking over most of the Province. Again, with winds in from the Northwest... temperatures will be chilly and we could see a few flurries along the Coasts. However, a pretty nice day overall... and another good day off the Coast of St. John's as well. Winds again 30-40 km/h. The Crash site is the Yellow dot on the map.

High pressure moves off to the East... as a weak system moves in from Hudson Bay. This Low will spread some light Snow through Western Labrador... and even Eastern Labrador by late day. However, Wednesday will be a pretty nice day again across the Island with a decent amount of sunshine... and temperatures will be warmer as well. Winds should be a bit lighter for the crews off-shore.

That system spreads East into Newfoundland on Thursday with a mix of snow and rain showers. However, it doesn't look to be all that heavy at this point. Temperatures should rise up above the freezing mark to 3 or 5 degrees and winds will switch in from the Southwest 40-50 km/h. Perhaps as much as 50-60 off-shore.
In Labrador a few lingering flurries in behind that system... however the sun should be shining as well.

At this point Friday is looking pretty wet for Eastern Newfoundland with showers throughout the day and temperatures around 4 or 5 degrees. Winds in from the Southwest at 30-50 km/h as a front moves from South to North. On the backside of that front in Central you could be seeing a Rain-Snow mix with some flurries in Western Newfoundland.
Should be a nice day in Labrador.

I'll keep you up to date on how things will play out as we move through the week. However right now, it looks as though those Recovery crews are going to continue to see fairly nice weather at least through Wednesday.

Of course more details tonight on Here & Now.


Your Comments

Your forcast is understandable and not rushed . I look forward to your forcast each evening.

Posted by: Donna Cooke on March 18, 2009 11:33 AM

The reason i began watching CBC news is for the weather. Unlike other media in the province the weather is imformative and interesting it is not rushed and for NLers we need accurate weather. Ryan keep up the great work.

Posted by: Kyle on April 14, 2009 09:34 AM

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