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A Weekend Storm? and Ocean Ice Charts

Hey Folks,

Just quickly off the top I'll mention this system sliding in from the West. It's coming in from Hudson's Bay and Quebec... and has very little in the way of moisture. 5 cm of Snow in Labrador City today will likley be the most precipitation anyone sees in this Province. A Rain/Snow mix for the Island on Thursday... however 2 cm of Snow, 2 mm of Rain is likley what we're looking at here. The Avalon and Eastern Newfoundland by not see any precip at all on Thursday. However on Friday the Eastern Island will see a bit of a Rain/Snow mix from the lingering cold front.

Now, I'm not really sure what defines Shelia's Brush. Does it have to be a big old Snow Storm for the Entire Island the Entire Province? Does there have to be a certain amount of snowfall? Anyway, I do know it's supposed to be a storm around the 17th... and this weekend it looks as though there's something brewing.

I was going to post something here on the blog yesterday... however the models were still doing their flip flopping on the eventual track. So I thought I would wait a day... and I'm glad I did. This morning, the Canadian GEM model and the American GFS model now have a simliar solution.

They're both forecasting the Centre of the Low to track up through Placentia Bay bringing what looks to be a messy Rain/Snow Mix for the Avalon and perhaps some decent snowfall amounts for Central. 15-25 cm wouldn't be out of the question for the St. Alban's, Grand Falls-Windsor to the Burin and Terra Nova area... IF THIS TRACK HOLDS. Western Newfoundland and Eastern Labrador could get a pretty good smack from this system as well... again it all depends on which track this thing takes.
I'm still skeptical at this point because of the amount of flip flopping.

Anyway, I'm waving the flag right now... there's something brewing for sure... I'll take a look at how the models progress over the next 24 hours and I'll have another update tomorrow here on the blog and on Here & Now.

Now, many of you have been writing in... asking to see an update on the Current Sea Ice. I'm going to try and do a better job of updating you on the sea ice conditions over the coming weeks... because I know it's important to many of you. I've tried my best to interpret the maps from Environment Canada's Canadian Ice Services Maps... and I've made this map below.

Ocean Ice.JPG

Here's a look at the Current Iceberg Count.

Ice Bergs.gif

If you'd like to see the charts and maps for yourself... just pop over to the Canadian Ice Services website.

Again, more details on the weekend system, tomorrow here on the blog.


Your Comments

Great to know Ryan. Your doing a really good job and love watching you on CBC.

Posted by: Christine Care on March 18, 2009 02:52 PM

Hi Ryan,
Just wondering why Environment Canada is showing flurries for Bonavista North and the Weather Network is showing 15-25 cm. for the weekend.

Posted by: Ruth on March 18, 2009 04:01 PM

Great job, it's good to see someone covering things that effect Newfoundlanders, and what we are interested in. Like icebergs for tourists and ice for fishermen.

Posted by: Rod on March 20, 2009 10:49 AM

I'd like to see the ice included in your weather map on the T.V. forecast.

Posted by: Rod on March 24, 2009 09:30 AM

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