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Winds Will Ease in Labrador... Watching the Coastal Storm

Hey Folks,

Take a look at some of these wind gusts over the past 24 hours in Labrador...

Makkovik Airport W 121
Cape Kiglapait NNE 106
Cape Kakkiviak NNE 100
Cartwright SW 83
Mary's Harbour SW 74
Happy Valley-Goose Bay WSW 71
Nain Airport WNW 68
Churchill Falls WNW 67
Hopedale W 63
Wabush Airport W 58

Even here on the Island today... things have been gusty... especially along the Coast.

Ferolle Point SSW 85
Daniel's Harbour SSW 74
Cape Race SSW 67
Wreckhouse S 61
Bonavista SSW 60

As this Low exits to the Northeast... we're going to be seeing the winds diminishing across the Province over the next 6 hours or so. The cloud cover and showers will also exit out. However, as soon as that Low exits... we're watching another Low pressure system which will be tracking in from the West. That system will increase clouds on Thursday bringing showers to Labrador on Thursday afternoon and the Island Thursday night and early Friday.

More details on that story tonight on Here and Now.

Yesterday I told you about a possible wet and windy coastal storm that could move onto the Island early next week. And, even as of last night, the latest model runs were the tracking the storm here for Monday or Tuesday. However, this morning and this afternoon... the models are now tracking the storm to the East of the Island and then out to sea. So, again I'll keep you updated on how this plays out.


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