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Hey folks,

Happy Thanksgiving!
Just wanted to give you a quick rundown on what to expect as you head out to the polls tomorrow.


A weak area of High Pressure sitting over Labrador today... will slide East over the Island over the next 24 hours... which will actually clear things out. While a Low pressure system which is in Ontario today... will head Northeast and move into Labrador throughout the day... spreading showers from West to East.

St.John's & Eastern Island- If your headed out to vote in the morning... keep the umbrella handy. There's a chance of drizzle in the morning... however, clouds will be clearing throughout the day. Sunshine by afternoon. High 8

Central Island- You folks in Central will have the nicest day for heading out to the polls. Sun and Cloud. High 9.

Western Island- A Southwesterly flow of air will keep the clouds a little thicker in the Western region... the sunshine will be peaking through from time to time. There's about a 40 percent chance of showers in the late-afternoon or evening... so keep that in mind. High 10.

Eastern Labrador- The best time to head to the polls will be early in the day... as we'll see increasing clouds and showers moving in by late afternoon or evening time. High 9 degrees.

Western Labrador- The umbrella is a must for you folks. Showers will be hanging around all day... 5-10 mm. High 11.

Check out the 5 day full forecast tonight on Here and Now.

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