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The Weekend Ahead

Hey folks,

***Just a quick note. Next week I'm going to be filling for Colleen Jones on the CBC Morning show... on top of my regular duties for Here and Now. As a result I likely won't have much time to update the blog... if at all... just thought I'd give you the head's up.***

Alright, there's lots going on this weekend... George St. Festival, Great Big Sea's big show out in Gander... and lots more.
So what's the weather going to be like?

This Saturday.bmp
That wind will be in from the Northeast again tomorrow... and it will be pretty gusty as well... 30-50 km/h. As a result if you're on the Avalon, The Bonavista Peninsula, the Gander area, the Grand Falls-Windsor area, the Twillingate and Bay of Exploits area... along the Northern Peninsula... and up the Coast of Labrador.... expect a pretty cloudy start to the weekend with a good chance of light showers and drizzle throughout the day. The further inland you go towards the Southwest... the more sunshine you will see.
Corner Brook, Stephenville, Deer Lake, Gros Morne Park can all expect a really nice Saturday... a little cool... but a fair amount of sunshine. Port Aux Basques... you folks will see cloudy with sunny periods.
As I mentioned in Labrador, the coast is cloudy and wet... Happy Valley Goose Bay has a good chance of showers in the morning... with sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. Mainly cloudy in Labrador City.

This Sunday.bmp
Sunday will be a better day. The winds will be a bit lighter... 15-30 km/h... although still in from the North. So expect a mainly cloudy day along the Northeast Coast... the Northern Peninsula and up the Coast of Labrador... but the sunshine should certainly be poking through the clouds more often. Further inland... an even better day than Saturday with those clouds not pushing as far inland. Again, The Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Gros Morne Park park area down towards the Stephenville area will have a really nice day. Port Aux Basques again cloudy with sunny periods.

Alright before I leave you.... an official explanation on how this amazing sqaure cloud... which was spotted out in Central Newfoundland a few weeks ago... was formed.
square cloud.JPG

The "square" cloud is in fact a mid to high level cloud that possibly may have started as a contrail (a thick one) and that cloud moisture has drifted perpendicular to the direction of the original aircraft.. making for a "straight" edged cloud.

All the credit goes to CBC Meteorologist Claire Martin for cracking the case on this one : )

Have a Great Weekend!!!!


Your Comments

Ryan, from Peterborough, what a surprise to see you on the cbc weather/sports this morning, you're looking good, hoping everything is great for you down east in newfoundland, sure do miss you doing the weather here in Peterborough!

Posted by: Sharon on August 5, 2008 12:02 PM

YOu are one of the best changes at CBC in years; nay, you are the best by far. It is such a pleasure to watch a real meteorologist perform his craft on Here and How. I would hazard to guess that you are the first real weatherperson that CBC Tv or its counter part has had doing the program in Nfld. It sure beats someone with weather data and charts flashing on the TV screen with not the slightest idea of which they speak. I have encourged all to see Here and Now, just for the fantastic job you do.
Love you month end summaries of how temps/rainfall, etc compared to previous years. Also, it is great to see the amount of rainfalls so well displayed on your chart(s) following a storm.
Hope CBC finds a way to keep you around.

Posted by: S Hickey on August 7, 2008 10:41 PM

Ryan, miss you so much on CHEX. I know you are doing a good job and am happy for you there. Looking forward to seeing you replace Colleen Jones for a bit. Best of luck in your career.

Posted by: Tina Lee on August 8, 2008 09:59 PM

Hope you stay at Here and Now, NL.
Finally, someone who talks sense when doing the weather and knows that there is more to Newfoundland Labrador than St. John's. Keep up the great job.

Posted by: Everett on August 15, 2008 04:17 PM

You are such a breath of fresh air in Here and Now, NL, a ray of sunshine after a rainy and foggy day!!! Hope you stay here with us!! And keep that pleasant and friendly smile on!!!

Posted by: Betty Simms on August 19, 2008 10:02 PM

Ryan, you're the absolute best I've ever seen doing the weather. I like that you do your research and homework and know what you're talking about. CBC -St. John's, can we keep him here?

Posted by: sandra adey on August 23, 2008 01:40 PM

I'm watching the weather again on CBC, instead of turning it off and going to Environment Canada's web page. It's painful waiting to have someone who is professional and natural in front of the camera again. Please stay here!!

Posted by: Krissy in St.John's on August 28, 2008 10:23 PM

Hey Ryan,
Between you and Zack its a pleasure to watch the news on CBC and together with Debbie and Johnathan you guys make a great team.

Posted by: Scott on September 4, 2008 02:30 PM

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