To get the Fogo Island Ferry, you leave the Trans-Canada Highway in Gander. Take Gander Bay Road (Route 330) north, cross the bridge at Clarke’s Head and take a right on Route 335 (or just follow the “Ferry” signs). The ferry terminal is in a tiny community called “Farewell.” Expect a line-up.
The ferry ride costs $6.05 for an adult walk-on or $18.15 for a vehicle and driver. You only pay for the ride over - coming back is free.
Unlucky for us, this camper-turned-chip-truck wasn’t open for the season when we made our trip on May 13.
To be at the front of this line, you’ve got to arrive early. The gent in the blue jeep is taking a (surely well-deserved) nap.
Two lines - one for vehicles getting off on Change Islands, one for those taking the full trip to Fogo Island.
With the ferry in sight, a terminal worker opens the vehicle gate.
Even a ship this size is secured with only a few ropes. Here, a ferry worker tosses the first rope to a colleague on shore.
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Aiden Penton from Fogo Island walks through how a rowing punt works
The MV Captain Earl W. Winsor (formerly the MV Prince Edward) is named after the late Captain Earl W. Winsor, a veteran seaman and long-serving MHA in the NL legislature. It can carry between 55 and 60 cars.
Don’t let the fraying rope fool you - the ferry is well secured.
As a favour to the truckers who are always on a tight schedule, ferry workers often try to put these tractor-trailers at the front of the vehicle bay, so they can get back on the road as quickly as possible.
Waiting patiently...
Ferry workers help to guide vehicles onboard, waving the drivers ahead until there’s barely an inch of space between the bumpers. The goal is to get as many vehicles onboard as possible, and every inch matters.
The passenger lounge has plenty of room, but the booths next to the windows fill up fast.
A couple of young passengers enjoy the view from inside the lounge where action figures are safe from falling overboard.
A gentleman from Change Islands sees home on the horizon. The ferry stops there on most runs between Farewell and Fogo Island.
Ashley and her golden retriever Marley. Pets aren’t permitted inside the passenger lounge.
The view from the aft deck where the vehicle ramp just sits up and tucks in.
The Winsor is equipped with modern life-rafts, as well as fast-moving Zodiacs mounted on quick-release cranes for emergency rescues. But just in case, it also has a rope ladder.
The bridge is a busy place this afternoon.
Captain Cyril Burke with two firm hands on the controls.
At left is Fogo Island Mayor Gerard Foley. In December 2010, the Towns of Fogo, Joe Batt’s Arm-Barr’d Islands-Shoal Bay, Seldom-Little Seldom, Tilting and the Fogo Island Regional Council amalgamated to form a single municipality.
Arrival. The Fogo Island ferry terminal coming into view.
Tying up on the Fogo Island side.
Rolling off. See you on the way back!