You never know who you might run into while you’re driving around on Fogo Island.
The Island is home to a herd of about 350 caribou. These three were hanging out on the side of the road between Joe Batt’s Arm and Tilting.
At this time of the year, caribou are eating primarily moss and lichen. Plenty of both on Fogo Island.
The caribou here are so used to people that they will often gamely pose for as many pictures as the photographer cares to take.
A nice shot of a caribou craning its long, muscular neck.
Hungry for more...
Standing at attention.
This was the smallest of the three caribou that posed for us.
When two or more caribou stand together, they sometimes localize on the same sound and turn their heads in exactly the same direction.
... see?
Meet Make and Break, a pair of Newfoundland dogs, who will soon be moving into their new home at the Fogo Island Inn.
Pauline Brown and her husband Rex have raised Make and Break since they were pups. Rex built this kennel in front of their home, designed and painted to resemble the Fogo Island Inn. The dogs are now approaching their first birthday.
Pauline Brown offers a treat to Make, the 120 pound female. Break, her brother, is over 140 pounds.
The dogs are still puppies at heart, and often enjoy a playful wrestle. Make and Break are named after a style of boat engine, and a Stan Rogers song (“Make and Break Harbour”) that Shorefast founder Zita Cobb is particularly fond of.
Make, the female, is the more devilish of the pair. Here she is bounding across the road with her brother chasing after her.
A quick shake of an empty Gatorade bottle is all it takes to bring this gentle giant to heel.
Could you stay mad at this face?
Here’s the fox at full trot - not as easy to photograph as a caribou!
Make and Break will soon be moving into a kennel at the Inn. Animal-loving guests (who will be leaving their own pets at home) can visit and play with them, take them for walks and enjoy the legendary companionship of Newfoundland dogs.
On a beach in Joe Batt’s Arm, a small fox forages for a meal with the Fogo Island Inn as a backdrop.
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Two Newfoundland dogs are being raised to greet guests at the Fogo Island Inn
A seagull enjoys the last fading moments of daylight in Joe Batt’s Arm.