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seen in C.B.S.

seen enjoys looking at this scene in CBS while an oil rig is in the bay.


The work continues ...

These shots were taken of  the new condo development that includes the old CBC building on Duckworth Street in St. John's. Workers were pouring and polishing concrete.



Things seen didn't know ...

seen didn't know that Kraft dinner is a food that can bring natural enemies together and make them drop arms.


The NLC Winefest

The Winefest kicked off Wednesday night. The first night always features a table of special *ahem* more expensive vintages. This eyar was no exception with on bottle hitting a $1,900.

The bottles in this basket were nowhere near that price.


The St. John's International Women's Film festival

You like movies? The St. John's Women's Film Festival has been going full tilt all this week, ending this weekend. The opening night gala had an international flavour this year with a showing of Deepa Mehta's epic film: Midnight's Children.

Here's is the film's writer and internationally renown author Salman Rushdie offering greetings to St. John's.

IMG_2236.jpg Afterwards the party continued with a Newfoundland-Indian flair


Memories of ... a commercial

The people from President's Choice were in town shooting a Christmas commercial. They were on Gower Street at the end towards the Masonic Temple. seen came upon the shoot a bit late, lured by Twitter rumours of free food. Alas we showed up just as things were wrapping up.


Cape to Cabot

On Sunday, runners braved colder than we're used to temperatures and high, high winds to run from Cape Spear to Signal Hill. That's 20 km of ups and downs with that big hill up to Signal Hill at the end. This year's winner was David Freake in a time of 1:17:39. We have a photo of David, but that about it. seen's Ted Blades said the runners were coming in so quickly he didn't have time to snap any others.



The entries are coming in ...

Ready! Set! Carve!

It's time for our second annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Get out those knives, and sharpen your creativity.

The rules are simple. So simple, there is only one: Send us a picture of your pumpkin to hereandnow.nl@cbc.ca, we'll post it in our special Halloween pumpkin photo gallery. Send early, send often.

Here is the prize: If the winner is in the St. John's area (and we're not saying it will be), Ryan Snoddon will bring a pumpkin pie to your home.

If you live outside of St. John's, Ryan will send you a video congratulating you on your win, and you will receive a lovely collection of CBC swag.

Here's a refresher from last year:

The Rogers family

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The team from Hoyles-Escasoni

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Still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner on the weekend? We here at seen are. But we'd still like to celebrate the weekend just passed. This being the best summer in years, if not ever, we were able to cook using completely local products. Here are shots of the St. John's Farmer's market where we were able to access everything we needed.


St. John's-20121006-00932.jpgSt. John's-20121006-00931.jpg

Instructions from on high

Here's a sign on a St. John's autobody shop.