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Vegetables instead of flowers

It's a trend these days to mix vegetables with flowers in gardens. This St. John's gardener has gone a step further and planted all vegetables, including tomatoes, broccoli and chives.


Tales from the gardening front

Best strawberry crop ever.


Lantern Festival teasers

In the media biz, we call them teasers - little promos that make you want to listen or watch something, so here a little teaser for the annual lantern festival in Victoria Park in St. John's on Saturday. These are photos from last year's festival.



Cool traffic boxes

The folks at St. John's Clean and Beautiful have hired some artists to decorate eight traffic control boxes in the city. Here's Catherine Chafe working on the box outside the Arts and Culture Centre.


Shakespeare in Bannerman Park

The Shakespeare by the Sea Festival has been performing throughout the summer in different venues around St. John's. Sunday and Monday nights until mid-August, they'll perform A Midsummer Night's Dream. Here they are in front of a crowd last night.


Shakespeare in the park

Tely 10 Part Two

More shots from the 85th annual Tely 10.


The Tely 10

The winners, they get plenty of accolades. seen always goes to the race as it's winding down to honour those people who stuck it out and finished the race. We'll have more form the 85th running of the race tomorrow.

St. John's-20120722-00607.jpgSt. John's-20120722-00609.jpgSt. John's-20120722-00610.jpgSt. John's-20120722-00615.jpgSt. John's-20120722-00624.jpg

Port of St. John's Annual Yacht Race

Lots of beautiful saiboats in St. John's harbour on Saturday.

St. John's-20120721-00596.jpgSt. John's-20120721-00599.jpg

St. John's-20120721-00604.jpg

The Georgestown neighbourhood yard sale

A bit of fun every year, Georgestown neighbours get together and hold a big yard sale. It's a chance for people to chat, get to know each other better and get rid of some junk at the same time.

St. John's-20120721-00591.jpgSt. John's-20120721-00592.jpg

St. John's-20120721-00593.jpg

An interesting apology

How do you say you're sorry for causing inconvenience to customers and passersby. You post a sign like this one that's in front of Haymarket Square in downtown St. John's.

Note the reference to 'big, strong, handsome construction workers.'

St. John's-20120714-00584.jpg

Close look at the sun

The Royal Astronomical Society was up on Signal Hill on the weekend, inviting passersby to look at the sun and solar flares.


St. John's-20120715-00589.jpg

Salmon Fest

Photos of Aerosmith at the Salmon Festival in Grand Falls-Windsor taken by Gavin Simms.

aero.jpgaero1.jpgaero 2.jpgaero 3.jpgaero 4.jpgaero 5.jpgaero 6.jpgaero 7.jpg

aero 8.jpg
aero 9.jpg

seen on a St. John's sidewalk

St. John's-20120710-00583.jpg

seen at Quidi Vidi Lake

This photo of this little guy was taken at Quidi Vidi Lake by our very own Darryn Power.

Otter Quidi Vidi Lake.jpg

Colourful graffiti

Some nice graffiti in downtown St. John's.



Some shots from Wonderbolt's Cirkzilla in St. John's on Sunday. The show is on tour in locations across the province until the 14th of July. 

St. John's-20120708-00580.jpg

St. John's-20120708-00573.jpg
St. John's-20120708-00570.jpg

Thoughtful words

seen in Memorial University's rose garden.

St. John's-20120706-00385.jpg

Different from last year

Last year gardening in St. John's was heartbreaking. It was cold, wet and if anything grew, the slugs ate it shortly after it appeared.

This year, however, is completely different. Here is an example from one St. John's garden.

St. John's-20120629-00557.jpg

Safety cows


Random weekend shots

A few pictures from a very, very busy weekend.

This is police horse Fraize, making his way home in the heat.

St. John's-20120702-00568.jpg Fireworks down a Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's.

St. John's-20120701-00567.jpg

St. John's-20120701-00566.jpg

Reel Downtown

The return of the Reel Downtown cinema series, starting Monday night with "Tommy: A Family Portrait". Today would have been Tommy Sexton's 55th birthday. He died in 1993 at the age of 36.