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Capelin rolling


Ummmmm ...

Isn't it Memorial Day?

St. John's-20120629-00555.jpg

Good advertising

This was seen on the stairs before the Thompson Student Centre. Can't miss it, which is the point.

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More fog

A lot of fog around lately. Here's a picture of fog in Conception Bay.


Things that make you go hmmmm ...

While the sun shines on the city everywhere else, downtown is wrapped in its own fog bank.


Pink Cadillac

seen finally got to see, in person, a 'pink cadillac!'


Tree count

Who knew that there is actually someone hired to do this kind of work! seen didn't ...

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Ships in the harbour

This weekend was good viewing for boat buffs. Canadian military vessels as well as Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers were tied up at the wharf in St. John's harbour.

St. John's-20120617-00525.jpg

St. John's-20120617-00527.jpg

St. John's-20120617-00529.jpg

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New footings

The first footings are poured for the condo project that will eventually take over the old CBC Building on Duckworth Street in downtown St. John's.


Tree trimming

You might have noticed a lot of this around St. John's. Trees are being trimmed across the city. This took place last week in front of Bishop Feild.


Conne River stories

Conne River is Newfoundland’s only aboriginal reserve.

While we may not hear about it much in the news, something remarkable is happening in this community in Bay D’Espoir.

For decades, people in Conne River were forced to suppress their culture because of colonial racist policies.

But now the people are bringing their culture, tradition and language back to life.

At the centre of this revival are the children.

Here are pictures and audio stories from the CBC’s Beth Macdonell’s visit to Conne River.

The Mini Pow Wow

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Learning Mi’kmaq

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Medicine Trail Walk with Chief Misel Joe

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Fire department at work

The St. John's fire department called to duty at Rawlins Cross.

St. John's-20120606-00509.jpg

Purple duck

Maybe seen is wrong, but is this a purple duck, spotted in the Goulds?


On the weekend

The MUN botanical garden's annual spring plant sale brought out the crowds

newSt. John's-20120602-00507.jpg

As did the first farmer's market of the season.


Sign of the times

Now that the national video store chain Blockbusters is no more, the marquees are coming down on Ropewalk Lane in St. John's.


Moose moments

New seen photographer Scott Jackson caught these images of moose on his morning commute.


People at work

Men working on the exterior of Blue on Water.