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Idling trucks

The crews from four St. John's recycling trucks on a break. Everyone deserves a break, but why - seen wonders - do they have to leave the trucks idling?


Random act of knitting

The St. John's statue of the little girl honouring Bishop Spencer College students gets a lot of attention. She is often seen holding flowers or ice cream from nearby Moo Moo's. Recently, someone has committed a random act of knitting and outfitted her with leg warmers, which have become foot warmers in the rain. This shot was taken by our Gzowski intern Julie Skinner.


Helping himself

seen saw this man this morning going through recycling, picking out stuff of value. It's pretty common to see this kind of activity in neighbourhoods across the city. City Hall frowns on this.


seen at lunchtime on Signal Hill

Two icebergs.


seen MUN physical education students

...on Long Pond in St. John's Tuesday afternoon.

DSC09351.JPG DSC09354.JPG

seen ... aaaaaaaaaaaah


The next best thing

We don't have an IKEA store. We probably will never have an IKEA store. But we do have this man in a truck who was selling a truckload of IKEA products on Wednesday in St. John's. Unfortunately this photo was coming a bit late to us, the truck has moved on.


Spotted by seen ...

... while waiting in a Tim's vehicle lineup on Thorburn Road.


Government House

seen spotted these lovely flowers in the driveway to Government House in St. John's this morning.

St. John's-20120516-00499.jpg

Feeding our feathered friends

These lovely bird feeders are hanging in front of Bishop Feild Elementary in St. John's.

And another was discovered gracing the front of a downtown St. John's home.

St. John's-20120515-00496.jpg
St. John's-20120515-00498.jpg

First cruise ship of the season

This is the Crystal Serenity as she is leaving St. John's harbour on Sunday. The Serenity carries 1,150 passengers and 655 crew. On this trip, she is making stops in northern ports such as Reykjavik before reaching her final destination, Dover.

St. John's-20120513-00490.jpg

St. John's-20120513-00492.jpg
St. John's-20120513-00493.jpg

Who is this?

This is St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe out for a stroll. He often says he walks around the city and from what seen saw, he does do that. He walks pretty fast too.


All together

N.L. NHL'ers play on different teams, but seen is happy to see them team up here!

Conception Bay South-20120508-00335.jpg

seen this morning on Duckworth Street ...

Brent Smith, executive chocolatier at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company, with their new line of chocolate shoes (each one named after a Hollywood star, oh. and one named after Imelda Marcos).


A whole debate on one piece of paper

In St. John's, and this province in general, we're not afraid of an opinion. This is a nice example of people having their say on a small sign in the doorway of a downtown business.


MayDay craft weekend

If you saw people running around St. John's on the weekend clutching pieces of paper, they may have been using their MayDay craft weekend passports. Various venues hosted craft sales, demonstrations and studio tours and they were all identified by something, or someone, pink, white and green.


Audio recordings

Audio recordings obtained by CBC News are raising new questions about the role of the Newfoundland government in the search for Burton Winters.

Click here to read the story: DND recordings question province's role in Labrador search

Following are our selected clips with content description underneath.

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At about 8 p.m. on Tuesday Jan. 31, Cpl. Kimball Vardy RCMP Makkovik Detachment calls Capt. Kristin MacDonald of JRCC Halifax to learn the status of the Canadian Forces Griffon helicopter. The aircraft is en route from CFB Goose Bay. This more than 48 hours after Burton Winters was reported missing.

During the conversation, Cpl. Vardy reveals NL Fire and Emergency services was contacted by the RCMP the first night Burton Winters was reported missing (Sunday January 29th), and were told to call back the next day for air support. This contradicts earlier reports that Fire and Emergency Services was initially contacted Monday. The first voice is that of Capt. MacDonald.

(The tape is unedited by CBC. Some details are censored by DND)

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At about 8:25 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31, Capt. Kristin MacDonald of JRCC Halifax calls NL Fire and Emergency and urges them to have aircraft ready to search first light Wednesday. He also suggests FES uses "air spotters" who are military-trained civilians. They're known as CASARA (Civilian Air Search and Rescue Association). The FES person on the phone appears to have never heard of the group.

(Only Capt. MacDonald's voice is heard. FES is censored by DND. Some of the long silences have been edited out by CBC)

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At about 10 p.m. on Tuesday Jan. 31, Capt. Kristin MacDonald of JRCC Halifax calls Cpl. Kimball Vardy RCMP Makkovik Detachment. Capt. MacDonald uses a unique program to assess Burton's chances of survival. This is more than 48 hours after he's reported missing.

(The tape is unedited by CBC. Some details are censored by DND)

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Unedited tape of JRCC communications on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 31. Long gaps of silence are portions edited by DND. All times GMT.

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Listen to Capt. Kristin MacDonald give a phone briefing to the search and rescue crew in Goose Bay Tuesday night, as they prepare to head out aboard their Griffon helicopter and search for Burton Winters. (Silent gaps are sections censored by DND)

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Thursday, Feb. 2. The morning after Burton Winters's body is discovered, Maj. Ali Laaouan, (Officer in Charge) JRCC Halifax, discusses implications of impending closure of the Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre in St John's.

A spring ritual

Time to change those snow tires. The lineup, in the cold, at Kingsbridge Auto Wednesday morning.