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Flower in the snow



Pretty flowers

They're up early. Here are a couple of pictures of lovely flowers around St. John's.


Isn't the campaign over?

Remnants of Bob Ridgley's campaign. Found in stream next to Janeway.

St. John's-20120426-00303.jpg

Spring flowers

Let us revel in the fact that flowers are a lot earlier this year than last year. The snowdrops are dropping, the daffodils are daffodilling, the crocuses are, well, you know ...


Paddy's Pond garbage in the spring

We ran pictures of garbage on the road to Paddy's Pond in the winter before the snow came and covered it up. Here is what the CBC's Adam Walsh found by on the road over the weekend.

First in a series of pics from road leading to Paddy's Pond. 

Conception Bay South-20120422-00342.jpg

St. John's-20120422-00343.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00344.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00345.jpg
Conception Bay South-20120422-00346.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00349.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00351.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00352.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00353.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00355.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00356.jpg

Ice on Long Pond trail ...

Deep, deep on the woods. Is it the last snow in St. John's in 2012?


Flowers everywhere

Fieids of flowers in a St. John's yard. Things are appearing a lot earlier in honour of an early spring. Fingers crossed.


Early sign?

seen wonders if seeing one of these on the shed wall so early in the year be a sign of a summer soon to come?


Pretty sunset


So, what's this about?

A seenster came across this one in St. John's today. We've blurred out the letters and numbers, but you can still see that it's a bit ... upside down. What's up or down, with that?


Sign of spring

Yayyyy! Spring seems to have sprung in St. John's. Until the fog and freezing drizzle force it back again.

St. John's-20120416-00285.jpgSt. John's-20120416-00284.jpg

Lone duck

Lone Duck on Topsail Pond in Paradise one evening last week ...



This early evening summer-like 'seen' was spotted on Topsail Pond in Paradise a week ago....


A sign of the times


Things people leave on the sidewalk 2


Operation Homespun

Operation Homespun: the Next Generation is an exhibit based on a book of old Newfoundland knitting patterns put together by craft pioneer Anna Templeton.

The next generation is just that, a funky spin on an old craft form, that is quite unexpected. The exhibit is currently at the Devon House craft gallery.

Here is photo of bloomers made from recycled underwear.



Said the Whale

seen was walking down Duckworth Street in St. John's on Sunday and came across a a gig by Vancouver-based Said the Whale at Fred's Record. Pretty crowded as you can see. Afterwards the band's members signed CDs and talked to their fans.