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A tree with history

seen thinks this tree it spotted on the C.B.S. Manuels trail is just plain creepy!



Topsail Pond in C.B.S

Topsail Pond in CBS - seemingly trying to figure out if it should freeze over or thaw!


Sign of the times

seen spotted this sign in C.B.S. and thought it was strange, and then realized it was good advice!


Royal watching

seen was watching video of a tea at The Rooms celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Quite the crowd turned out to talk about their love of the British Royal Family.

So seen wasn't surprised to see this figurine of the the Duchess of Cambridge in her wedding gown in the window of a St. John's china shop.


seen watching movies

seen was enjoying a 1940s era Edward G. Robinson/Humphrey Bogart movie when we spotted this headline in a fake New York newspaper about the police war on the crime syndicate! Who knew? Anyone know about this incident or is it made up?

Harbour Grace-20120221-00985.jpg

A reverse pothole

seen came across chunks of asphalt on a downtown sidewalk this morning. We can only assume it's a reverse pothole.


Making friends

Two students at MUN with a crowd of friends.

St. John's-20120223-00219.jpg

Dancing with Rage

The stage at the LSPU Hall Tuesday night waiting for Mary Walsh's one-woman show Dancing with Rage to start.


CBC Pancake Breakfasts for Homelessness

People chowed down across the province this morning, eating pancakes and helping the homeless all at the same time.

CBC stations across the province broadcast from some of the breakfasts. We've gathered photos from all the CBC people we can.

From north to west to east

CONA in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The CBC crew in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

395288_248886551860064_100002161648747_552388_2046570085_n.jpg423202_248887058526680_100002161648747_552394_404451552_n.jpgLabrador Morning host Tony Dawson

426110_248887361859983_100002161648747_552396_764656669_n.jpgLiberal MHA Yvonne Jones and a friend.

418353_248887575193295_100002161648747_552399_389190580_n.jpgCorner Brook: St. John the Evangelist Church

People in Corner Brook came to St. John the Evangelist Church basement for the CBC's Pancake Breakfast on Homelessness. The Morning Show interviewed representatives of community agencies about efforts to make affordable housing available to people in need.

Corner Brook-20120221-00669.jpgCorner Brook-20120221-00672.jpg
Corner Brook-20120221-00670.jpg
Corner Brook-20120221-00667.jpgCBC Corner Brook's Jeremy Eaton and Gary Moore showed up in their red duds to help work the tables at the CBC's fundraising Community Pancake Breakfast to raise awareness of the lack of affordable housing in the province.


pancake.cbk.diners.jpgGrand Falls-Windsor: Park Street Salvation Army Citadel

Syrup galore.

IMG-20120221-00421.jpgIt was a packed house with line up out the door. 

IMG-20120221-00428.jpgRCMP staff Sgt. Harold Nippard and the CBC's Dave Newell. 


IMG-20120221-00438.jpgSt. Peters Junior High

St. Peters Junior High hosted their first ever pancake breakfast. They've formed a Social Action Committee to help combat homelessness and this breakfast was their first fundraiser.

Mount Pearl-20120221-00071.jpg
Mount Pearl-20120221-00077.jpg
Mount Pearl-20120221-00078.jpg
Mount Pearl-20120221-00076.jpg
Photos from the pancake breakfast in St. John's at the Battery Hotel.

Anthony Germain awarding the coveted golden pancake award for trivia to ... the politicians. Next year, it's the people's turn.

IMG-20120221-00338.jpgThe CBC's Debbie Cooper with NDP leader Lorraine Michael.

IMG-20120221-00323.jpgHaving a picture taken with mascot Bo to Go.

IMG-20120221-00324.jpgThe Navigators performing for the crowd.

IMG-20120221-00331.jpgSandy and Shawn: two of the unsung heroes preparing pancakes in the kitchen.

IMG-20120221-00334.jpgThe St. John's Morning Show's Cecil Haire and Nancy Walsh.

IMG-20120221-00340.jpgRyan Snoddon chatting with fans.

IMG-20120221-00347.jpgMayor Dennis O'keefe having a conversation.

IMG-20120221-00353.jpgLunar Jim meeting a small fan-to-be

IMG-20120221-00354.jpgThe stars of the show: the pancakes.


seen wonders ...

... how these doors wound up on the sidewalk on Elizabeth Avenue, and what their former owner thinks will happen to them now?



It's been 30 years since the Ocean Ranger capsized and sank on the Grand Banks in the early hours of Feb. 15, 1982. All 84 crew members, 56 of them from this province, died.

Poor training, faulty design and inadequate equipment were no match for 30-metre waves and 160-kilometre winds.

Even as the years have passed, the memories are still strong, placing a heavy burden on the families and friends of those lost.

The Ocean Ranger disaster has become part of the fabric of Newfoundland and Labrador's culture. it has been immortalized in books such as Lisa Moore's February and Mike Heffernan's Rig, An Oral History of the Ocean Ranger Disaster, the new play Rig and Ron Hynes's classic song Atlantic Blue.

Gonzaga High School will host a memorial prayer service on the 30th anniversary, as it has done every year since the disaster. A number of former students were killed when the rig sank. The event has become important for the families and friends of those who died, especially since so many of the victims' bodies were never recovered.

Afterwards, a wreath laying ceremony at the Ocean Ranger memorial on Confederation Hill, and a reception for affected families at The Rooms' atrium on Bonaventure Avenue.

News stories from 1982 on the day the Ocean Ranger capsized and sank.
A day of mourning for crew members lost at sea.
The sinking of the Ocean Ranger began with a vicious storm that produced high winds and waves.
Lawyers said the $20-million package negotiated for the families was fair at the time, but sore feelings about the compensation still linger.
A Royal Commission was appointed to investigate why the Ocean Ranger sank, why none of the crew survived, and how similar disasters could be avoided.
A memorial was unveiled at the Confederation Building three years after the Ocean Ranger disaster.

seen ... slippery out there?

This sign certainly seems so.


Sign of the times


Snowman roasting marshmallows

seen thinks some CBC employees in CBS have too much time on their hands.


People at work

seen came across the CBC's Krissy Holmes and Ted Dillon on the job at at St. John's school.


City sidewalks

This was what was seen on Sunday after the storm on Saturday.


Still on strike

seen saw these people on the way to work this morning. They are elevator workers who have been on strike for several months.


The calm after the storm before the storm

Here are pleasant scenes in St. John's after yesterday's snow day. And pleasant scenes before tonight's predicted snow storm. Enjoy it while you can.



A sign NOT of the times

seen likes this kind of gas price!!!

Conception Bay South-20120129-00955.jpg