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Santa Claus parade

seen took a few days off, so we are just getting to the photos from the Santa Claus parade in St. John's today. We'll have more tomorrow.


Yay! Turkeys

The first donations in this year's Turkey Drive are in the house or in the freezer, rather. And even these two have been joined by a few friends since this picture was taken.


Fall foliage


Leaves leaving

These leaves are being gathered up to be picked up in Bannerman Park in St. John's


And then there were two ...

The case of the missing flags continues. Today, there are only two left.


30 Days Hath Movember

See the grand finale below ... Ryan gets his 'stache' shaved by barber Rick Harris.

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon is trying to do the right thing. He's trying to grow a moustache for Movember - an event in support of men's health, specifically prostate cancer.

Ryan's *ahem* attempt to grow a 'stache' has become quite entertaining. The shadow on his lip has been referred to a ' low-pressure system'. He's been compared to Clark Gable. He's even endured Jonathan Crowe making that slashing 'Zorro' sound. Jonathan likes to do that a lot.

facebook.jpgMany of you have joined in on the fun on Ryan's Facebook page.

We'll be updating this page frequently, so you can follow Ryan's progress (or lack thereof).


One of these things is not like the others

This should actually be called: The Case of the Missing Flags. As you can see, we're down one flag. This is better than a few days ago when we were down all four. Someone keeps pinching the flags. Which are expensive. Now, there are clues. The CBC has surveillance cameras in that area, so flagnappers be warned.


Craft Fair

An annual chance to stock up on Christmas presents happened this weekend, when the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador held its Christmas craft fair at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's.


War Memorial 2

Here is another set of photos from the War Memorial. This set was taken by Heather Barrett, who was producing our radio coverage of the service.

heatherphoto.JPG Our on site CBC radio one remembrance day crew  - technician Bob Sharpe, host Anthony Germaine and guest co-host Ed Roberts. heatherphoto_1.JPG

Remembrance Day

Our seen photographers were down at the National War Memorial on Water Street in St. John's for Remembrance Day.


A different sunset

 A sunset different from the one down Kenmount Road.


seen ... on the Long Pond trail.

The night-before's six-pack is the morning's litter.


Some sunflower

Spotted in a St. John's front yard


Car fire on Kenmount Road

No injuries. A man told Cecil Haire he was driving to work when he saw smoke coming from the area around the dash and the front windshield. He pulled in to the parking lot and got out. That's when the fire really got going.


International Food and Craft Fair

seen always has a good time at the International Food and Craft Fair in St. John's. We eat a of of food - this time it was from Liberia, get faces painted and watch dancing - this time from a group called Bollywood Jig.


seen ... in a bike lane

So what are the rules regarding parking in a bike lane?  Are they being enforced?


Lovely sunny days

They may be coming to an end soon, according to Ryan. However the last few mornings have been spectacular. This picture was was taken Wednesday.

St. John's-20111102-00114.jpg

Boys with toys

Walking through MUN the other day, seen came across this in a courtyard. There were two young men with laptops close by.


seen ... on the Long Pond trail

Brand new paint job; brand new graffiti


Winter is here ... my coffee cup says so

The day after Halloween, the Christmas cups come out. A sure sign of winter.


Winterizing the house of assembly

On election day, Premier Kathy Dunderdale dropped the news that Newfoundland & Labrador's legislature wouldn't be opening until the spring. So that means with the weather closing in, the place is going to need to be winterized. It's a big project winterizing the house of assembly, but the CBC's Adam Walsh went to the experts - cabin owners in Mahers and Brigus Junction - for some helpful tips.

Here are some things the Dunderdale government might consider based on cabin-winterizing advice received from Barry Penny, Bob Nightingale, William Kearney and Bruce White, and other information Adam Walsh found:

  • Seal it up as well as you can. If there's anything to be caulked, caulk it.
  • Put anti-freeze in the toilets.
  • Clear away anything that could be a mess for any vermin that may get in, squirrels and the whatnot.
  • Drain down most of the system, even if you do leave the heat on. Because if you do have a power failure and the power is off for a couple of days it's going to freeze and a lot of damage could occur
  • Shovel off the roof once during the winter.
  • Board up the windows to dissuade burglars.
Winter is coming and winterizing the house of assembly would have to start soon. What advice do you have, and who do you think should be responsible for certain tasks? Leave your comments below.

Happy Birthday to ... us

It's the CBC's 75th anniversary today. To celebrate we had a big cake at the office. It didn't last long.


An impressive hole

Just a little bit of repair work being done on McBride's Hill in St. John's.


Halloween Houses 3

Every year since we started seen, we have gone out on Halloween to shoot all the wonderful decorations that people create. This year, the weather was absolutely foul, but we were not disappointed. Here is some of what we found.