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Making your own space

seen sees this bbq and chair installed by a local resident just off the road near the soccer field in CBS as pretty darn creative.


seen ... on Western Gull Pond

A couple of boys watching the sunset by the fire.


seen ... near Ocean Pond

Pretty clouds.



Obviously this picture was snapped earlier in the week otherwise these little guys likely would have been ripped out of the ground by the wind. These were found on Signal Hill.


Be careful out there

With nasty weather throughout the island part of the province today, there are reports of numerous fender-benders. Here's one that took place earlier right in front of the CBC.


How's dem apples?

A seen photographer discovered he had an apple tree in Topsail, which he didn't know he had.

Apple 1.jpg

Apple 2.jpg
Apple 3.jpg

Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin Fest at Lester's farm is always popular this time of the year. Here are shots from this year's pumpkin-carving competition.



The evolution of a sign

As you can see this sign used to say no poster please. seen took a picture when it used to say No Posers Please. And now as you can see it says No Losers Please.


Amazing amazes

The Amazing Kreskin performed in front of a packed house at the Arts & Culture Centre in St. John's Sunday night. The 76-year-old mentalist never stopped as he told stories, jokes and performed some pretty incredible feats of mental ability. Amazing Kreskin encourages people in the audience to take as many pictures as they like, so seen was able to bring you these.


St. John's International Women' Film Festival

The festival is a week-long extravaganza of events, including the Pope Productions Party on Friday night. Pope is the company that has produced countless feature films over the years. This year's offering is Beat Down! starring Marthe Bernard and Mark O'Brien. It was shown at the opening gala earlier in the week.



Occupy NL

Here is an image of the tents set up by Occupy NL in Harbourside Park in St. John's.


The CBC pumpkin

Here's the CBC's only pumpkin - or the only one seen could find. It's living in our cafeteria.


St. John's International Women's Film Festival

The 22nd annual festival debuted last night with another debut - the introduction of Pope Productions' Beat Down! by director Deanne Foley.

filmy22.JPGThe director of Beat Down! Deanne Foley with some of her team on stage introducing the movie.

IMG-20111018-00086.jpgThe afterparty


seen at a cabin on the Witless Bay Line.

Maybe we should get something like this for George Street.


Occupy NL

This is Matthew who is on his way downtown to join the Occupy NL movement set up in Harbourside park. Matthew is a MUN student who is trying to encourage his fellow students to join  in ...


seen amongst the ducks

No, the military isn't taking over the ducks on Qudi Vidi Lake. This is, in fact, a model boat. Our photographers have seen this and other boats at Quidi Vidi. They belong to Curt who makes them himself. Pretty impressive, eh?



Spectacular Sunday

The weather was perfect for a walk around Signal Hill, which is where this picture was taken in the late afternoon.


Festival flyers

What's a good way to introduce audiences to contemporary dance?Take it to a public space, like in this case, the Avalon Mall in St. John's. As part of the Neighbourhood Dancework's Festival of New Dance, the Toronto company Corpus performed pieces aimed at children on Saturday and Sunday. Here are some images from a piece called Flock of Flyers. Parents might subliminally recognize these dancers from the TV show 4-square.



Wine Fest

The very popular Newfoundland Liquor Corporation's Wine Fest took place with the usual large crowds tasting wine from around the globe. These shots were taken at the very end of the Fest on Saturday. That might be why they are *ahem* a bit blurry.



Training the future Franks

Those of you old enough to remember might recall Frank who used to direct traffic down at the corner of Duckworth and Prescott Streets.

Frank was retired a while ago, but apparently there's still a need to train the RNC to be traffic cops.

This is what seen came upon at the intersection of Mayor Avenue and Empire Avenue yesterday.


seen ... a waning full moon over St. Thomas's church

... in St. John's.


seen at a local bake shop ...

We hope the new employee enjoys baking.


Seen ... two old dinosaurs

These old timers were discovered out back of Don Cherry's on Freshwater Road in St. John's.

Hard to believe we know. But once upon a time, boys and girls, all satellite dishes were this big.


seen at the Thompson Student Centre

Erin, Grace and Samantha selling cookies and more for MUNHOPE.


Pumpkin! Contest! Winners!

And we have winners! Two in fact. Two groups of people. We couldn't make up our minds between two entries. So we bought two pumpkin tarts, and sent Ryan out to two different locales in St. John's.

Our winners are:

Group One:

CIMG1375.jpg Jason By Stephanie Martin
Michael Jackson ( Thriller) by Meggan Martin
Ryan Snoddon and CBC logo by Brian Martin
Gollum by Patrisha Walsh
Spider by Bill Rogers
Wicked Witch of the West by Linda Rogers
Elmo by Meggan Martin for Baby Jack
and last but not least Jack for Jack Martin age eight months.

We chose this St. John's entry based on a body of work that demonstrated creativity and technical skill.

Here's Ryan meeting the winners:

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Group Two:

Mcpumpkin Meal.jpg
Angie Pendergast
Tracy Buckle
Tina Moore
Lorrie Stacey
Escasoni Complex 2 East

We chose this entry from St. John's because ..well ... it's a hamburger. How cool is that?

Here's Ryan meeting the ladies at Hoyles-Escasoni:

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Earlier in our contest: We asked (begged actually) Taneal Bourden, Angie Ryan and Jillian Lake from the Sheraton Hotel in St. John's to carve Ryan Snoddon's head in a pupkin. And, boy, did they come through. They carved not one pumpkin, but five.

Here's Taneal walking us through the process:

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Look at these bad boys just waiting to be put under the knife. They will be eventually turned into epic artworks, adorning porches across the province in time for Halloween.

We know you put a lot of creativity into carving your pumpkin. Why not get something out of it? Enter our CBC pumpkin carving contest.

Send us a picture of your pumpkin to hereandnow.nl@cbc.ca, we'll post it in our special Halloween pumpkin photo gallery.

Now here's the good part:

If the winner is in the St. John's area (and we're not saying it will be), Ryan Snoddon will bring a pumpkin pie to your home.

If you live outside of St. John's, Ryan will send you a video congratulating you on your win, and you will receive a lovely collection of CBC swag.

So get those knives and pumpkins ready. Start carving. And send in those pictures.

Special Bonus: Extra points will be awarded if you carve Ryan on your pumpkin. We have provided a Ryan Pumpkinhead stencil to help you out.

Get your Ryan Pumpkinhead stencil here snoddon-pumpkin.pdf

Voting day

It's voting day across Newfoundland and Labrador.


A minor fender bender

... on Kenmount Road in St. John's briefly stopped traffic.


Tearing down St. Teresa's

It may be a holiday for most today, but construction workers started the demolition of St. Teresa's in St. John's.


Quiet Thanksgiving Monday

This was the scene this morning on Kenmount Road.


seen on the Outer Ring Road today

Uncovered garbage on the way to the dump. Let's hope it made it there - and not to the side of the highway.


Poor ol' Winston

even in death there are those still intent on showing how they feel about him. Who knew seagulls followed world history?


Somewhere over the rainbow

This spectacular shot was taken in Topsail.

Division No. 1 Subd. R-20111006-00660.jpg

Some windy day out there ...

And these election signs are paying the price.


seen at a book launch

New author and CBC host Jamie Fitzpatrick reading from his new book You Could Believe in Nothing at the Ship Pub in St. John's.


seen ... on the Prince Philip Parkway

A sign you can't read while you're whizzing by.


Ducks in Leary's Brook


seen wonders ...

If there's such a thing as too many birds on a wire?


Community garden

seen knows this happened on the weekend, but it's nice to see another community garden being developed in St. John's.