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Grammar police, they're everywhere ...


seen ... fall colours in Pippy Park


seen on the Liberal campaign bus

An ironic licence plate.


seen on the drive from Brigus to Avondale

 Three abandoned houses.



seen ... "the caissons" we were told

... for the building about to rise on the old Woolworth's site in St. John's..


seen on the road

seen photographers were out and about in scenic Brigus on the weekend.

DSC07683.JPGA couple of folks on the way back in from the recreational fishery.


Why we live here

We all have reasons why we live in this province. One reason might be scenes like this discovered in Manuels overlooking Conception Bay.


The alternate election

seen has noticed these sign popping up in the middle of the forest of regular elections signs. Vote Townie? Vote Bayman? What does that mean? Well, it's part of a Mitsubishi advertising campaign. So you won't find townie or bayman on your ballot.


A stone with a story to tell

We're pretty sure you don't often see something like this for sale.


Sign of the times

Real estate in the Battery neighbourhood of St. John's. forsale.JPG

In celebration of a discouraging summer

The one lonely red tomato from this summer's crop. How did your garden do?


Random art

seen on the plywood hiding a construction site in St. John's.


Farm day

seen at the open farm day on the weekend at Lester's farm in St. John's.


St. John's-20110918-00503.jpg

seen in downtown St. John's

Posers, you've been warned.


Wildlife in the city

Sometimes in the business of urban life, we forget there are many lovely green spaces in St. John's. These are up by Memorial University.


Cleanup at the old CBC building

Fire crews clean up after a fire at the old CBC Radio building on Duckworth Street in St. John's on Monday.



Windy Sunday

seen spotted this windsurfer off Topsail on Sunday afternoon.

windnew.JPG IMG-20110917-00482.jpg

Going uphill

These unicyclists were seen going uphill on Signal Hill on Sunday.


And we're off ...

The 2011 election campaign is underway this morning. seen was out on the weekend and took these shots of candidates already set up, ready to go.


Not for sale

The town of CBS issued a warning about Kraft Hockeyville tickets this afternoon. Town officials have already seen ads on the internet for people offering to sell their tickets. CBS says the tickets are not to be resold and has already voided tickets that were listed for sale.

Just to show an example of what CBS is talking about, seen took a look and found this:


And with all that construction

... comes nice shiny pavement.


Construction city

The whole of St. John's and the surrounding communities seem to be undergoing a constructiom boom these days. Here's a picture of construction underway on Ronald McDonald House, slated to open next summer.


seen on the waterfront

Work underway on the new Terry Fox Memorial. Note the cruise ship in the background.



A sign of fall?

seen ... a little red maple.


An apple a day

seen wonders if maybe mom was right; an apple a day makes you healthy as a horse. Spotted in Topsail.


Fancy cars

It's the tenth anniversary of the Targa rally. Pretty cars from around the world come to eastern Newfoundland to race each other though several communities. These pictures are from Targa's stop in St. John's. seen is told these cars are worth millions of dollars.

One lucky youngster

Ferrari Enzo FXX Evo

The engine of a Lamborghini Murielago

An alternate use for a parking lot

seen came across a ball hockey tournament, apparently between two departments of an unknown company, in a parking lot. Nice use of an unused lot.


Signal Hill hike

seen took to hiking Signal Hill quite regularly this summer and discovered how well loved and well used it is. It's a busy place. And it boasts some of the best views in the city. seen also realized that everyone else is in better shape.



The Knotty Boys

That's the name of this wooden group on a front lawn on Change Island's on the northeast coast.


Sign of the times

This is a sign seen came across earlier this summer at the giant squid attraction in Glovers Harbour. Is this the only 'stay off the squid' sign in Canada?


seen goes to Change Islands

seen went on vacation for a while in August and ended up on Change Islands on the northeast coast. A wonderful place with lots of things to see and do.

A refugee camp in the heart of St. John's

International aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders has set up a reconstructed refugee camp in Bannerman Park in St. John's. The exhibition is supposed to raise awareness of the millions of people who have had to leave their homes because of conflict or famine. You can see for yourself from Sept. 8 to 11.



Leaving St. John's

This is the Eurodam with 2,104 passengers and 800 crew on board as it left St. John's harbour last night.



Sign of the times (?)

seen figures this sign in a St. John's downtown business is quite old by now. The boat has been tied up for about a year.

St. Johns-20110902-00364.JPG