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seen at Maverick Sports & Collectables

Hats and t-shirts are already selling.for the St. John's IceCaps.


Jeff's last day

Here's Jeff Gilhooly, St. John's Morning Show host, on his last day on the job. Jeff is retiring after many years of working at the CBC in Newfoundland and Labrador. He started as the host of On the Go and quickly established himself as one of the most professional broadcasters any of us had ever worked with. Congratulations Jeff and enjoy your retirement!


seen ... on the new bike path

Dave and Ruby Burry walked the new bike path in St. John's this morning.


seen at Memorial University

MUN's new parking lot in St. John's nearing completion. There's the Aquarena in the background.


seen last night on Duckworth Street

Emergency vehicles checking out a possible fire at the old CBC-building neighbourhood in St. John's. It turned out to be a false alarm.

Dedicated rider

One of the seen collective was sitting out on the front steps of a St. John's home when this unicyclist came up the hill.


Dancing to Japan

This young lady - Heli Power is her name - is busking in downtown St. John's to earn money for a trip to Japan.


seen ... last night on Water Street

The crowd gathering in St. John's for the final Reel Downtown screening of the summer: Gordon Pinsent's The Rowdy Man.


It looks a lot different now

If you were ever in the old CBC Radio building on Duckworth Street in St. John's, this is what the ground floor looks like now on its way to becoming condos.

St. John's City Council gave its approval last night - in principle - to the new condo development on Bell Street.


Gay Pride parade


Tely 10

seen wants to congratulate everyone who ran the Tely 10. It's quite touching to see people of all ages and different athletic abilities giving their all to complete a 16.1-kilometre course that goes through most of Paradise, Mount Pearl and St. John's.

seen wants especially to salute those towards the end of the morning who never gave up and who finished the race.





Georgestown Flea Market

The Georgestown neighbourhood in St. John's gets together every year for a big flea market. It's all about going from table to table to look at everyone's treasures, enjoying a drink or a snack and catching up with friends.

IMG01282.jpgIMG01284.jpgKing Neptune selling tickets

IMG01285.jpgArtwork for sale


Signs of change

seen has already made note of the new bike paths being built around St. John's. Here are the new symbols indicating bike lanes. This one is on Bonaventure Avenue.

DSC06248.JPGAnd here are the bike lane markers at Larkhall Street and Oxen Pond Road. The bike route drops down around the corner on to Wicklow and out to the Parkway, where they're building that off-road bike path seen earlier on this blog.


Getting ready for the big event

The signs have been up announcing road closures for a while. The Tely 10 gets started bright and early Sunday morning.


seen ... on the back side of Long Pond

What does this sign mean?


seen ... at Long Pond

The grass seed, planted earlier in the season, takes hold.


An annual event

Here's a picture of the fountain at Prescott and Water in downtown St. John's. Someone thought it was a good idea to pour detergent in it. This is not a new idea. Someone did exactly the same thing last year.


Bike paths

The City of St. John's is busy building a bike path, in this case, in front of the CBC on the Prince Philip Parkway. It's part of the city's bike plan, which will see the path extend along Columbus Drive to the Health Sciences Centre and Memorial University.


Practicing in the park

seen came across these lion dancers rehearsing in Bannerman park for the Newfoundland and  Labrador Folk Festival in August.



Things you might not hear about on the CBC

The youngsters were lining up for the band Protest the Hero at the C.L.B. in St. John's at 5:50 Monday afternoon.


seen on Duckworth Street

Some graffiti we're still trying to understand.


A sultry Saturday afternoon

... a rare hot summer's day in St. John's.


Reporters on the road

Here is CBC National reporter Vik Adhopia in Dildo today. He's working on a story about tourism operators claiming the Newfoundland and Labrador tourism department isn't promoting the community because of its naughty name.


seen ... a well-marked workplace

This crew is constructing the new bike path alongside Prince Philip Drive. They're working next to the road, not on it, but note the a full lane is marked off to keep traffic well away. 



Live from George Street

A live broadcast on George Street to Australia. A TV morning show in Australia called Channel Nine was broadcasting live hits Tuesday evening.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzSt. Johns-20110712-00205.JPG

A study in silver and green

Taken at the back of C-CORE at Memorial University.


What CBC reporters do for fun

You've probably always wondered what CBC types do on their days off. No? Well, seen will tell you anyway.

Here is Here & Now's Nadia Stewart and assignment editor Mike Rossiter at the Robin Hood Bay dump. By all accounts they had a good time.


Seen ... at Long Pond

...  a Mistaken Point.

These signs have been spotted around St. John's. They're promoting a new exhibit at the Johnson Geocentre.


Kiss in Grand Falls-Windsor

This is a shot of the big concert on Saturday night. Not sure who's on stage in this shot, but apparently a good time was had by all.


seen ... a school no longer.

I.J. Samson in St. John's all boarded up. The St. John's school closed permanently when the school year ended a few weeks ago.


MUN students painting the town red...

... or at least this basketball court on campus.



Lineups for Russell Crowe/Alan Doyle

Tickets went quickly this afternoon for the Russell Crowe/Alan Doyle concerts at the LSPU Hall in St. John's. Online? Gone. Phone? Gone. In person? Gone too.


Off to Labrador

These two late-model lovelies are on their way to Labrador to take a spin on part of the Trans Labrador Highway.

The owner of one of them, Maurice Rank, said they've been driven all the way from York, Pennsylvania.


Up in the sky

Here are some nice scenic shots of what has become a familiar sight in St. John's. This big crane has been working on new residences at Memorial University.


More flowers ...

Because we love them and they're only here for a short period of time.


Festival 500

Be prepared to see choral singers - lots of them - around St. Johns for the next few days.

Festival 500, a choral festival that happens every second year, is underway, and there are choirs here from around the world.

You can check out the whole schedule of events here.


And they're back ...

Many gardeners in the St. John's area were despairing because of the miserable weather.

But all may be forgiven since the warmer temperatures have returned, and gardens have started to bounce back.

Now if we could do something about the slugs.


A study in green and white

This is a photo taken in the Mount Scio neighbourhood of St. John's.


Putting the portable in Porta-Potty

Construction workers are fixing up the median on the Prince Philip Parkway in St. John's. They've been at it a a while, and so they've brought everything with them to make things go more smoothly. No need to drive anywhere for a bathroom break when the bathroom is on the median with them.


seen in downtown St. John's

There are lots of different things to see on the streets of St. John's during the summertime. This one looks like a bit of fun, but it has a serious side.

It's actually an art installation by Sandee Moore from Manitoba. Here's the blurb from the sponsoring gallery Eastern Edge.

"Inspired by her own unwillingness to take off her backpack to find money to give to homeless people, Sandee Moore's Imaginary Gift began when she started anonymously dispensing gifts, both useful (coffee) and wonderful (bubbles), to people on the street below her fourth floor studio window in a gesture of non-capitalist public exchange."

seen didn't hit the button to see if it got coffee or bubbles.


More capelin shots

seen can't get enough of capelin shots, and we have more from Middle Cove beach.

The photos are courtesy Lee Pitts.



seen at Northern Bay Sands

seen took a trip to Northern Bay Sands on the weekend and it's as wonderful as ever! Photos courtesy the CBC's Rod Etheridge.



Capelin continues

The capelin continue to roll at Middle Cove beach outside of St. John's, and people continue to visit the beach to collect up the little fishes. These photos are courtesy the CBC's Lee Pitts and Amy Stoodley.


Canada Day 2011

We have images from Canada Day celebrations at the Confederation Building in St. John's,
and we have video of the fireworks at Quidi Vidi Lake. This is the first time in three years seen was actually able to see the fireworks.


Also, check the Your Photos section for more pictures from St. John's and Labrador City.