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Bannerman Park the place to be

Bannerman Park in downtown St. John's is a very busy place these days. It's a popular spot for wedding photography, and recently, outdoor exercise classes. On Wednesday, it was the location for a Donnie Dumphy webisode shoot.


seen ... graffiti at Mundy Pond park

... in St. John's.



seen on the road

These images were taken on the western shore of Conception Bay.



This has become a regular event in downtown St. John's. Groups of skateboarders have been seen recently in other neighbourhoods as well.

Food you won't find anywhere else

seen photographers are continuing with their food obsession this week. These are local products from a well-known local retailer. Is it time for lunch yet?


Taking the weather on

Underneath the white block is a naughty word on this t-shirt in the window of Living Planet in St. John's and because this a family website we'll let you imagine what it is. But it pretty well sums up what a lot of people think about the continuing foggy rainy weather in St. John's. Not in Paradise or CBS where we're told it's sunny, but just in St. John's.


SOS support

These signs, supporting the fight to keep the Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre in St. Johns instead of having it moved to Halifax and Ontario, adorned several businesses in on the weekend.


Christmas seems so long ago

... tomorrow is June 25, marking 6 months until Christmas comes around again.


seen out shopping 2

... apparently our photographers are working a bit of a food theme today.


seen out shopping

seen was wondering if that's a bit expensive for a watermelon.


seen at Living Planet ...

Living Planet is a T-Shirt store downtown and Rex Murphy is ...well ... Rex Murphy.


Tanks in the streets

seen was out on Topsail Road at the overpass, when these two tanks covered in flags go trundling through. Trundling makes it sound like they were going slow, but they were moving pretty quickly ...


seen wonders if 'biosecurity' is that new fancy security guard who carries his resume everwhere???

If you look closely at the sign you'll see that biosecurity is in effect at this property. What does that mean? seen is wondering if that means there's a dog.


Today is the first day of summer

So let's celebrate with these pics taken on the weekend when it at least looked like summer.


seen wonders if CBS can be considered urban or rural ...

... maybe it's just a combination of old and new!


For a brief time, on Saturday, it was sunny ...

...seen around Quidi Vidi Lake.


Even a little out of focus ...

... seen believes there is a vital component to this bus missing.

Mount Pearl-20110617-00113.jpg

Game 7

The Stanley Cup final in Vancouver between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins as seen through the eyes of those at the Duke of Duckworth in St. John's.

You can play spot the well-known comedians here. There are few ...


The Grand Concourse people ...

... at work at Livingstone St. & Long's Hill in St. John's.


We've always heard of street rods ...

but seen didn't know they actually exist. This '62 street rod is for sale in CBS.


seen thought it saw a bear ...

dogbear.jpgBut it was just a old Newfoundland dog seen saw on a trestle in CBS.

Random act of vandalism

Metrobus riders were greeted with this Tuesday morning at a downtown stop. Someone really had a go at the bus shelter.



Just what George Street needs ...


Trans Atlantic rowboat

Cecil Haire took this shot this morning of a tiny rowboat whose owner was planning on making a  Trans Atlantic crossing. The rower, Sean Moriarty of Dingle Ireland, ran into trouble and ended up being picked up by a fishing boat. He's decided not to make another attempt.


Prank day ( yaayyy!)

Holy Spirit High School in Manuels this morning (8am) as kids hold "Seniors Prank Day," in the lead up to next week's final exams and school closure.

They were blocking cars from getting onto the lot...


Fair Maids of France

This picture doesn't do this pretty plant justice. Fair Maids of France is a native Newfoundland plant that disappeared from the scene only to reappear under the stewardship of MUN Botanical gardens. and is now available at local nurseries.


Sign of the times



This used to be lived in, but now it's an old seemingly abandoned house on Topsail Beach.


Grey foggy day

It's foggy with a chance of fog and foggy temperatures today in St. John's.


First farmers market of the season

seen got to the St. John's Farmers Market at the usual time, but the popularity of the event meant a lot of booths had already sold out. Which is good. The more people the better.

IMG01223.jpg IMG01224.jpg IMG01225.jpg

Plant sale

They came early and made some excellent purchases at the MUN Botanical gardens spring plant sale.


HMCS St. John's

Arriving in St. John's Friday morning.


The calm before the storm ...

Canada Post workers are on a rotating strike today, starting with Winnipeg. Meaning that in St. John's, business is as usual.

These shots were taken this morning in St. John's.


People at work

They've brought in the heavy machinery to the big hole at Rennie's Mill Road in St. John's.


Leaving the harbour

This Canadian military ship was leaving the harbour yesterday.


Firefighters out doing their thing

This was taken in St. John's yesterday when a firefighter was checking out the situation at a local residence.


seen ... a study in blue and green

Hydro-seeding at Bannerman Park



Big dig

A big construction job at Rawlins Cross and Rennies Mill Road. The street is closed, obviously because of this great big hole. IMG01213.jpg