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Newfoundland from Outer Space

Members of seen have stood out in our backyards on summer evenings to see the space station go overhead. It's a pretty impressive sight. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's quite obvious what it is and it's very fast.

But who knew they were looking back? This is a shot taken on May 3, 2011 by Ron Garan. It clearly shows the Avalon peninsula, the Burin peninsula and the northeast coast.

Garan, who is an American astronaut is onboard the space station, is - among other things - taking pictures of the Earth as the station continues its journey.

He's also tweeting them through Twitter, which is how we found this shot. We asked permission to post it and his people graciously agreed. So the photo is courtesy Ron Garan/NASA.

For more on Garan and his work, check out his website fragileoasis.org

New-Foundland-267A8823.JPG(Courtesy Ron Garan/NASA)