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Pretty flowers, locally grown

See all these pretty plants? They're actually not looking their best in the rain.

What connects all these plants is where they come from. They've all been purchased over the past few years at the Friends of the MUN Botanical garden sale held twice a year. It's a great chance to pick up ready-to-go-in-your-garden plants at extremely reasonable prices, grown by people who know what they're doing.

June 4, 10am - 12pm


Moose up close

As this weekend picture from Topsail shows, seen never knows what it'll find in its backyard.


Weekends past

Such a weird weekend. One day was freezing cold in St. John's, the next sunny and hot.

These are shots from the weekend before, focusing on a favourite N.L. pastime: fishing.

Topsail Pond

Topsail Pond Thurs May 26.JPGseen fishing off the Foxtrap Marina.


And some people still aren't getting the message

So much for cleaning up. One of the seen members was up on Mount Scio Road where he saw people dumping garbage by the roadside.



The Morning Shows clean up

Morning Shows across the province helped communities clean up all that trash left over from winter - all those cups and plastic bags and general detritus.. here are some shots tkaien by Cecil Haire this morning. You can see more over at the St. John Morning Show site. The address, you're asking, is:




Hail is Ed Riche's new play at the LSPU Hall in St. John's - attended by Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie and Culture Minister Terry French.

Here's quick shot of the cast (Aiden Flynn, Bob Joy, Brad Hodder and Brian Marler)  at the end after taking their bows.

IMG01209.jpgPlaywright Ed Riche and the LSPU Hall's Amy House.


The downside of renovating

Look at all these sinks and toilets - the victims of renovations over at Memorial University in St. John's. Thanks to Vik Adhopia.


Paying attention to signs

Apparently someone can't pay attention to this one on a St. John's median. Note the footprints.


Seven years bad luck?

Especially since seen took this shot at the end of someone's driveway.


Government House gardens

Snails galore

The May 24th is known for hardy campers and hardy gardeners.

Campers have to face poor weather and dodging moose on the province's roadways.

Gardeners have to face poor weather and these creatures. Is it just seen or are there a lot of them this year?


seen on the road

one of the seen collective hit the road Thursday for a trip down the Southern Shore.

Windmills near Renews




DSC05959.JPGThe new Bay Bulls

DSC05921.JPGseen - being journalists and not farmers - wonders if these are brussel sprouts.


Farm fields near the Ruby Line.


The return of the White Fleet

This is the Santa Maria Manuela. It is one of two remaining tall ships from the famed Portuguese White Fleet. Back in the day, the fleet used to pay regular visits to St. John's when it fished for cod on the grand Banks. There are many legends of of sailors playing soccer on the wharf. These pictures were taken by Cecil Haire.




And then what?

Kiss your tickets goodbye? Kiss what tickets?

Corner of freshwater and Hamel. St. John's gas station.


Olden times

A hand built wall


There's still light at 9:20 p.m.


seen out around the bay Pt. 2

A boat around the bay ...

DSC05909.JPGOchre Pit Cove



seen is thinking that it's a bit early to see mushrooms, but apparently the mushrooms don't agree.


seen in Spaniard's Bay

A traditional music group from Amalgamated Academy in Bay Roberts performing at O'Neill's Nursery.


seen out around the bay

seen was on the road over the weekend - out enjoying the fresh air and the fog. Here are some shots from Ochre Pit Cove, Conception Bay North.

DSC05898.JPGUnloading crab ...

IMG01195.jpgA camp fire ...


The reality of spring

We have flowers, but no leaves yet. This was taken at a home near Topsail Beach.

Conception Bay South-20110511-00007side.JPG

People at work

Be careful out there. Everywhere you look around the province there' s construction on the go.



Missing something?

We know it's time to remove studs from your tires. And for those of you who have faith in the weather, you might be removing your winter tires. But we missed the one about removing your hubcaps.


More flowers ...

Here at seen we like our flowers, probably since we see them for such a short period of time. So here are some jonquils gracing a flower box in downtown St. John's.


Closer to Earth

Meanwhile, back on Earth ... spring is unfolding in Newfoundland. Not so much in Labrador where it is still pretty cold.

Here are some tulip shots from Bannerman Park in St. John's ...

IMG01183.jpgIMG01185.jpgAnd daffodils from a neighbouring flower box.


seen from Space

We're going to have to straighten up now and fly right. seen has been tweeted from ... Space.

How seriously cool is that? We're impressed.

The very courteous Ron Garan tweeted our blog posting regarding the photo of the Avalon peninsula taken from the Space Shuttle.

Here's what we received today:

Ted, (Ted Blades, who got permission for us to post the photo) Ron tweeted the link to the blog over the weekend. It produced a lot of retweets - hope it introduced lots of new people to your blog! Who are you on Twitter so we can follow?

And here is the actual tweet:

Ron Garan
RT @ Oh Canada! Newfoundland = magnificent wonder on earth, seen @

We are cbcnl if you want to follow us on twitter.

Newfoundland from Outer Space

Members of seen have stood out in our backyards on summer evenings to see the space station go overhead. It's a pretty impressive sight. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's quite obvious what it is and it's very fast.

But who knew they were looking back? This is a shot taken on May 3, 2011 by Ron Garan. It clearly shows the Avalon peninsula, the Burin peninsula and the northeast coast.

Garan, who is an American astronaut is onboard the space station, is - among other things - taking pictures of the Earth as the station continues its journey.

He's also tweeting them through Twitter, which is how we found this shot. We asked permission to post it and his people graciously agreed. So the photo is courtesy Ron Garan/NASA.

For more on Garan and his work, check out his website fragileoasis.org

New-Foundland-267A8823.JPG(Courtesy Ron Garan/NASA)


seen at a house near Oxen Pond.



seen in Bowring Park Thurs, May 5


seen shoots the shooter...

Waiting for boreal chickadees at Long Pond. Memorial's big, new construction crane in the background


And speaking of the Anna Templeton centre

seen at the Anna Templeton centre in St. John's, a group of women making prints of fish by applying ink to fish. In the original Japanese version of this art form, they would have used edible squid ink. You could wash that off and eat this fish.

Some of the seeners have been on holidays, and are just trickling back, so these shots were taken a week and a half ago.


seen at the Anna Templeton centre

... a bit of creativity from a very creative place ...


seen on the Long Pond Trail this afternoon

Every man, woman and dog that could get out of the house... 


The election is over

... if you didn't already know, this sign should give you an indication.


And the flowers keep coming ...

Yaaayyyy! IMG01179.jpg

Only in Newfoundland

What'll you have with your latte, Ma'am...? A couple of flippers, perhaps...


Voting day

An election sign of a different kind.

DSC05837.JPGThe front door of a polling location in St. John's.


Craft fair crazy

It was the weekend for craft fairs on the weekend in St. John's.

This one was in the space above the Rocket Bakery.

IMG01172.jpgAnd this one, Fresh Fish 5, was held at the Masonic Temple ...


Awards for CBC Newfoundland & Labrador

cake2.jpgIt's an exciting time at CBC Newfoundland and Labrador. Our journalists, technical people and producers in all platforms - radio, television and online - have been honoured with a number of awards for work from last year.

We'd like to congratulate all the award winners, remembering at the same time that every story - especially those relating to Hurricane Igor - reflects the work of everyone at CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.

ajahome.jpg Atlantic Journalism Awards

Spot News Reporting - Radio

The gold winner: CBC News - St. John's, NL - Hurricane Igor

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Spot News Reporting - Television

The gold winner: CBC News - St. John's, NL - Hurricane Igor

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Enterprise Reporting - Television

The gold winner: David Cochrane/Paul Pickett - CBC News, St. John's, NL - Dark Side of Prosperity

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Continuing Coverage - Radio

The gold winner: CBC News - St. John's, NL - Hurricane Igor Impact

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Silver finalist: Chris O'Neill-Yates - CBC News, St. John's, NL - Sea Rose Evacuation

Continuing Coverage - Television

Silver finalist: CBC News - St. John's, NL - Hurricane Igor

Feature Writing - Television

Silver finalist: Julien Lafille/Mathieu Theriault - Radio-Canada Acadie, St. John's, NL - Second souffle pour Fogo

Online News Reporting

The gold winner: CBC News, St. John's, NL - Hurricane Igor


Video Journalist - Television

The gold winner: Peter Cowan - CBC News, St. John's, NL

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Silver finalist: Natalie Kalata - CBC News, St. John's, NL

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Edward R. Murrow Awards

Radio, Small Market

Audio Continuing Coverage
CBC 640 - St. John's, NL, Canada
Hurricane Igor

Audio Feature Reporting
CBC 640 - St. John's, NL, Canada
Seeking "Liberation"

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Audio News Series
CBC 640 - St. John's, NL, Canada
A Community Divided

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Television, Small Market

Overall Excellence

CBNT - St. John's, NL, Canada

Continuing Coverage
CBNT - St. John's, NL, Canada
Hurricane Igor

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Use of New Media Award - CBC Newfoundland & Labrador - Hurricane Igor cbc.ca/nl/features/igor/

Ron Laidlaw Award - Continuing Coverage - CBC Newfoundland & Labrador - Hurricane Igor

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Dan McArthur Award - In-Depth/Investigative - CBC Newfoundland & Labrador - Kids in Care - Chris O'Neill-Yates

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Canadian Association of Journalists

Finalist in the Regional Television category:

Deanne Fleet
The Winter Commission
CBC News: Newfoundland and Labrador

Finalist in the Daily Excellence category:

Lee Pitts
Hurricane Igor
CBC News: Here and Now