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The Real Estate value of election campaigning?

We received this photo from Julie Mitchell who said: Just wondering if the "house" of commons is for sale?


Arts Council Awards 2010

Arts Council Awards and Gala

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Emerging Artist

The Emerging Artist Award recognizes new and undisputed talent. It is awarded to an emerging artist, group, or arts organization that has earned significant recognition for a piece of work or a generally out-sized impact on the scene.

The finalists for the 2010 Emerging Artist Award are: - Jordan Bennett - visual artist (Corner Brook) - Jordan Canning - film maker (St. John’s) - Billy Gauthier - sculptor/carver (North West River)

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The winner, along with the winners in all other award categories, will be announced at the Arts Awards Show and Gala: Saturday, April 30, 2011 at the Reid Theatre in St. John’s.

Artist Profile: Isabella St. John

Potter and ceramic artist Isabella St. John has created a series of five individual porcelain lanterns. These pieces will be presented to the winners of the Artist of the Year, Arts in Education, Emerging Artist, Arts Achievement, and Patron of the Arts Awards. Isabella operates the Blue Moon Pottery located in the Lower Battery overlooking St. John’s.

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SEEN in St. John's area backyard



Photoshop & politics

A mash-up of Labrador headlines, received via email.


A lawn-full

... of snowdrops. Apparently the only beings that haven't realized that spring really isn't here are the flowers.


Have aliens landed?

No. It's just the annual surveying of city streets for the coming roadwork season.


Spring flowers

seen on a street in St. John's. They're hearty little guys.


Sign of spring

These bicycles are out there waiting. Getting ready to go.


And the cleanup still continues ...

Igor damage cut and piled on Long Pond trail in St. John's.


Sign of the times

A gentle reminder from St. Augustine's Anglican Church.


Sign of spring


Political bunnies

Subtitled: you're nobunny 'til some bunny makes you into one.

The Joey bunny from Newfoundland Chocolate Company:

IMGP1157.JPGThe Kathy bunny:

IMGP1156.JPGThe Danny bunny


Spring in St. John's

Well it's not that bad out there, but this is the scene from a normally closed window at the Rocket Bakery in St. John's.


Royal Wedding souvenirs?

seen went on the hunt for Royal Wedding souvenirs in St. John's on the the weekend. No William and Kate, but we did find souvenirs from other, less successful, Royal marriages.

Here are Sarah and Andrew in happier days, and behind them, Charles and Diana - upside down.


Sign of the times

It's already been in the news, but the time for the closure of the Family Barbershop on Water Street in St. John's is getting closer.



Political signs on highway medians are illegal in St. John's ...

... but they're still there.


How long ...

... before this snow mountain at the Avalon Mall melts? Could be a long time. June? July?


Renovation time

They've been at it for awhile, but we have photos that update the resindence renovations over at Memorial University.


Sign of the times

Picture of a sign, showing where a sign should be . And, by gosh, it is ...


More signs of spring

Apparently these grow under three feet of snow, and at the very first rise in temperature, they pop out.



Sign of spring

Snow plows cower this morning, as the grass advances ...


We have one!

An actual souvenir from the Royal nuptials at the end of this month. Now we know that stores are filled with them over in the United Kingdom, but now they're starting to make their way across the Atlantic. This one is from Green's Harbour, specifically from E.J. Cram's.


Spring skateboarding

Skateboarders in downtown St. John's on the weekend.

Where the snow is ...

Spring seems to be coming and going on the Avalon, but seen was in Mount Pearl found out where the snow all seems to be hiding.


Battle of the Brains

After four wins and two seconds in seven years, the CBC team celebrates its third place finish at the Battle of the Brains, a fund-raiser for the Bishop's College Improv team.

The take home prize? A dozen beer to drown their sorrows. seen's been told they'll be back next year. Fighting ....


Sign forests

They're popping up all over the province as the federal election progresses ...Here's a small one in St. John's East.


Changing signs

seen is happy to see that it's worry earlier this week about food prices and the message on this sign wasn't justified!  Or does it mean the price is $139.


Signs of spring

Woody the woodpecker

DSC_0271.JPGAnd his friend, the blue jay ....