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Come From Away

comefromaway2.jpgThere's little doubt that the face of Canada is changing. Stats Canada says that over the next 20 years visible minorities will make up more than half the population of Toronto. In Newfoundland and Labrador - not so much. We are one of the least diverse parts of the country. But the provincial government says we can't afford to stay that way and it has launched an aggressive immigration strategy.

This week CBC Radio  in Newfoundland and Labrador is taking a look at immigration in the province: what efforts the province is taking to attract new people and the people - the Come From Aways - who have decided to call Newfoundland and Labrador home.

Check back each day for new stories.

Morning Shows: The CBC's Kate Kyle looks at why Newfoundland and Labrador needs immigrants and the strategy to get more of them to make the province their home.

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On The Go: The story of Youmin Lee, concert pianist, former Eastern School District music teacher and business owner.


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Morning Shows: Kate Kyle tells the story of an immigrant who came to Gander for love, but stayed despite tragedy.

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On the Go: The story of Stoyan Velinov, a Bulgarian who came to St. John's and is now a pastry chef and the owner of a Water Street restaurant

Stoyan Velinov.jpg
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Morning Shows: Kate Kyle tells the story of a Bulgarian couple who has set up business in Corner Brook

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Radio Noon: Jessica Doria-Brown reports on Carbonear's efforts to welcome immigrants

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Radio Noon Crosstalk: Everyone talks about trying to increase N.L.'s population. Would you like to see more immigrants here?

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On The Go: Jessica Doria-Brown speaks with Neddal Ayad to get his first generation take
on the immigrant experience.

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Morning Shows:
The CBC's Jane Adey reports on immigrants from Sri Lanka who've found a home on the Southern Shore.

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Radio Noon: This week, the Conference Board of Canada held a Leader's Roundtable on Immigration, including the Newfoundlandland and Labrador Experience. Remzi Cej is with the department of human resources, labour and employment. He has first hand experience on immigrating. He came here from a tumultuous Kosovo ten years ago. Here's part of what he told the audience in St. John's.

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On The Go:
The story of Omolade Kola-Oni (pictured below),  a first year student
at Memorial University who came from Nigeria eight months ago.

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Morning Shows: Andrew Walsh speaks with Columbian refugees Jose Rivera (pictured below) and his son Esteban.

Jose Rivera.jpg
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Numbers to consider:

Permanent residents

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010*
St. John's 397 380 481 454 493
Other areas of NL 111 166 135 149 188

Total entries of foreign students

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010*
St. John's 225 321 337 402 440
Other areas of NL 207 250 317 128 108

Foreign students present on December 1

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010*
St. John's 478 576 611 709 825
Other areas of NL 724 801 903 813 871

Total entries of foreign workers

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010*
St. John's 169 225 213 350 225
Other areas of NL 800 1,016 1,088 1,042 980

Foreign workers present on December 1

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010*
St. John's 219 228 263 380 329
Other areas of NL 697 654 803 1,097 1,065

Entries by refugee claimants

  2006 2007 2008 2009

14 6 11 7

Source: Statistics Canada

Signs of spring

If these guys spotted in Topsail are any indication, seen figures spring must be here!



How high can you pile it?

Pretty high, looking at this front end loader.


Just so we're perfectly clear

We've all had that experience where we're on a plane and the flight attendant makes it really clear that we're on a plane to St. John's, Newfoundland. They do that for a reason, to make sure someone who wanted to go to New Brunswick instead didn't end up on the wrong plane.

Well, the folks organizing the International Council for Traditional Music want to cut right to the chase. And so they posted the following on their website.

seen thinks the logos would look good on a t-shirt.


Sign of the times

seen is trying to keep with the times and accept increasing food prices, but this one has us biting our tongue!


A question for you

Steve comments: Is the house level or is the pole level?

28Mar11 059.jpg

Sign of the times

Any travellers notice this recently? This picture was taken on a flight from Newark to St John's.  What's funny about it?  Gone are the no-smoking signs. Now it's a warning about electronics.  Sign of the times, perhaps?



International Food and Craft Fair

People in St. John's had the chance on Sunday to sample food and crafts from 21 countries. There was also lots of music and a fashion show featuring costumes from around the world.

IMGP1088.JPGIMGP1090.JPGIMGP1094.JPGBeautiful costumes from the Philippines

IMG01142.jpgIMG01138.jpgA well-dressed group from India.

IMG01149.jpgA young lady from Moldavia.


Earth Hour

seen celebrated Earth Hour on Saturday by turning off all the lights for one hour starting at 8:30 p.m. We were a little surprised to see that some of the celebrants from last year - like the Basilica - didn't partake.


How do you celebrate a snow day?

If you're adventurer and MUN professor TA Loeffler, you make a video that resembles a blockbuster movie.

Snow day

More shots of today's snow day at 9 this morning.

Idle buses on St Thomas Line.

IMG00119.jpgLonely drive on St Thomas line at border with Portugal Cove-St. Philips.


Snow day

What are we up to now? Snow day 10?

Shots from this morning.

This was in front of seen's drive this morning ....

IMG01124.jpgAnd this was behind ...IMG01125.jpg

Accident on the Parkway

Police and firefighters were called to this accident on the Prince Philip Parkway about half and hour ago.Luckily everyone walked away.



Bannerman park graffiti



Not a sign of spring

No spring here at St. John's  Bannerman Park pool, which is still stuck in winter.


A sign of spring

While it is blustery and most unspringlike outside in St. John's, spring is on it's way.

Here's a reminder from a few days ago. Note the gentleman's shorts.



A group of children from Sheshatshiu paying a visit to the CBC in St. John's. They also participated in the Sharing Our Cultures event at the Rooms on Sunday.


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905 Squadron

The last time seen caught up with the young kids in the 905 Cadet Squadron, they were pounding out a brass version of the disco hit Funkytown. This time, we spotted them at the Sharing Our Cultures event at the Rooms in St. John's on the weekend where they had people tapping to Journey.

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As the snow melts away ...

... it reveals a lot of things. Here is one of the less attractive snowbanks in St. John's.


Sharing our cultures

seen took in the Sharing Our Cultures event at The Rooms on Sunday.

Students representing 16 countries and five continents shared their cultures with a large crowd.

IMGP1026.JPGBiuyugan a dance from the Philippines by Shen Obligar and Michelle Pido


A vehicle with a sense of humour

seen came across this Monday morning. The best theory we could come up with was that this car was doing a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer impression ... or had been on a bender.


Starting Monday off properly

As we all head off to work and our busy lives, just remember: there are places like this.

East Coast Trail near Sugarloaf Head. There are Bald Eagles here.


Not much left

What's left of Roebothan McKay Marshall after a huge fire is slowly being taken down.



Winter and spring seem to be duking it out, going back and forth over who will reign supreme. Here are some shots from earlier this week when winter clearly had the upper hand.


The back country

Corwin Mills comments These are some pictures from a back country ski trip that my wife and I made this past Tuesday behind[ way behind!] the White Hills in Clarenville.

Grand Father's Bottom 3-15-2011 2-04-41 PM.JPGGrand Father's Bottom 3-15-2011 2-56-29 PM.JPG

Grand Father's Bottom 3-15-2011 2-59-58 PM.JPG
Grand Father's Bottom 3-15-2011 2-38-52 PM.JPG

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is the the day to wear green - and if you're not Irish, pretend that you are.


Many of our radio shows are playing Irish tunes today, starting off with thee St. John's Morning show who when it put out a request for tunes yesterday, netted this:


Under construction

There's a lot of tearing down, and fixing up going on around St. John's.

These shots are of a major rehab of public housing going on around Freshwater Road.

IMGP0937.JPGIMGP0938.JPG A shot with a different kind of public housing way in the background ...


Andy Jones at the Jack Cycle last night at the Ship

The Jack Cycle is a seven hour celebration of the legendary Jack tales. Storytellers started at around 5:30 p.m. and finished up at around midnight.


Celebrating the day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day - a day that resonates in this province with its Irish roots. Households around St. John's like to mark the day with a little extra decoration.


Downtown construction

Lot's of scaffolding around downtown St. john's these days as buildings are renovated.


Winter wonderland

It might be a bit early for Sheila's Brush, but it was nice and snowy out in St. John's on Tuesday.


The Rules

Every neighbourhood has them, and most people respect them. Usually they're unsaid.
But this homeowner felt the need to spell at least one of them out.


If you have a birthday ...

You should have cake ... and the Fisheries Broadcast had one celebrating its 60th anniversary today.


Homage to the Broadcast

This is down in the the CBC's cafeteria in St. John's in honour of the show's 60th birthday.


Flags have meaning ...

so what does THIS mean? This was taken last week in St. John's.


Construction zone

The demolition of the old Woolworths on Water Street.


seen wonders ...

Will John Furlong be getting a ticket?

(This was taken on Monday, so it's been moved since then.)


The rainbow connection

We do see a lot of rainbows in this province, but this one struck us as a bit odd because it was so low in the sky.


CBC Pancake Breakfast

The pancake breakfast at the Marriott in St. John's.

Nadia Stewart and Natalie Kalata with fans.

Nat, Nad and their fans.JPGBaby vs. pancake

The lucky baby winner!.JPGLucky plate prize winner.

First lucky plate winner.JPGThe volunteers

All the volunteers.JPGAllan Hawco and the CBC's Todd O'Brien at the Battery.

IMG01106.jpgThe Masterless Men performing at the pancake breakfast at the Battery in St. John's.


The CBC pancake breakfast in CBS.


IMG00163-20110308-0848.JPGThe CBC pancake breakfast in Mount Pearl.


NDP Leader Lorraine Michael who says she does the dirty work too.


IMG01105.jpgSt. John's Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff


St. John's City Councillor Sheilagh O'Leary.


Celebrity server Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones at the CBC Pancake Breakfast.

IMG01102.jpgCBC Pancake Breakfasts are taking place across the province. Here are some images from the Battery Hotel in St. John's




One day on the Parkway

Watching the traffic on the Prince Philip Parkway is an entertaining experience. One day, we watched two fender benders wihton hours.

Today, someone decided to go the wrong way down a lane. We just managed to catch this shot as s/he was turning around in the far lane.


seen at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company.

"The Danny"


The celebration starts

The Fisheries Broadcast is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Where does the time fly? As part of the party, the Broadcast has acquired a dory to give away to a lucky fan. Details about that will be revealed.

The dory arrived at the CBC today.


Snowplow: 1; bumper: 0

It's one of those things that happens. A snowplow comes along, doesn't see the cement bumper, bumper ends up flung into another snowbank.


A sure sign of spring

If you're looking for an end to winter, one of the surest signs seen knows is the sudden arrival of potholes around St. John's.

Here is a fine example on Military Road. What's not in the shot is the asphalt chunks strewn about.


Ice, ice, baby

Be careful out there in your winter wonderland where ever you may be. There's lots of ice underfoot.


Dreaming of spring

There are a few cyclists still out there bracing the winter in St. John's. But many bikes are like this one, waiting for finer days. Though most are indoors.


Anti-bullying video

Labrador West students Kindra Elson and Kelsie Searle put together this video that addresses bullying in school. The students are in Grade 11 at Menihek High School in Labrador City.

A charming day

... out there across Newfoundland and Labrador. These shots were taken this morning.


Full service

Tom Eagan sent this in and comments: I love this... 'Refer a friend for a free grooming.'