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Buses return

The Metrobus strike is over ... and the buses hit the streets of St. John's this morning.

People waiting for the bus ...



People at work

The fire department was out relatively early this morning on Allandale Road in St. John's.


Again, Seen wonders ...

How things get where they are ...


Some windy out there

The flags are struggling today ...


Back to busy (maybe)

If Metrobus workers vote in favour of a new agreement tonight, maybe this place will go back to its former busy self.

Metrobus is also promising reduced fares for  few weeks.

   Feb 1 and 14 users will ride free.
   From 15 - 28, users will ride for $1.
   Regular fares resume on March 1.


Oil and Water

seen has these images from a rehearsal of Artistic Fraud's new production: Oil and Water.

Oil and Water - which opens on Feb 9 at the Reid Theatre in St. John's - is a retelling of the much-loved Lanier Phillips story.

The rocking ladders with cast aboard become a ship at sea.



Who knew?

That St. John's had a zoo with polar bears and a bunch of other neat things. Greg Knott noticed this on the website for the St. John's Super 8 Motel.

seen thinks someone's been holding out. If we go down to the TD bank downtown, can we use the rooftop rink or is that just for employees?

super82.jpgseen has notified the crowd over at the St. John's Morning Show. And they've placed a call to the Super 8. Since that happened, the paragraphs in question have been removed.

seen wants the St. John's Zoo and Prehistoric park back :(.


People at work

The fire department is out and about a lot at night in St. John's. In this particular instance, fire crews were on Cochrane Street, taking care of what ended up being a false alarm.



A unfortunate byproduct ...

... of Monday's high winds. All that recycling gets blown into the street.


Topsail tree

A pretty tree in front of a house in Topsail.


Winter's over - retail style

Wouldn't you normally see snowblowers and not patio furniture? Maybe in a normal winter, whihc this is not.

seen at Kent St. John's, Thursday night Jan. 20.


Take a close look

This was taken a few days ago in CBS. If you look closely, you'll see something a little out of place. Like four horses that escaped from their home nearby and were being rounded up.


things that makes you go hmmmm

It's not been lost on a few people that the new windows being installed as part of a $34 million makeover at Confederation building are the colours of a certain political party.


A unique fundraising effort


sidewalk dance

Some of the sidewalks in St. John's are clean as a whistle ... some are not. It makes for an interesting walk to work as pedestrians have to hop from one side to another or walk in the street.


seen does retail

seen doesn't confess to know a lot about this fancy world of xbox games, but 500 bucks for one game??

The helpful sales clerk said it was actually $49.99.


seen on the scene

Here's what Newfoundland Power does at night. If a transformer goes down in your neighbourhood, they will come along and fix it pretty quickly.


seen on the TCH

About one kilometre outside St. John's on the Trans-Canada Highway. Three snowmobilers driving on median. Two more parked. At just after 5 p.m. just before CBS turnoff.


Shovelling in Paradise

Nothing gives a sense of accomplishment quite like a completely dug-out driveway.


Old, old, old Christmas

Dang! seen forget to get these down in time!


A gentle reminder

Since it is Jan. 14 and we are celebrating our very first snowfall in St. John's (cue the laughing from Labrador now), it is time to gently remind ourselves of some etiquette that is important during these times.

Do not eat the yellow snow.


More snow pictures

Such a novelty, this white fluffy stuff. It's easy to forget how nice it makes everything look.

Here are some shots from this afternoon.


RoD reality

You know how you sit there watching TV, and someone complains about a plot point, and you say, "It's just a TV show."

Well you'll be happy to know that some things in the Republic of Doyle, at least, are for real.

For instance, this house featured in the the first episode of the season 2 premiere last night.

Here it is all snuggled in the snow this morning.


Snowwww ...

seen in St. John's for the first time this winter. Those in Labrador where they've had 70 cms in three days can start laughing at those of us in St. John's.Right. Now.

IMG01054.jpgAnd with snow ... come snowplows.


Republic of Doyle Day at St. Mark's

The students and staff at St. Mark's in King's Cove celebrated tonight's premiere of season two of the Republic of Doyle by having a RoD  day at the small K-12 school with 115 students. And they kindly sent in these photos to show us what they looked like.

A selection of students and staff decked out in their Doyle duds!

Jan 2011 - Polycom with TR and Doyle 008.JPGBack row l-r Brody "Malachly" Morrison, Stephanie "Leslie"Lane, Gabrielle "Nikki" Furlong, Billy "Des" Clemens, Cassandra "Tinny" Barker. Front Row - l- r Cody "Jake" Guy, Stacy "Rose" Ryan

Jan 2011 - Polycom with TR and Doyle 009.JPG Brandon Furlong as Jake Doyle.
 brandon - jake.jpg Grade 4 Doyle Juniors - l-r Cody Guy, Billy Clemens, Stephanie O"Driscoll, Hayley Fennel, Carlee Ryan, Courtney Guy, Adam Keough.

grade 4 doyle junior.jpg Jake and Leslie - Cody Fitzgerald and Stephanie Lane
 jake and leslie.jpg

What's this about ...

seen in front of a St. John's house.

What attracted seen was the shoes so neatly set out.


People at work

It's a bit cooler in St. John's this morning, but at least the sun is finally shining. Meaning that the workforce was out in full force this morning, getting things done.

Here are a few examples:




Bike in a bog ...

Maybe it's just the frustration of having to use alternate methods during the Metrobus strike, but
everyone was commenting on this bike in a ditch off the Prince Philip parkway.


A bright spot in the grey ...

It's been dreary and dismal for a while, but a number of people have been reporting bright spots, in the form of flowers, popping up in January - of all months. This one appeared a week ago at the CBC, and even though it's indoors, we have had this plant for years and have never seen it flower before.


Where trees go after Christmas

Many of them end up here at Quidi Vidi Lake - one of the recycling areas - in St. John's.



Old Christmas Day

Yesterday was Old Christmas. Today is Orthodox Christmas. Both  require festivities.

Last night some people held Old Christmas celebrations, including this one out in the Battery in St. John's.


IMGP0567.JPGAnd outside, Jupiter presided over the Basilica ...


Have you ever wondered?

How something ended up someplace?

Like this?

A flip-flop on the Parkway in January ...


seen in Grand Falls-Windsor

seen was in Grand Falls-Windsor over the holiday where there is no shortage of creative signage.

Here are two examples. The first is rather legendary, but it's always a treat to visit an old friend. The second? Well, we'll let it speak for itself ....


What season is it anyway?

Taken outside a CBS house on Thurs. Dec. 30.


seen at the wine store

You can't always get what you want ... Unless, of course, you can afford it.


And we're back ...

Here's hoping you had wonderful holidays...

seen celebrated New Year's Day by seeing this young man going down the street in St. John's.

IMG01039.jpgAnd these youngsters with sparklers on New year's itself...