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SEEN outside the Topsail Post Office

...obviously the cheque wasn't in the mail.


St. John's Santa Claus Parade


St. John's Santa Claus Parade


St. John's Santa Claus Parade


NASA's Photo of the Day for November 26th, 2010

Image taken from NASA's website.

NASA website comments:
A beautifully clear day over Canada allowed the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard the Aqua satellite to capture several striking multiple true-color images of the island of Newfoundland on November 12, 2010. Off the west coast, the island is separated from the Canadian mainland by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and, at the narrow northernmost point, the Strait of Belle Isle, while all the other Newfoundland coasts face the Atlantic Ocean. Near the northern tip of the eastern most peninsula, the city of St. John's is visible as a long gray smudge on the land.

SEEN in California

CBC Reporter Lee Pitts takes to the waves in sunny California.  

When you go out in the woods today ...

... you won't find this cute bear. He was in front of a St. John's house with the lovely Chinese lanterns in the back.


A fine bottle ...

If the price tag is any indication, it should be. seen photographers are quite intrigued with what you can buy in St. John's these days. One already had a picture of a $2,800, another one found this:


Winter's here ...

It's here more then when these pictures were taken in downtown St. John's this morning. And it's been in Labrador for a while.


Paradise pole problem ...

Ummm, seen readily admits it's no expert in street design and construction, but this can't be the safest placement for utility poles at Topsail Road and McNamara Drive through Paradise, can it?

In fact, there's a story behind this. You can hear it tomorrow when Cec Haire speaks to Paradise Mayor Ralph Wiseman at 7:15 a.m. on the St. John's Morning Show.


The Craft Association Fair

This was the was the second, and final, weekend for this year's Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador annual craft fair.



One more weekend

seen was at the second-last St. John's farmers' market this past weekend. The last one is coming up this weekend.



On the Go Host Ted Blades recently did an interview with Joe Basha about his travels throughout the province. Basha has visited every community in Newfoundland. He plans to do the same in Labrador next.

He has taken photographs all along the way. Ted asked him about the interesting things he had seen, so he mailed Ted this image of a four legged robin.

Count 'em. There are four legs.


seen downtown St. John's


She is the champion

Kelly Ann Evans channels Freddie Mercury in "The Show Must Go On" (a tribute to the music of Queen) this Saturday and Sunday night at the St. John's Arts and Culture Centre.


Festival du Vent

The second annual Festival du Vent is coming up this weekend ...


They're out there

You should always drive safely, but even more so because the RNC is out and about.


Sign of the Times

One band? Three different bands? Old boy/girl friends? A new version of the seven dwarfs?


Double meaning

seen found this sign in downtown St. John's this morning. It's one of those signs that bears a second read, and that's the way it's intended. First off, a simple For Rent notice, then there's some odd language in it and then the realization that it's a campaign by the province's Human Rights Commission.


Singing for supper

seen came across this at Cochrane Street United Church.


As it turns out, Singing for Supper is a national tour that raises money for food banks, ministries and food programs.

The leaves, they are a falling

We've had a pretty decent fall in the St. John's area at least, but the leaves are coming down.



seen says, 'Stop the presses!'


Nice day for a wedding

seen caught this photo on Cochrane Street in downtown St. John's Saturday.


Craft Fair

One of seen's first indications of the Christmas season - yeah, we've seen the tree and wreathes in the stores right after Halloween, but we tend to ignore them - is the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador's craft fair at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's.

The fair is held over two weekends - these pictures are from the first, the fair continues next weekend as well.

A bunny castle from Burnt Island Bears.

IMG00944.jpgMolly White from Woody Point

IMG00945.jpgRay Cox - pewter artist extraordinaire


Fire on Water

Photos of a fire in the Headquarters deck on Water Street.

Photos courtesy Carla Duggan and Mike Wyatt.

photo 1.JPGPhoto courtesy Carla Duggan

photo 2.JPG
Photo courtesy Carla Duggan

photo 3.JPGPhoto courtesy Carla Duggan

photo 5.JPGPhoto courtesy Carla Duggan

xau.jpgPhoto courtesy Mike Wyatt

cb8r.jpgPhoto courtesy Mike Wyatt

Remembrance Day

Photos from the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the War Memorial in St. John's yesterday.

Natasha Lucas, wife of Sgt Donny Lucas (killed April 2007) along with their son Matthew and daughter Mackenzie.







DSC05591.JPGWallace Upward: a poppy or a flag for the 152 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

DSC05584.JPGWallace Upward (That's his grandfather in the photo)


DSC05563.JPGThule and Suzie at the Remembrance Day service.


Metrobus picket line



Speed zone

seen has taken pictures of these speed gizmos before, but we never get tired of seeing them about. This one is placed near Larkhall Academy & Leary's Brook Jr. High in St. John's.



Pastoral fall scenes

Courtesy Pippy Park and Long Pond ...


Bonfire night in Flatrock



International Food and Craft Fair

A celebration of St. John's multicultural community on Sunday. seen was there just as it was about to close, but was told there was a big crowd throughout the day.


A fine day

Clear blue sky Sunday, warm temperatures, everyone outside. Hard to believe it was November.


Getting ready

seen got a sneak preview this week as crews in CBS prepare to install bronze statues at the CBS Monument of Honour in advance of Remembrance Day.


A question

Steve Dicker sent in this picture and wants to know: Whose lane is it anyway? Just west of Whitbourne the road signs at the passing lane tell two different stories. The first sign tells you that the passing lane ends in 300m (the correct sign), yet at the end of the lane another sign tells you that the right lane ends. Obviously, the road goes on, so both lanes cannot end. When one driver fails to yield for the other because the signs contradict each other, an accident waits to happen.


Sitting pretty

Even the day after Halloween, this perky pumpkin was perched on a St. john's neighbourhood porch.


Red sky morning - Paradise



Normally this is a very busy spot in the morning. Today ... nothing. Metrobus members of the Amalgamated Transportation Union went on strike last night and set up picket lines this morning in St. John's.

IMG00935.jpgHere's a snap of the line taken by Cecil Haire.


Vandalism time

Somebody was bored last night and decided to indulge in a bit of wreckage, leaving a mess in one of St. John's otherwise clean parks.


Feeding time

It's chow-down time for this family of cats in CBS.



or yessssss! if you like winter. This year's first flakes flew in St. John's this morning. It's time to put on the big girl panties and deal with it.


Halloween with a message

seen spotted this in a St. John's neighbourhood. seen got the message!


Sick Joke Launch

The CBC's Glenn Deir put being a reporter on hold for a day, and focused on his other life: published author. Breakwater Books held a launch last night at the Ship Pub for Deir's new book: Sick Joke: Cancer, Japan and Back Again.




Wayzgoose 2010

What is a wayzgoose? It's a printing celebration. The Book Arts Association of Newfoundland and Labrador held it's third annual wayzgoose this past weekend. Part of it was a Printers' Fair on Saturday.



Pope Production party

The annual Pope Production party - traditionally held during the St. John's International Film and Video Festival - featured special guests: Wonder Woman, Tragedy Annie and dancing zombies.



seen does Halloween

seen was out on Halloween, not for the candy, we're too old for that. Some people in St. John's put a lot of effort in their Halloween decorations, so we went out to take some pictures.

Cochrane Street


New Cove Road

Maple Street

DSC05450.JPGPoplar Avenue

DSC05453.JPGPinebud Avenue

DSC05455.JPGPinebud Place

DSC05456.JPGPinebud Place

DSC05458.JPGDSC05457.JPGCornwall Crescent


seen this morning

The Republic of Doyle shooting on Colonial Street in St. John's this morning.