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Storm Photos

Geoff Heffernan comments: This is where 2 trees fell down in our yard today due to Hurricane Igor! Photo sent in by Geoff Heffernan.

DSC00494.JPGBrenda Sweeney comments: Damage Done To Bell Island Hospital & Church. Photo sent in by Brenda Sweeney.

St. Michael1s Church(2).JPGToni Jerrett comments: This is normally a small river with a foot or two of water in it.It wasn't like that today during Igor. Photo sent in by Toni Jerrett.

Melanie Batten comments: Here are some photos of Conception Bay south from Manuels River, Foxtrap marina (the railway track area), the ocean, and local stores under water. Photo sent in by Melanie Batten.





Wayne Herridge comments: New skate park Marystown. Photo sent in by Wayne Herridge.

C__Users_Herridge_Desktop_New Skate Park Marystown.jpgBurgoynes Cove. Photo sent in by Karla Hoskins.

burgoynes cove(2).jpgBurgoynes Cove. Photo sent in by Karla Hoskins.

burgoynes cove1(2).jpgHorseshoe turn in Elliots Cove. Photo sent in by Karla Hoskins.

horseshoe turn in elliots cove.jpgWeybridge. Photo sent in by Karla Hoskins

weybrige.jpgBritannia. Photo sent in by Karla Hoskins.

brittannia.jpgGeorge J.B. Rose comments: Little Barsway bridge 10 km north of Grand Bank. Photo sent in by George J.B. Rose.

D__My Pictures_Igro_IMG_0500.JPG

Judy Bennett comments: Flooding going east on Kenmount Road, Noon, September 2. Photo sent in by Judy Bennett.

DSC01337.JPGBannerman Park in St. John's. Photo sent in by Stuart Mair.

Dave Sheppard comments: Dunn's Bridge Mt. Pearl and Bowring Park. Photos sent in by Dave Sheppard.




Photo sent in by Kurtis Billard.

photo(2).JPGImages from Bay Bulls sent by Lana Williams.





Dann Dober comments: The rush of water when the road gave way took a building and just left the step. C__Users_Dann_Pictures_2010-09-21 Igor_Igor 006.JPGDann Dober comments: Road washout in the community of Beau Bois, Burin Peninsula. Photo sent in by Dann Dober.

C__Users_Dann_Pictures_2010-09-21 Igor_Igor 007.JPG

Robyn LeGrow comments: Tree fallen in front of my house on Diana Rd. in St. John's. Photo sent in by Robyn LeGrow.

IMG_5026.JPGBrian Kelly comments: Hurricane Igor blows a 20 yr old blue spruce down across car.

Patrick Rouzes comments: Just watched these huge trees in my backyard snap like twigs & fall in a matter of seconds (3:15 pm-September 21,2010). There are also powerlines down in the backyard. Have not seen anything like it before. Hope everyone stays safe. Photo sent in by Patrick Rouzes.

IMG_6844.JPGSteve Delaney comments: Parking lot at Mount Pearl Square at about 4 pm, Sept 21, 2010. Light pole blown over by Igor strikes car and truck. Photo sent in by Steve Delaney.

IMG00001-20100921-1555.jpgJosh Maloney comments: Water was flowing over the pavement so they had to dig out the main road to let it settle down. This was taken in Drakes Cove, Marystown. Photo sent in by Josh Maloney.


Ulf Teschendorff comments: Tilley's Road South at Route 60 in Conception Bay South. (Next to the Kelligrews post office. Photo sent in by Ulf Teschendorff .

IMG_8888.JPGUlf Teschendorff comments: The river between Conception Bay South and Holyrood on Route 60. Photo sent in by Ulf Teschendorff.


Peter Miles comments: Golf ave...where will we hang the hammock now? Photo sent in by Peter Miles.

C__Users_user_Pictures_2010-09-21 igor_igor 003.JPGAngela French comments: From Downtown St. John's - My neighbour's tree down in my backyard! Photo sent in by Angela French


Robyn Collins comments: photo of Igor in St. John's NL. Photo sent in by Robyn Collins.


Irene Rahman-Whittle comments: Chance ove road washed out! Photo sent in by Irene Rahman-Whittle.



These pictures were taken this morning by Jennifer Barrett of North Harbour. They lost one bridge and are experiencing lots of washouts and flooding on the roads.

pentecost church.jpg

aunt nitas.jpg

trussell pond.jpgChristine Gillespie comments: Hurricane Igor pictures taken in Carbonear.

100_5700.jpgRhonda Fitzgerald comments: This is my aunt's driveway. The trees and bank have been washed away from the road into her garden. The brook running through her garden has overflowed and is threatening her house. Photo sent in by Rhonda Fitzgerald.

driveway.jpgSharon comments: Main Rd by the beach in Holyrood.

024.JPGBrian Harvey comments: House flooded in Paradise NL. Photo sent in by Brian Harvey

C__Documents and Settings_Brian_Desktop_Flood_Paradise NL, Hurricane Igor.jpgChris Wells comments: Kenmount Road, St. John's. Photo sent in by Chris Wells.

IMG00101-20100921-1251.jpgStewart Hodder comments: Marystown.

62252_432518972302_519072302_5575656_3096296_n.jpgNik Makrets comments: Rennies River below Empire ave Sep21 2:30 pm.Photo sent in by Nik Makrets.

Here's a picture taken around noon of the water from Boland's Pond starting to overflow onto Route 60 in Holyrood and another of the washout of Joy's Road in Holyrood. Photo sent in by Tonji Stewart.

IMG_8935.JPGTopsail Road near Mount Pearl/Paradise border. Photo sent in by Frank Anstey.

DSC00886.JPGJennifer Russell comments: This is the lovely little brook behind my house... not so lovely now... They're making a new road and diverted the river... probably not a good idea! Photo sent in by Jennifer Russell.

IMG_0728.JPGMain Road in Chance Cove during Hurricane Igor.Photo sent in by Irene Rahman-Whittle.

Kathryn Guy comments: Driving to class around 12 on Kenmount Rd. This is by Starbucks

009.JPGFrank Anstey comments: Shot from Columbus Drive overpass. Photo sent in by Frank Anstey.


DSC00874.JPGDerrick Edwards comments: Waterford Bridge Rd.

IMG_4395.JPGTony Rye comments: Chance Cove, Trinity Bay. The green bridge in the background right used to cross to the small island in the centre of the photo. Photo sent in by Tony Rye.

DSCF3015.JPGPics of Kenmount Road St. John's sent in by Trevor Patey.

Bonnie Trimm comments: This was taken during Hurricane Igor of the Grand Bank break water.

hurricane Igor 032.jpgTrudy Poole comments: a tree that the wind has taken down , and crashed into the middle of the street. Photo sent in by Trudy Poole.

zz014.JPGDoreen Strickland comments: Flooded in King's Cove.

Darlene Joe comments: Our swimming pool again South East Falls  Conne River ,pic was taken during the  rain storm, Sept. 21, 2010. Photo sent in by Darlene Joe.

IMG_0293.JPGAdam Power comments: The waterfall on the side of our house in St. John's.

IMG_2314.JPGDarlene Joe comments: OUR swimming pool during the Rain storm, Sept. 21 2010.

IMG_0297.JPGKaity Smith comments: My father, Terry Smith, took these photos of Sunnyside today after the culverts washed away taking portions of the roads with them. Photo sent in by Kaity Smith.

DSCF5821.JPGDSCF5823.JPGKatie Cabana comments: Hickman's Harbour, Random Island.

Ron comments: Marystown Photos

Hurricane Igor 1.jpgLeona Meaney comments: Village Mall parking lot in St. John's. Waiting for the worse to come.

Village Mall parking lot during Igor.JPG

Ann Quinton comments: Culvert washed out in Charleston, Bonavista Bay. Photo sent in by Ann Quinton.


P.E. Coristine comments: This is the view from our back deck of the Waterford River this morning at around 11:30 am! Photo sent in by P.E. Coristine.

Waterford River 2 at around 1130 am.jpg

Musgravetown/Bloomfield: Bloomfield Main Road @ 08:30. Photo sent in by Dave and Kerri Peach.

Igor 010.jpgMusgravetown/Bloomfield: Musgravetown Driveway ( Not sure who lives there ) 08:30.Photo sent in by Dave and Kerri Peach.

Igor 021.jpgShara Button comments: Rain coming down on Terra Nova Rd. Photo sent in by Shara Button.

DSCN6932.JPGWayne March comments: Photo taken this morning at Lady Cove, Random Island. Roads are washed out in many areas of Random Island. Photo sent in by Wayne March.

_DSC4951.JPGPhotos from Clarenville where a state of emergency has been declared. Photos sent in by Paul Tilley.

clarenville10.jpgDwight Sheppard comments: Creston North, Marystown. Photo sent in by Dwight Sheppard.

101_0919.JPGDwight Sheppard comments: This photo is of Creston South, Marystown. The roads have totally let go. Photo sent in by Dwight Sheppard.


The view looking across the harbour in Wreck Cove. Taken at around 9:30 am Tuesday morning. Photo sent in by Sheena Best.


Flooding, Heavy water build up caused by Hurricane Igor in St.Lawrence. Water gushing off the Memorial Soccer Field unto the main highway ( Route 220) ..the field is a swimming pool of water! Water, soil & rocks cascade down over the field unto the road & ditches. Photo sent in by Cynthia Farrell.


Random Island. Looks like there was a landslide. Debris followed this brown in the water, including what appeared to be a fridge. Photo sent in by Katie Cabana.

IMG_1273.JPGRiver Head St.Lawrence. Photos sent in by Martha Brewer.


DSCF0410.JPGThis is Twillingate harbour with all the wind, and the puddle in front of my house. Photos sent in by Andy Percy.



This was taken at 8:30 this morning from the south side of Harbour Breton across to the North Side. It was raining too hard to take a sensible  picture.. Photo by Beulah Drake Hr.Breton.

IMG_8633.JPGA backyard in Marystown. Photo sent in by Craig Hutchings.

DSC05151.JPGPortugal Cove Rd @ Majors Path in St. John's at 730am. Sent in by Carla Foote

IMG00123new.jpgBay Bulls 710am

IMG00094-20100921-0533.JPGSecuring boats in Bay Bulls. Lee Pitts/CBC


IMG00188(2).JPGEpworth on the Burin Peninsula.
Photo sent in by Frank Brinston.