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Republic of Doyle

The Republic of Doyle has been making use of the downtown streets during the past week. Yesterday they were shooting stunt scenes making use of Jake Doyle's car and a motorcycle ... and an SUV... and a tow truck. And a lot of tire marks.


IMG00752.jpgThe car on break


The car and truck taking a run at each other...


Early morning images

The Morning Show's Cecil Haire is out early in the morning. Here are some of the images he captured this morning.

If you want Cec's traffic tweets or you want to twitter him, he is at cecilhaire



A moment of serenity

brought to you by seen on this Friday:

Sign(s) of the times (of year)


An alternate means of transportation

There are a couple of unicyclists around St. John's. The shot seen missed was this guy using the walk button to get across the street.


Find the fish ...

It took seen a while to do as the photographer requested. Can you find the fish? S/he is hiding in one of the brooks that run off Long Pond in St. John's.


Clarenville Day

Lisa Browne sent in this one:

"In your quest to not be St. John's-centric, here's a photo of the line up for mooseburgers at Clarenville Day today!  The mooseburgers are a big part of Clarenville Days and have been sold by the Rotary Club of Clarenville for many years as a fundraiser for the club.  In addition to mooseburgers, you may eat your way through Clarenville Day with fish and brewis, BBQ, pancakes, etc.

seen loves mooseburgers and thanks Lisa for the photo.


Saving the cod?

Maybe if we had these signs placed in strategic places, we might have more cod.


Who is that preschooler?

Is that who seen thinks it is?

seen thanks Susan Gardiner.


St. John's Pride Parade

St. John's Pride events wrapped up on the weekend. seen captured images of people gathering in front of the Colonial Building for the annual Pride Parade on Sunday afternoon.

IMG00741.jpg IMG00744.jpg


Tely 10

They came in all shapes and sizes, all ages and full of heart for the annual Tely 10 in St. John's on Sunday. And family and friends came out to cheer them on.

Here are some images of the runners coming down Military Road.

IMG00734.jpg IMG00735.jpg


Victoria Park Lantern Festival

Can't put a crowd estimate on how many people turned up to the Lantern Festival on Saturday, but it sure looked like a really big crowd to seen. And, of course, it was the perfect opportunity to get some wonderful images, not because of seen's photography skills, but because everything was so beautiful.

The drummers who led the lantern parade...



Let your light shine

One of the nice things about summer is the Lantern Festival in Victoria Park in St. John's  - and it's on this Saturday. The whole community seems to come together to show off its creative spirit, and coupled with a warm evening - it really is magic, especially for the youngsters.Here is seen's old standby that's been in used for a few years now... and now about to be retired.

You'll have to go to Victoria Park tomorrow night to see the new version or Sunday if it rains.

Lantern Festival Information


St. John's Pride

The events that make up the annual St. John's pride celebrations have been going on for the past week, but some of the more famous events like the Pride parade and the Drag Races are happening on Sunday.

Go to St. John's Pride for more details...


Hay, hay, hay

For those of you who like to channel their inner farm boy or girl, here are shots of hay ready to be made within sight of the Avalon Mall.


And speaking of MUN

sprucing up is going on all over ... here's an images of a roof being fixed.


Sign of the Times

Carpet cleaning ( seen thinks) at Memorial University at St. John's.


Beautiful L'Anse aux Meadows

seen acquired these shots of a beautiful sunset in L'Anse aux Meadows on the tip of the Northern Peninsula from our good friends at CBC Corner Brook when they were there doing a remote. seen thanks Chris Wilson.



More Doyle

More shots from the Republic of Doyle shoot downtown this morning...




Images of three separate duck families taken five minutes apart at Quidi Vidi.


A Doyle morning

some members of seen live in, what you might call, a Republic of Doyle neighbourhood. That means crews move in, set up shop and do some filming of, in this case, Season 2.

Here are some shots from this morning.


Who needs to drive all the way to the dump?

Apparently whoever put these shingles and an old TV off Oxen Pond Road thought this was a good idea.


Things hanging off the trees

It's that time of the year when you'll be innocently walking along in your neighbourhood and run into some worm-like thing streaming down from a tree. This isn't one of those black span worms, but something equally creepy.


Going to the movies

seen went to the movies on Water St. in St. John's last night. The showing of Newfoundland film The Bingo Robbers was courtesy the Downtown Association and the Nickel Film Festival. A large crowd turned up in perfect, rare, weather.



Travelling far and wide

Tourists will put on the miles to come to this province. A big bike with Florida plates parked in front of a downtown St. John's B&B.


Wreckhouse International Jazz Festival

The festival was going full tilt for most of the week with evening concerts. During the day it treated passersby to free concerts at Harbourside Park, including this one on Saturday.


Georgetown Neighbourhood Association

The  very active Georgetown Neighbourhood Association held its tenth annual flea market on the weekend. And as you can tell from the pictures, there was a lot of interest from treasure hunters and repurposers.





Terrible traffic

seen was out on the highways and took this shot of bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 2 (coming in from CBS) this morning.


Western Brook Pond

in a message to seen:

Took this picture two days ago [Tuesday] from the tour boat at Western Brook Pond. They ran four tours that day because rainy/windy weather cancelled the previous days' tours.
This was from the 1:00 tour. It was a great day...hot...and enough of a breeze to keep people from passing out!

seen thanks Doug Letto.


Rick Mercer

The room in St. John's was hot, Rick Mercer was on fire and it was all so very cool at the St. John's Arts and Culture Centre last night.

Mercer was in town for a fundraiser for the LSPU Hall where he started performing when he was in his teens.

Mercer wasn't the only one who the audience going. Seamus O'Regan did Mercer's introduction and the Eight-Track Favourites started everything off.



Mixed messages

seen was left stumped after it spotted this beautiful view of Conception Bay in Topsail. The seat near the edge of the shoreline sure is inviting ... if you're willing to ignore the sign just a few feet away. Huh???? seen thanks Rod Etheridge.


That's no dog

Things you don't see in your backyard in St. John's.....a moose!!, Stephen Winters says.

Thanks Stephen.


The BBC wants you

Atlanta 4.JPGAn image from the Worlds Strictest Parents filmed in Atlanta

If you can do the following:

"Do you believe in instilling good manners, good values and a good work ethic in your teenage children? Do you believe that teenagers need discipline and boundaries? Can you give two British teens the chance to have some much-needed structure in their lives?

Following the huge success of the first and second series, the BBC is looking for role model families to take part in a third series of programmes on parenting. In each one-hour programme, two British teenagers will be sent to live with a family abroad, to experience life in their country under their rules. The BBC is filming all over the world, and has sent overindulged teenagers from the UK to live with families in various places including Jamaica, India, The USA and South Africa. In this series we want to send two British teenagers to the Island of Newfoundland.

We are looking for a loving family (with children aged 13-18) that has a close family structure, and rules and boundaries that are respected. We are looking for parents who are proud of their strong parenting and family values, and who would be willing to accommodate two British teens for one week and instil in them the values and morality they demand of their own children. The British teens will be expected to attend school and/or church, to complete homework and help with household chores and/or the family business - they will not be guests in the house but new members of the family.  They will be expected to engage in volunteer and community activities during their stay.  Host families will be paid 1000 USD to cover expenses during the teens stay.  The production team will work closely with host family and host school to make the arrangements for the week's filming."

Email a brief description of your family and all your contact information to Twenty Twenty, the production company.

Worlds Strictest Parents

Lovely Lupins

The roadways in and around St. John's are like a giant garden when the lupins come out. seen thanks Cecil Haire, newly minted Twitter King, at cecilhaire.


Sign of the times

Check out the sign. Who says it’s a dogs life! Spotted at store in Mount Pearl. seen thanks Rod Etheridge.


Sign of the times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Someday.

Nope, St. Augustine's is right.


Summertime swim

Lots of cars parked on the side of the road of the Manuels River yesterday. The warm weather meant people had that overwhelming desire to go for a swim.



Tanker time

seen in Conception Bay South off of Manuels.


Wedding trends

There are a lot of TV shows devoted to wedding these days - pointing out the latest trends and such. For the last few years, seen has noticed a trend in wedding photography, photos shot on downtown streets with colourful local houses in the background. Here's an example from the weekend.


What do do on a hot afternoon...

Well summer finally showed in the weekend... and a lot of people went outside. But for those of you who don't like the heat, Here's a suggestion. Glow bowling at your local bowling alley.


What a lot of us were doing on Sunday

Watching the FIFA World Cup yesterday. Some went to bars, some of us stayed home to watch Spain beat the Netherlands 1- 0.

And many of you, no doubt, caught the Newfoundland and Labrador connection when the game was over. None other than Hey Rosetta!'s There's an Arc was the musical base for the winner's video montage at CBC.


bunny vs. ball ...

... or is it ball vs. bunny. It's standoff on a St. John's golf course. seen thanks Doug Letto.


The sailors of tomorrow...

The sailors of tomorrow get their boats ready for the day at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club's summer camp in Manuels.


Lovely Lupins

This time of year, hillsides across the province like this one are covered in lupins.


Republic of Doyle Season 2

A night shot from Bishop Feild Elementary in St. John's where the cast and crew is shooting its second season.

Those bars are part of the shoot, they're not used during the school year.


seen on the street

Normally things people want taken away have a free sign on them, but this poor old mirror apparently has an interesting back story. The poem does continue on, but you'll have to find the mirror to read what it says.


The construction season

Lots of construction going on. These two shots were taken within a block of each with one construction site in between that seen didn't take a picture of.

So be careful and be mindful of workers doing their jobs.



Outdoor movies

The Nickel Festival is now showing movies on Mondays in July in the parking lot behind the Ship Pub in St. John's. Last night, they showed the final episode of the Republic of Doyle.

Here are shots of the happy movie goers...

Picture 002.jpg
Picture 003.jpgPicture 006.jpg

Sturdy Irises

What flower always comes through, and even thrives, in cold wet Newfoundland and Labrador weather? The regal iris, of course.


Sign of the Times

The good people at St. Augustine's in St. John's have done it again. Soccer-related even.


Complaints Choir

The Sound Symposium always offers something different, and this year is no exception.

For example, the Sound Symposium Complaints Choir, a group of volunteers organized by Kellie Walsh and Angela Antle.

Sunday night, they performed a song written by Sean Panting called Everybody Else is a Whiner.

Here's a sample. Sing along now:

"Public Transit is absurd; "impact" is not a verb and
Everybody else is a Whiner"

Nothing about 'on a go forward basis.'



seen on the street

Nothing like waking up to find a big pink bus in the neighbourhood. This one is for Tour for the Cure, and has a sign in front that says Argentia.


If you believe in magic

Here is On the Go host Ted Blades being a magician's assistant at the St. John's Farmer's Market on Saturday. The magician's name is Mark Burry who is originally from Glovertown.


St. John's fireworks

seen was at the Canada Day fireworks last night at Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's. Yup. Pretty foggy. Lots of video with glimmers of red and green through the fog. Though we knew they were there because of the noise.

This video starts at the finale, but stay with it because, at about a minute in, a hearty band of jugglers saves the evening.