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Summertime tips

The new edition of the Scope  - our local keeper of all events, well, local - has a feature this month:

"How to have a Newfoundland Adventure for $20 or Less"

It features our very own communications lady Amy Joy with her suggestions, including go trouting, follow a jogger, take a free class, hopscotch, sing with strangers, go to the vintage car night at A&W, go to George Street.

Now you have to read the Scope, of course, to fully appreciate everything she says.

Its site is here, or you can pick up at a physical paper around town.

Park appreciation

Tomorrow is Canada Day. Perhaps you have your own rituals. But if you're looking for something to do, seen would like to recommend visiting a local park. They're all pretty  bucolic this time of the year. This one is along the Rennies River in St. John's.


Our version of 'Where's Waldo?"

Here at seen we like games. So we're calling this one "Spot the Hikers." They're there.


Tree mystery

seen was walking along the Rennies River trail yesterday, and wondered what the backstory was behind this?


Pretty poppies

Gardens in St. John's are beating back the cold weather with displays like this.


Sign of the times

seen thinks this is its favourite construction sign. So much said in so little signage.

What's your favourite sign?


He walks on water?


Nickel Film Festival

The 10th annual Nickel Film Festival played last week with the final night ion Saturday. There was a party afterwards - an afterparty, the cool kids call it, where awards where handed out.

Ed Tanasychuk, director of Mum's The Word - best Newfoundland and Labrador film.




The freedom of the city

Last night legendary former St. John's  Mayor John Murphy enjoyed the city's highest award-- Freedom of the City. 

seen remember the days fondly when he and Andy Wells used to make city council meetungs very interesting affairs.

John Murphy 001.jpg

Sign of the times ...

Ah, the good people of St. Augustine's put up their latest creation yesterday.


Park appreciation

Let's take this moment to appreciate our area parks - especially this time of year when they look so lovely.


Next best things to unicorns

You can see these beauties if you take a drive down Paddy's Pond Road at the edge of outskirts of St. John's, just as it crosses into Conception Bay South territory at the top of Fowler's Road. The horses - and about seven or eight others - are part of the Circle Square Ranch camp program.



We know young people like to wear their pants loose and baggy, but seen figures Staples must think kids have some darn big pockets to fit this "pocket calculator" in there! lol - as the kids say! seen thanks Rod Etheridge.

Staples Pocket Calculators.jpg

Look ma, no lawn

It's very trendy in gardening circles to get rid of all things grass. seen doesn't think it was the intention at this property, but it does look nice.


You can never have too many rainbows

Here's another shot for Friday's light display. This one is by the CBC's Mike O'Dea.


Gardeners despair

it's supposed to get warmer tomorrow in St. John's, but today the tomato plants have to wear their little houses.


Men (and women) at work

It's construction season in St. John's. Yay!


More rainbow ...

You can never have too many... No really, you can't.

This one in Mount Pearl was sent in by Wenda Crummell.


Somewhere over the rainbow...

St. John's was were entertained by this lovely sight on Friday

These shots were taken by Ted Blades.


And these ones were taken by Cecil Haire.

Play on ...

Seamus O'Keefe, local organizer of Hockey Night in Canada's Play On street hockey tournament, shows the jersey one lucky listener will win on Thursday. The CBC's Cecil Haire is joining other stars as part of Saturday's celebrity game.


The strange things seen in the CBC

And they all seem to involve David Cochrane.

Here's Cochrane posing with teachers from Beachy Cove Elementary on their annual scavenger hunt. Well that's their story and they're sticking to it.


vehicle vs. pedestrian

seen came across this accident scene this morning in St. John's in the Rawlins Cross area. A boy was knocked down by a pickup truck. The boy wasn't injured and the scene broke up shortly after.


seen on the road

The Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, a very popular tourist and school group destination.


More urban waterfalls

The upside of all the rainy weather is some lovey waterfalls around St. John's.



Gravel Pit delivery

The daily newspaper must be pretty popular with the gravel pit camper types. Even when you try to get away from it all - and drive out the highway as far as the gravel road to Mahers - you can still have the Tely delivered!


Things that make you go hmmm.....

seen came across this on Water Street in St. John's a few days ago.


seen on the road

more images from seen on the Southern Shore. These are from Bauline South.


Southside Hills waterfall




More from the farmer's market ...

Some shots from Saturday. Lots of things going on there, so lots of images to take.

Leisha with lovely baked goods.


Pickles waiting for new homes.


A party on the table.


Crash memorial

An ad hoc memorial has sprung up at the site of a horrific crash early Monday. Three people died.



Sign of the times

seen came across this on Saturday during the cleanup of the Roebothan McKay Marshall fire in St. John's.


seen goes on the road

Members of seen were on the Southern Shore yesterday, and came across these structures in Bay Bulls. C & W Industrial Fabrication & Marine Equipment Ltd. makes these safety cages for remote operated vehicles. It's so  ROVs can be loaded on and off ships. These are destined for the oil industry in the southern U.S.



First responders

If an oil spill were to happen off Newfoundland's shores, who would be ready to respond? How about fishermen? University students? Or residents of coastal communities? Memorial University's Marine Institute has been working hard to deliver community based training in oil spill containment, cleanup and disposal techniques. With everything that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, a course like this has become even more important for people living in Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal of this course is to create an army of first-responders in the province.

Melanie Nagy and Vik Adhopia will have more on CBC TV and Radio later today.


For Sale: CBS

.'Surely the whole town can't be up for sale, can it?' seen thanks Rod Etheridge.


Making the Farmer's market ...

... a little more farm.

The RNC's horse patrol pays a visit to the St. John's market on Saturday.


St. John's Fire

seen, like many of you, was down at the fire at Roebothan McKay Marshall in St. John's on Friday. if you have any pictures you'd like to share, please use the form on the right had side.


seen in the parking lot

What's going on here? Who is Shaun Majumder handcuffing?

cochrane1.JPG Why is Shaun Majumder forcing a handcuffed David Cochrane into an RNC car.


An RNC officer removing the handcuffs. Politicians across the province weep. Watch Here and Now Friday evening and all will be revealed.


Out and about ...

seen was wandering around and caught this image behind the NRC building in St. John's.


Day One

The world's most popular sporting event started this morning in South Africa. And this province is filled with fans who will glued to their tv sets and computers for the next month.

The St. John's Morning Show fired up its World Cup panel this morning. Here's Peter Wilkins, Jeff Gilhooly, Guido Del Rizzo and Michael Pappoe.


Things happening...

Resource Centre for the Arts Flea Market (that's the LSPU Hall to you and me)

Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13

Gateacre storage, Bairds Cove, Downtown St. John's (Door next to Bonnie Leyton Gallery) 12 - 4 pm. Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 this weekend

Everyone welcome

We're having a flea market and we want you all to come and take a look at what we have in storage. Everything must go and our prices are low! Here is a list of just a few of the things we have in storage:

Small movie screens - various sizes

Two vintage 16 mm Projectors Phones

Props, costumes, and set pieces from past RCA Theatre productions.

Cafe style tables Assortment of chairs Artificial Christmas trees Computer monitors

And much more!

This photo was sent in by Robin Penney:

This is my husband`s reaction of the OT loss of last night`s playoff game!!


seen Soccer

The 1977 Canada Summer Games track, between the Aquarena and the CBC in St. John's,
was converted years ago into an oval parking lot with a soccer pitch in the middle. Last summer, they paved over the pitch to make room for more cars, and the goals were hauled to the field behind, where they sit forgotten, and oblivious to the World Cup on the go in South Africa.


seen goes for a ride

seen takes to the highway every now and then and this weekend couldn't help, but wonder what happened to the new law that says highway sign advertising isn't allowed? Wasn't the government hauling down the old signs that breached the new law?




Have a seat

And a cigarette butt, if you'd like. seen found this by the Health Sciences Centre.


Not sure what ...

... to say about this image. One of our seen photographers came across it the other day. Does it wave in the wind?


Todd Saunders

The transformation of Fogo Island into a high end tourist destination will be aided in part by Todd Saunders - the internationally renown architect who grew up in Gander.

He's already finished an uber-modern artist's residence, and now a 29 -room hotel is in the works.

Saunders is known more in Norway than he is here, where he has created award winning structures.

If you want to get an idea of his work, you can find it at his website

Todd Saunders

Here are some shots from Fogo. The first is the artist's residence. The second is a mockup for the hotel.


St. John's Farmers Market

The Farmers Market kicked off this weekend. The place was blocked with lots of people taking in local baked goods, food and the start of local produce.


MUN plant sale

It's the annual rite of spring. MUN's Friends of the Garden put on its spring plant sale of very reasonable, ready to throw-in-the-ground, and pretty neat, plants on Saturday. Well attended as usual, and seen walked away very happy, Black pussy willows, anyone?



No confusion here

Daniel Hamel sent this in:

My brother Harold who lives in Cartwright, Labrador is a sore loser when it comes to his hockey team missing the NHL finals!

montreal lost.jpg

Fandom pays off

Derek Singleton sent this one in

"I just wanted to let Jonathon Crowe know that the Moyse brothers he interviewed last week were profiled on the local ABC station in Philadelphia on Thursday evening.  I am a good friend of Ken Moyse and thought Jonathon may want to show how the guys are becoming celebs in Philly."

Here's 6ABC's website

A gentle reminder

Parents across the land have been changing that endless nag of 'Do your homework' to 'Are you studying?'

Here is a gentle reminder from St. John's high school PWC that it's coming up sooner than you know.


Can you cope with change?

seen isn't sure it can. The new phone books were distributed today and it may be hard to tell from the image, but the new phone book is way different from the old.

Take a close look. What comes first? seen was astonished to discover the yellow pages at the beginning instead of the white pages. The yellow pages. What's up with that?


Going for a run ...

Jogging is an extremely popular pastime in St. John's these days.


Mowing the lawn


Tulip House

Let's celebrate the sun. Here's a house where they really like tulips in Chamberlains.


Men of Iron 2010

We posted a feature recently with a story by Curtis Rumbolt called Men of Iron.. The documentary, produced by Chris Brookes, focused on the many Newfoundland ironworkers who built New York, including the World Trade Centre. The piece also had photos from the Ironworkers Local 40. A number of the photos were of the aftermath of when the towers fell on Sept. 11, 2001.

You can revisit the feature: Men of Iron

Members of seen were in the Big Apple recently and took these shots of the Ground Zero construction site. There are still dozens of people with roots in Newfoundland and Labrador working on the site.




Funky Cadets

Who said cadets can't get down and funky? They certainly can. This is from a performance of the 905 Paradise Cadet Squadron on the weekend. It was part of the squadron's annual inspection by the area commander.

The sound quality is not great ... the sound was blowing the roof off. But it's a chance to see some first-rate musicians enjoying what they do. seen thanks Rod Etheridge.

Click on the image.

Funky Cadets

Look what looks nice on an ipad


Mother Nature in action

seen has to admit to being skeptical when St. John's brought in the rule about putting nets on garbage. The business of birds ripping up garbage was something that happened out in the rural areas, not in seen's downtown haunts. Since then seen has had to back it up about after seeing a couple of examples of the birds at work.

These shots come from this morning. And these people have a net.