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If you want to be a doctor ...

you don't have to go to medical school, you can be a filmmaker.

Actually no, not if you want to be a real medical doctor writing prescriptions and all that.

But film producer Paul Pope did become an honorary doctor of letters last week at MUN's spring convocation.

That's him in the hat to your right.


The day you've been waiting for ...

Well, for some of you anyway.

ipads are being delivered across the land into the waiting hands of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Which is good, because when members of seen were in New York last week, the apple cube - the flagship apple store - was all out.


NATO boats

NATO boats from Canada, Germany, Denmark and the U.S. in St. John's Harbour on the weekend




Dandelion time

It's good to see dandelions. They're covering the city. This is a good thing because it means something was growing during all the fog we had in St. John's.


Sign of the Times

Delores Burton sent seen this photo, and seen is grateful.

"I took this picture last week at one of the entrances to the back parking lot of  Confederation Building. The sign recently went up. It's meant as a reminder to drivers that they are in proximity to a daycare.  But taken from a  different angle.... "

Thank you Delores!


... missing a shoe? These shoes have been on these wires downtown for many months. No one knows how they got there, and certainly no one has come to claim them.

And, how much trouble does this cause for Newfoundland Power?


And we mean it ...

This picture doesn't do the situation justice. The sign is on a tiny hill that would take a dedicated driver to decided to park there. But obviously someone has if you go by the size of the sign.


Memories of May 24th

Another one has come and gone, but here are some images from this weekend.



Flying the British flag in a downtown neighbourhood because it is Victoria Day


The 24th of May

Have a good one!

And if you're looking for a little light reading, Folklorist Dale Jarvis has this blog entry on that favourite May 24th tradition:

Gravel Pit Camping

Sign of the Times

The latest from our neighbours at St. Augustine's in St. John's.


Ordinary Spokes

seen came across this sign the other day, thinking it was a pretty sign. A bit more of a look around came across this.

From the website:

"Ordinary Spokes is a community-oriented bicycle repair shop and cyclist resource centre.

Our repair shop opened its doors on January 1, 2010. The space is open three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). During our open hours you can come use tools to fix your bike, get advice and mechanical help from our volunteers, learn more about cycling safety, and meet other cyclists.

We are currently operating out of a residential basement. Please email us for location details.

We refurbish used bikes for (cheap) resale built with love by our volunteer mechanics. Our showroom is on Prowse Ave Ext. where we sell completed bikes by donation on the last Sunday of every month from 11am until 3pm."


Future's so bright ...

St. John's city council has to wear shades ... for a CNIB promotion. But catch Don - we mean - Mayor Dennis O'Keefe's warning at the end.

Sign of the Times

seen has seen these signs on other parts of St. John's, but this seems to be a particularly nice example. Looks like it is part of the sign.


Golden Garbage Can

Suzanne Woolridge with St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe, receiving his prize for cleaning up more garbage in 15 minutes than the deputy mayor of Mount Pearl, Jim Locke, during the Morning Show's 15 Minute Community Cleanup Friday, May 14, 2010. The St. John's Mayor received an "I Cleaned Up With The Morning Show" T-shirt, a Morning Show mug, and the Golden Garbage Can Award.

SWOOL & Mayor 003.jpg

Planets, yay!

Cool shots from the Johnson Geo Centre in St. John's. Taken by Mark Quinn.


Battery For Sale

A prime piece of real estate in St. John's is up for sale.

The Battery and its 4.52 acres is up for an asking price of $15 million.

Here is the listing


Here's one suggestion for development:


Here's another included in the listing:

POTENTIAL FOR A CASINO Newfoundland is one of only two Canadian provinces that does not have a provincially approved casino. If this highly interesting situation changes, the site is sufficiently large to accommodate a Class A casino and hotel. The unobstructed, elevated harbour view provides an unmatched setting for this type of development.

Robin Hood Box Office

The box office numbers are in for the first weekend for Robin Hood.

It came in second with $ 37.1 million behind Iron Man 2 with $53 million.

You can read more about it at boxofficemojo.com


Saying so long ...

A large crowd was at the Marine Institute in St. John's on Sunday to honour the life and work of  internationally renowned whale researcher Jon Lien.

Lots of stories, lots of laughter, lots of tears, lots of music, lots of remembering a man who made a genuine and lasting connection with everyone he met. And a reminder to take action to protect the environment.

Everyone raising a glass to honour Jon Lien.

IMG00598.jpgBill Montevecchi giving the last toast.



Spring snow

Happy Valley-Goose Bay got it yesterday, and now it's St. John's turn. Though we don't have to get out our snowblowers quite yet.


Cleaned up

We had a picture a couple a weeks ago of this lot in St. John's, which had become a parking lot for used shopping carts. The shopping carts were there yesterday evening, but this morning they're gone.

Could it be the Morning Show's  15-minute Community Clean-up? Could be. But the lot is looking much tidier.


Hockey, hockey, hockey

Making the rounds of Twitter last night was this image of a Mount Pearl living room filled with Montreal Canadiens fans and our very own Andrew Brown sitting in the back.


Robin Hood at Cannes

Every May film fans descend on the Croisette (See? seen can talk that Cannes talk) for the Cannes films festival. This year, the opening film is the premiere of a film that you likely know by now has a Newfoundland and Labrador connection.

It is, of course, Robin Hood. And the connection is, of course, that Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle is appearing in the film as Merry Man Allan A'Dayle.

If you want to know what's going on and maybe catch a glimpse, you can go to Getty Images for, of course, images, as well as other photo services such as wireimage.

Getty Images


Doyle has been blogging on the Great Big Sea website. seen doesn't know if he will be blogging on his experience in Cannes, but if you want to see, you can do so here:

Alan's from the road

Million dollar babies

We all know that real estate in the St. John's area is hot these days, but a couple of recent listings have made us look a bit closer.

Here's one in the Topsail beach area. And, yes, if you look closely, the asking price is 3.99 million dollars.

Here's the listing:

24 Topsail Beach Rd.


And then there's this one that's in town:

real estate listing


Seen from the Battery

seen was in the Battery (seen said Quidi Vidi earlier today, oops, brain melt) on the weekend taking pictures of storm damage from a few months ago and efforts by the neighbours to fix it.



pretty picture

seen went for a walk on Saturday out to the Battery in St. John's and came across this lovely shot of a mural.


seen goes to the dump

Robin Hood Bay in St. John's is always an interesting road trip.

These photos were taken by seen's very own Edward Burtynsky - the photographer who takes images of oil-related scenes who has a show at the Rooms - Rod Etheridge.


It's the most wonderful time of the year

The time when all the city crews fan out across the city and repaint the lines that have been worn off our highways and byways ... that means all of them.

It's highly anticipated because now for a few months at least we'll know where we're supposed to be going.


Lost in translation

Here's something that has caught the attention of our French media brethren and sistren.

A member of the local Francophone community discovered something a little odd about the French translation on the package of a food product discovered in a local store. It's made the rounds, and ended up as part of a column on the local radio station.

The loose French translation of the name of the product is - excuse seen's language - Turkish Boob Toast.

And the first ingredient is translated as Turkey - as in the country.

Boobs toasts from Turkey.jpg

Walking around ...

Walking around St. John's, you'll see these signs on - well, obviously park benches - and other places.

It's the Grand Concourse crowd and an invitation to sign up as a walker. So what's that about?

According to the website, if you want to be one of these walkers you can:

"Explore any walk or park space, measure how far you are walking and see how to travel through the St. John's Metro area by foot. Are you a frequent walker? Want to keep a tally of how far you have walked or how many calories you have burned?"


The flower edition

It's cool and foggy in St. John's ... again. But the flowers are struggling to put in an appearance.



Bay Roberts bottom of the list?

So says Moneysense magazine.

Bay Roberts is in 179th place out of 179 in the magazine's best places to line in Canada.

Moneysense says the rating is for cities with populations larger than 10,000 based on climate, prosperity, access to healthcare, home affordability, crime rates and lifestyle.

Just so you know where others fit in: St. John's is listed 65th, Grand Falls-Windsor is 123rd and Corner Brook is 152nd.

Ottawa is Number 1.

read Moneysense's article


Birdie Condos

New housing in front of Bishop Feild Elementary.


Sign of the Times

Spotted by seen between Bay Bulls and Witless Bay on the weekend. Another great sign!
Courtesy seen correspondent Rod Etheridge.


On the job

City workers out cleaning the sidewalks Tuesday morning.


Fresh Fish 4

Fresh Fish 4 is a craft fair for the younger set, younger than seen that is.

Jordan Young with fresh herbs and other goodies.


Magnets by Alison Book.


Wigs by Carolyn Dale


The juggling style of Vincent Hannon


The Home Show

Busy spot at Mile One on the weekend. Could barely move.


Someone ...NOT seen ...went around and turned the computers at the federal government booth to cbc.ca/nl.