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Moose on the doorstep

Sarah Anthony sent us a video this week of a curious moose.

Here's what she wrote:

A moose is seen walking up the front steps of our home on McNeily Street East End St. John's, April 16, 2010.

Here's the video


The web used well

A new website at the Rooms contains a lot of information and elements about the Newfoundland Regiment and the Great War. The site is meant as a educational tool for Grade Eights across the province, but it looks like everyone can learn something from it.

The Newfoundland Regiment and the Great War


A warm beach somewhere ...

yesterday, seen correspondent Rod Etheridge said it was 18C out on Topsail Beach and sent this video in to prove it.

What you have to do to get through spring

seen in calling this photo: "perseverance."


Where shopping carts go to live ...

There's an empty lot in St. John's where shopping carts seem to congregrate. And a shopping mall nowhere in sight.


Day of Mourning

Today is the National Day of Mourning for those injured or killed on the job.


The new LSPU hall

seen was out on the weekend in St. John's, taking in the culture, and ended up in the newly refurbished LSPU hall - arguably the theatrical heart of the downtown.

The new entrance

IMG00550.jpgThe new second space


The new theatre with comfy chairs


Plastic Forest Cleanup

A lot of people got up on Saturday morning to do some good work.

Images of the plastic bag clean up downwind of Robin Hood Bay landfill for Earth Day (Apr. 24).

Photos courtesy Jantje Vanhouwelingen.


The big book sale

The Canadian Federation of University Women's book sale at the Arts and Culture Centre on the Friday and Saturday drew a big crowd.

Lots of books, lots of bargains, lots of people walking out with full bags and boxes.


Celebrating Earth Day

The Protected Areas Association of Newfoundland and Labrador is wishing us a Happy Earth Day by announcing the winners of its Art, Biodiversity, Climate Change competition. According to the PAA, it received 200 submission from across the province.

Here's the list of winners:

Primary: 1st Erina White - Morris Academy, 2nd Eliza Young - Lake Crest, 3rd Sienna Young - Lakecrest.

Elementary: 1st Victoria Jackman - Mount Pearl Intermediate, 2nd Rebecca Leyte - Hazelwood Elementary, 3rd Nathan Slaney - St. Lawrence Academy. Honourable Mentions go to Samantha Pope - MacDonald Drive, Heather Payne - Main River Academy, and Jake Bonnell - St. Francis Elementary.

Junior High: 1st Jeff Jollymore, 2nd Justin Furlong, 3rd Erine Codner, all of Holy Trinity Torbay.

High School: 1st Chelsea Doyle - St. Kevin's, 2nd Lindsey Marche - Stephenville High School, 3rd Robyn Smith - St. Kevin's. Honourable Mention goes to Chantal Connors - Holy Trinity.

The people over at PAA sent seen some of the submission. Enjoy!

Chelsea Doyle, Grade 10, St. Kevins, Goulds


Erina White, Grade 3, Morris Academy, Mount Pearl

paErina White.JPG

Jeff Jollymore, Grade 8,Holy Trinity, Torbay


Victoria Jackman Grade 6, Mount Pearl Intermediate


What's that up in the sky?

It's the sun putting in a rare appearance in the St. John's area.


The New York Times goes condo shopping ...

If you have an extra $1.5 million lying around, the New York Times has suggestion for you. You can by a condo in the old BIS building.

Go to this link:

House Hunting in ... Newfoundland, Canada.

On the left hand side, there's a slide show that has images of the inside.

Get out your wallets!


Have you ever wondered ...

... what happened to the original "Aunt Martha's sheep?"

seen found the missing critter last week in O'Brien's Music Store on Water Street in St. John's.


Enough weather for you?

This morning in St. John's we're having what one person described as "Old Testament" weather with pouring rain. We hope it's sunny wherever you are.

Last night it was epic fog, so we had to step outside to get a photo.


A foggy drive on a foggy day

This was taken this morning on the Outer Ring Road in St. John's.

Thanks to Rod Etheridge.

Videos from the Junos red carpet

Justin Bieber signing autographs for fans.

Michael Buble signing autographs. Notice him giving Juno tickets to one fan.

Premier Danny Williams

Great Lake Swimmers

Amelia Curran - Newfoundland and Labrador's Juno winner for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo.


Johnny Reid - Juno winner for Country Album of the Year

Alex Cuba

Jim Cuddy

Amy Millan

From the Junos red carpet and pressroom ...

We'll post video tomorrow morning.

We've posted most of these to Twitter, but for those of you aren't Twitter fans, here are images from the red carpet  and the press room tonight.



IMG00539.jpgMetric in the pressroom

IMG00538.jpgApril Wine answering questions from the press.

IMG00536.jpgMicheal Buble answering questions from the media.


Where the media watch the Junos.



IMG00528.jpg >IMG00531.jpg

Jeanne Beker


 The Great Lake Swimmers




The back of Justin Bieber.


More Justin Bieber


Billy Talent


Great Big Sea

IMG00506.jpg Nikki Yanofsky

IMG00504.jpg Amy Millan

IMG00502.jpgTen Second Epic


Sultans of String

IMG00499.jpg Barenaked Ladies


Junos Saturday Night

Images from the Gala awards dinner in St. John's Saturday night courtesy Suzanne Woolridge.

Roots & Traditional Album of the Year, Solo: Amelia Curran, Hunter, Hunter.

Juno Sat Nite 013.jpg

Alternative Album of the Year: Metric, Fantasies.

Juno Sat Nite 014.jpg

Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award: Ross Reynolds

Juno Sat Nite 011.jpg

Country Album of the Year: Johnny Reid, Dance With Me.

Juno Sat Nite 009.jpg

World Music Album of the Year: Dominic Mancuso, Comfortably Mine.

Juno Sat Nite 008.jpg

Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year: Charles Spearin, The Happiness Project.

Juno Sat Nite 007.jpgAboriginal Album of the Year: Digging Roots, We Are.

Juno Sat Nite 006.jpgNew Group of the Year: Arkells.

Juno Sat Nite 005.jpg

Rock Album of the Year: Billy Talent

Juno Sat Nite 003.jpg


A win for Amelia Curran

Well as you can see from the twitter feed on the right there, Newfoundland and Labrador's Amelia Curran is a winner at the Junos tonight. Just to clear up any confusion, only eight or nine Junos are handed out at tomorrow night's splashy, icebergy broadcast. The bulk of the Junos - 32 of them - is handed out at an industry gala dinner which is taking place now.

Speaking of that big splashy broadcast, The CBC's Vik Adhopia and Kathryn King will be tweeting, and whatever else we can technologically get away with, from the Junos red carpet and the broadcast tomorrow.

RT @CBCRadio3 #junos Amelia Curran takes Roots and Trad: solo!42 seconds ago

Here is Curran singing Friday at CBC's On the Go Juno show from the Delta.


Juno Fan Fare

The Village Mall. Saturday afternoon. Packed. People there to see Johnny Reid, George Canyon, Down With Webster, the Trews, Shiloh, and many others.

Around the autograph table ...

The entrance:

The fans:

Carly Rae Jepsen and Classified


The Trews

DSCF2510.JPGMore Down With Webster

DSCF2509.JPGDown With Webster

DSCF2507.JPGJohnny Reid

DSCF2504.JPGGeorge Canyon



seen around town on Saturday...

Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement, Max Clement and Lynne Golding


The Great Lake Swimmers at Fred's Records on Duckworth Street.


Juno Cup

We have images from the Juno Cup on Friday Night  at the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay courtesy the CBC's Suzanne Woolridge.



Junos Roundup

Lot's of stuff happening on Friday, so let's collect all up here in our (cue the big announcers voice) JUNOS ROUNDUP.

The Junos set at Mile One.


Place cards for the stars

DSCF2493.JPGThe teleprompter

DSCF2496.JPGA steady lineup for tickets

new.jpgSetup outside

DSCF2497.JPGThe Junos on George setup


Not part of the Junos setup


seen on the street: Erick Arnesens of the Great Lake Swimmers


Bringing power to the radio...

CHMR on Air via bicycle (?)

Weather Woes - Charlene Simmons and Natalie Kalata talk about Simmons' personal experience.

Here's Michael O'Brien from legendary O'Brien's Music Store on Water Street in St. John's talking about two guitars which have become famous in their own right


Ugh. Snow, rain, slush, flight cancellations, school delays in Clarenville and the Burin. It's spring, and it's springing.


This guitar can be yours ...

Want to see the guitar? CARAs President Melanie Berry shows one off to On the Go host Ted Blades.


We're auctioning off a special edition Gibson Epiphone Guitar signed by the artists performing at the Juno Songwriter's Circle sponsored by CMPA and SOCAN.

The proceeds of the auction will go to MusiCounts, Canada's music education charity. Their mission is to ensure children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic or cultural background, can have access to a comprehensive music program through their school!

Here's how it works. Send your bid in by email to the following address:

JUNO Guitar Auction

The bids will be updated in real time from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day, starting Tuesday, April 13, 2010. Any bids submitted after 5:30 p.m. will be posted the next morning. The deadline is Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. NT/ 9:00 a.m. in Labrador.

The bids will appear in this post which will be the second item on this page every day.

The winning bid = $301

More about the guitar:

It will be signed by Dallas Green, Amelia Curran, Bahamas, Jarvis Church, Lights, Michael Kaeshammer and Terri Clark!

The Junos Songwriter's Circle is taking place at the Arts and Culture Centre on Sunday, April 18th and will be broadcast on CBC Radio 2 at 3:30 NT. It's hosted by Drive's Rich Terfry.

Rockin' Ruckus

Ruckus Rock Night Blast Off, yes it was. Wall of sound from the Delta Hotel in St. John's.

Here are some images.

Hey Rosetta!


The Novaks


The Idlers


Larkhall donation

Larkhall Academy in St. John's received a big donation to its music program on Thursday when CARAs, and its charity MusiCounts, gave $10,000 for musical instruments.


"If you're not popular, it's your own damn fault"

UPDATE: April 16: LIVE FROM ST. JOHN'S FOR THE JUNOS: Performances and interviews with Halifax rapper up for multiple Junos, Classified, best new group nominees The Arkells and St. John's-born singer-songwriter Amelia Curran. Plus, Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle explains how a musical friendship with actor Russell Crowe led to a part for him in the new Robin Hood movie, starring Crowe and Cate Blanchett. And a performance and chat with Doyle's GBS colleague Sean McCann on his new solo album.

Doors open at 9 a.m. NT at the Reid Music Theatre, Memorial University in St. John's.

One of the many solid quotes from Jody Richardson of the Pathological Lovers during an interview with host Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio One's Q.

Here are some shots from this morning's show:

Jian Ghomeshi with Elizabeth Kennedy, George Murray and Ryan Cleary on a panel addressing the question: "What is the new Newfoundland?"

DSCF2368.JPGJian Ghomeshi warming up the crowd.

jian.JPGThe Pathological Lovers

Jody Richardson shouting out to his daughter on her 20th birthday.

DSCF2386.JPGRon Hynes


Cool competition

This is the Brother Rice Junior High robotics team getting ready to catch a flight to Atlanta, Georgia early this morning for the World Lego Robotics Championships.

It is the second of two teams attending: the first being St. Francis from Harbour Grace.


Ruckus Songwriters' Circle

Debbie Cooper interviews Amelia Curran on Tuesday.

Ruckus On the Edge, the leadup to this weekend's Juno Awards, swung along last night Tuesday night at the Delta Hotel in St. John's with a song writer's circle featuring some of this province's finest musicians.

The audience was treated to songs and a lot of laughter from Maureen Ennis, Mike MacDonald, Harry Martin, Ron Hynes, Sherman Downey, Terry Penney, Karla Pilgrim, and Amelia Curran.

Terry Penney

Songwriters 007.jpgHarry Martin

Songwriters 008.jpg
Mike MacDonald & fan

Songwriters 009.jpgAmelia Curran

Songwriters 011.jpgSherman Downey

Songwriters 012.jpg

Maureen Ennis

Songwriters 013.jpg

Ameila Curran & fan

Songwriters 014.jpg

Ron Hynes

Songwriters 015.jpg

Ask him anything ...

seen at Atlantic Place, Martin Currie - the archbishop of St. John's - taking questions Tuesday from whoever wanted to ask him anything about anything.

The Q & A will be shown on CBC News Network's Contact with Mark Kelley later this week.


Ruckus in the schools

Ruckus on the Edge - the big series of events going on this week in support of the Junos - left St. John's today and went to school.

Students - including those at schools in Clarenville, Grand Falls-Windsor, Stephenville and Old Perlican - were treated to concerts this morning by Newfoundland and Labrador musicians.

The CBC's Tony Dawson took these snaps at Mealy Mountain Collegiate in Happy Valley-Goose Bay where the musicians were the Flummies, Richard Neville and Blair Goudie.

Blair Goudie

Blair Goudie 1.jpgRichard Neville

Richard Neville 3.jpgMealy Mountain students

Mealy Mt. students.jpg

Celebrating Spring

seen loves spring, and flowers, and those yards in our communities that are covered in spring flowers. Here is a classic example in St. John's.


Mile One Setup

Crews installed equipment at Mile One today in preparation for the Junos this weekend.

Coming through ...

Ducks as pedestrians in Bowring Park in St. John's on Sunday.


Spring is springing ...

even in St. John's.


And we're off ...

to the Junos.

seen will try to get to as many events as is physically possible over the next few days.

But we need your help. Send us your Juno moments - photographs, videos, anecdotes and we'll post them as soon as we get them.

seen caught the end of the official launch of the Ruckus on the Edge celebration that's promoting the province's music industry throughout the week.

Stan Nochasak, Solomon Semigak, Nick Zarpa with Strength of the Drum

IMG00456.jpgYouimin Lee, who accompanied the New Canadian Voices Choir.

youmin.JPGZainabu and Angelique, singers with the New Canadian Voices ChoirIMG00454.jpgA group shot of the New Canadian Voices choir made up of people who have recently arrived in Canada.


Honouring their sacrifice

Flags are at half mast today to honour the sacrifices Canadian service men and women made during WWI.


seen's new friends

seen has made new friends while off for the Easter break during the last few days.

This film crew from NHK - Japan's national broadcaster, their equivalent of the CBC - is in town to do a show on fog. It's for a program called Most Amazing, which is about Guinness World Record holders. St. John's apparently holds the record for being the foggiest.

Here's the crew shooting on a downtown street.


The host Tetsuya Akikawa, who as well as being the host is also a professional clown


The producer Taki


A contender for best sign ever?

The residents of this province are pretty creative when it comes to signage.

seen proudly posts examples when they're discovered.

But we think this one found by Rod Etheridge out in CBS is in a class of its own.


seen on Kenmount Rd.

Somebody has a birthday! And anyone driving down one of St. John's busiest thoroughfares knows it.

seen thinks it has something to do with the company that owns the billboard. See in the corner there?

Anyway Happy Birthday David Boone!


Quidi Vidi

Video of the work that's going on at one end of Quidi Vidi lake in St. John's.


Full moon in St. John's.