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Watching the Herder

Watching the games that lead up to the awarding of the Herder Memorial Trophy at Mile One in St. John's is always preferable, but it's usually sold out. So one option is thesportpage.ca operated by Carl Lake. The games will be streamed live, and apparently lead up games have been quite popular.



Newfoundlanders on Everest

Melissa Jenkins put this in the inbox:

"Thought I'd send this one... Since my friend from Newfoundland (Originally from Ottawa Ontario), Nadia Schenk, is soon going to be at Everest Base Camp to climb Island Peak". peakfreaks.com


And sure enough, when you go do the site as Melissa suggests, you find this:


Schenk's name is there as well as Maria Anna Wissink in the Base Camp Support Trek Team.

And, or course part of the climbing team: TA Loeffler from St. John's.

In the Dragons' Den

Auditions are happening in St. John's today for the very popular CBC show Dragons' Den. Here are two people who braved the process to see if they get a chance to appear before the Dragons themselves.

Here are some of the brave souls:

Jim Meaney from Cansolair Solar Panels:


Keith Hollahan who has a drinking game that involves darts and a dictionary.


Signs of the time ...

Moving day is coming for some businesses and organizations at 151-161 Water Street, the site of a possible new Fortis development.


What they think of us ...

Here's an article from the Vancouver province about Lynda Boyd who stars as Rose Miller on the Republic of Doyle.

Role leaves its mark on Lynda Boyd


Earth Hour - St. John's

It was cold. it was windy. And by and large it was dark. seen sent the youngster out to see what the skyline looked like during earth hour on Saturday. The shaky video is more notable for what you can't see. Normally the Basilica Cathedral and the Rooms light up the sky, but as you can or can't see there, they are in the dark.


Earth Hour

Don't forget ... Earth Hour is on Saturday.

Last year, the Basilica Cathedral in St. John's lit up an otherwise dark horizon in St. John's. Not so this year. The Basilica says it plans to turn off when the hour starts 8:30 NT, 8:00 in most parts of Labrador.

Here's an excerpt from the Basilica's news release:

"The Basilica Cathedral will stand in darkness with other iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to Asia to the Americas. Global landmarks such as the, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The CN Tower in Toronto, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome's Colosseum, will all stand in darkness."


seen in the big city - the Sportmen's Show

seen went to the Toronto Sportmen's show - billed as Canada's biggest Fishing and Outdoor show - last week to see the very nice boats, kayaks, atvs, and just about anything else you can use outdoors.

It was huge, and so seen wasn't really surprised that there were booths there from Newfoundland and Labrador.

Robert Osmond was representing Back Country Outfitter's Lodge near Port aux Basques.

Osmond, as it turns out, has a fascinating job. He's a bus driver for big name musical acts, including Great Big Sea. Osmond just finished driving Bob Dylan on his tour for the last month and a half. He will soon start driving for Simon and Garfunkel on their reunion tour. A Newfoundlander or Labradorian always seems to be a the centre of everything.

IMG00400.jpgCalvin White runs Cal's Hunting and Fishing out of Flat Bay. it was his first time at the Sportmen's Show, but he is a veteran of the The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - one of the largest in North America. With the American economy in the dumps, White decided to give Toronto a try.


And the winner ...

of the Winterset Awards announced yesterday in St. John's is:

Jessica Grant for her novel Come, Thou Tortoise.

Winterset winner 009.jpg

The Rick Mercer Show

Some more shots from the Rick Mercer show taped on Friday night, on television Tuesday night.


Winterset Awards

One of the annual celebrations of the province's rich literary culture is happening this week. On Wednesday , the nominees for this year's Winterset awards read from their works. The winner will be revealed at a reception at Government House this afternoon.

This year's nominees: Lisa Moore for February, Michael Crummey for Galore and Jessica Grant for Come, Thou Tortoise.

Here's a snap from Suzanne Woolridge.

Winterset Nominees.jpg

seen in the big city pt. 2...

seen in a subway car on Toronto's TTC. The whole caption reads: Take a course from home or wherever you are.


seen in the big city...

Members of seen were in Toronto last week, but everywhere there were reminders that seen was not too far from home.

Ever wondered where they sell seal oil capsules other than Costco in St. John's? Apparently they're a popular item in Chinese pharmacies in Chinatown. This wasn't the only window where they were prominently displayed.


Tree trimming time ...

seen always wondered how city workers trimmed trees. Now we know. They have a special machine in St. John's.


Ricker Mercer season finale

seen is sick, very sick. And more than one person makes up seen. But tonight is the season finale of the Rick Mercer Report, and members of seen were there.

We'll have pictures from the show tomorrow, but here is Rick with one young fan. After the show was over he stayed and met the entire audience.


It may be cold and windy outside ...

but don't tell the flowers.They think it's spring. St. John's.


Food Fair

Images from the always delicious International Food and Craft Fair on Sunday in St. John's.


Release your inner artist ...

or so this poster says.


Walking down the street ...

seen came across this sign in St. John's. It's probably been there forever, but it's the first time seen has ever, well, seen it.


Well Used Parks

You likely can't see them in this picture, but Harbourside Park in St. John's just crawls with people when the sun comes out.


The Junos are coming ...

... The Junos are coming ...

And businesses in St. John's are getting ready.


Sunny Days St. John's Style

No sunglasses, maybe next time.


Sunny Days Labrador Style

Neil Simmons is a wonderful photographer from Labrador West who regularly sends us photos.

Here's one that came in this week that reinforces why we should all move to Labrador.

global warming1.JPG

Lovely little signs of spring ...

real this time.

Lots of people from across the province - especially Labrador - have been reporting signs of spring. Here's one seen found on the weekend.


This is what it is ...

The postcard seen showed you in Friday is from the Newfoundland Historic Trust and is on the front of its website, and so we have a better image:

nhtpostcardsmall.jpgThe buildings at 151-161 Water Street in St. John's are listed on the site as buildings at risk. They're the ones that would be changed as part of Fortis's proposed development as it stands now.

Ted Blades of On the Go is talking to the Trust on Monday's show.

seen in a St. John's coffee house ...

A postcard brought back from downtown.

What's this about?card2.jpgcard1.jpg

More seals ...

we have more pictures from the west coast.

Photos courtesy Gale and Jerry Lavers ...


Seals on the west coast

There have been a number of stories on our sister platforms (radio and TV) about the number of seals showing up close to shore on the west coast due the lack of ice offshore.

These pictures were taken by Oswald Gould. The man is Daniel Genge Jr.

seals 051.JPG

seals 043.JPGseals 035.JPG

A gentle moment ...

You have 120 unread emails in your inbox - not to mention your junk mail. Your voicemail is blinking, and you're not sure where you boss is coming from this morning.

That's why seen is offering you this quiet moment, a little time of peace.

When seen was young ...

seen was reminded while listening to the Fisheries Broadcast yesterday of photos that were taken many years ago  (yes, they had cameras back then) when the Estai - a Spanish fishing vessel accused of illegal fishing - was brought back into St. John's.

As you can see, quite the crowd gathered back in 1995.



Urban Wildlife

First they go for a swim, then they go shopping...

A Wet Wait

The seen videographers (thanks Rod Etheridge) were out on the weekend at Bowering Park in St. John's and took this footage of the stream across the street from the parking lot.

Remember the single note?

... they played on George Street in St. John's at the end of their Canadian tour?

The documentary filmed during that tour is coming to a theatre in St. John's:

The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights

... is showing at 11:59 Friday night at Empire Studios at the Avalon Mall.

Ice in Paradise

Ice on trees is very pretty, and very dangerous too - as people in Bonavista will tell you today.
Here are some shots from Paradise Monday morning.




The East Coast Music Awards happened on the weekend ... and N.L. musicians came home pretty empty-handed.

Some guy from Nova Scotia ... okay ... Joel Plaskett cleaned up.

The Novaks were the only group from Newfoundland and Labrador that one an award, namely the following: Sirius Satellite Radio Rock Recording of the Year: the Novaks - Things Fall Apart.

Novacs ECMA 002.jpg
Novacs ECMA 004.jpg

Shave for the Brave

The Shave for the Brave brought a lump to seen's throat (no joking here) on Saturday. The event - held this year at the Avalon Mall in St. John's - raises money for Young Adult Cancer Canada. As you can see here, there was a steady stream throughout the day, and everyone had a story to tell.

IMG00373.jpgChristian Gaulton, Timothy Snarby and Andrew Pickup getting shaved for the third year running.

IMG00377.jpgFather and son team Todd's and Zachary Bennett. This is dad Todd's second shave and Zachary's first.



The Battle 2010

The underbelly of a city is the story of struggle. Struggles that few know, but spawn rivalries that extend months, even years. Where weeks of preparation set up years of crushed hopes and dreams, and waiting, waiting for the next time when the rivalry can go head to head one more time.

Such is the story of the Battle of the Brains. A struggle for supremacy in the world of trivia.

Okay, this is seen's cheesy way of getting to the Battle of the Brains 2010.

For eight years, improv students at Bishop's College in St. John's have been holding an fundraising evening where teams duke it out question by question to see who can ferret out the most estoteric, weirdest details the organizers can find..

For years, one of those teams has been the CBC. And for the last few years the team to beat has been Coldwell Banker - the team who valiantly took away CBC's crown two years ago.

Well as you can tell from the following video the tables have turned once again.

The weekend

what to do, what to do:

The ECMAs in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Shave for the Brave at the Avalon Mall on Saturday.

The Brier starts Saturday in Halifax all weekend where you can cheer on Brad Gushue and his team

The Oscars Sunday night.

Bucket brigade

seen is finding of lot of these around in buildings today - the nasty, drippy weather in St. John's is causing a few headaches.

IMG00372.jpg which is the perfect way to introduce a new thing Ryan Snoddon has come up with.


He'll do this from time to time on his blog.

Shave for the Brave - the Throwdown

Like the screenshot says, it starts at 1 p.m. NT.

Here's the challenge:

"This is a year of many firsts for the Shave for the Brave. Today, Mount Pearl Intermediate (Mount Pearl, Newfoundland) and Glenmore Christian Academy (Calgary, Alberta) will be shaving together via Skype. They're hoping to raise $20,000, no small feat- and that money would be huge help to making sure one of our Retreats is a huge success."

And here's where you can watch it live:

Skype Shave


Some much needed sunshine ...

For some of the foggier parts of the province (St. John's)  from one of the sunnier parts (Churchill Falls).

seen thanks Michelle Holmes for the lovely blue sky.

Churchill Falls Sunshine.JPG.

Walking down the street one day ...

seen came across this image of a window within a window in downtown St. John's.


A pageant queen with a difference

seen took this shot two days ago and forgot to post it (for shame!), but this is Sarah Downey.

Downey is Miss Central Avalon Achievement and wants to be the next Miss Canada International. And she's very open about two things: she's a lesbian - and she has bipolar disorder.


Shave for the Brave

Here's an excerpt from a news release seen found in the inbox:

"Members of the media are invited to attend the first ever Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) Skype Shave-Off to witness schools in Newfoundland and Labrador and Alberta as they go head-to-head  toward a combined goal of 150 student shaves and $20,000 raised for young adults with cancer.

Two-time Shave for the Brave participant Mount Pearl Intermediate issued a challenge to Glenmore Christian Academy in Calgary, Alberta, via Skype, asking for their help in bringing their Shave to a whole new level this year.  Both schools will host a Shave for the Brave, simultaneously, over a Skype video call.

The event will take place on Friday March 5th at 1 p.m. in the  Mount Pearl Intermediate gymnasium."

seen wants to know if the province's Health Minister Jerome Kennedy - who shaved his head last year - is staging an redo, will he challenge Alberta's health minister to the same?

And the nominees are ...

The Junos are coming to town next month ... time is a flyin'.

And you can expect a flood of news coming from the Juno people, including this lovely announcement in the list of nominations.


Hunter, Hunter - Amelia Curran - Six Shooter*Warner

Pink Strat - Bahamas - Nevado*Fontana North

Losin' Lately Gambler - Corb Lund - New West*Universal

Queen's Hotel - John Wort Hannam - Black Hen*Fontana North

Achin In Yer Bones - Romi Mayes - Independent*Outside

Walking down the street ...

seen came across this image:


Keeping the weather out...

It's the nature of our climate that even when the weather turns foul, construction continues. That's the case with an alley off of Duckworth Street in St. John's that's been the scene of a lot of work over the past few months.

But if you have to work outside, you might as well try to make it as weather-proof as you possibly can.


Lest we forget

At the War Memorial in St. John's.


A sign of spring ... and other things

The first election sign seen found in Topsail district. The byelection is March 16. seen thanks Rod Etheridge.


Genie Nominations

This year's Genie nominations were announced today.

Categories announced this morning included one Newfoundland and Labrador Film

Love and Savagery was written by Des Walsh,  Barb Doran was one of the producers and it starred Alan Hawco.

Here's the nomination


MARIE BRASSARD - Les grandes chaleurs / Heat Wave
MARTHA BURNS - Love & Savagery
SONIA VACHON - 5150, rue des Ormes / 5150 Elm's Way

Here is today's announcement

And here's the full list of nominations:

Achievement in Make-Up
Diane Simard, Rejean Goderre
Achievement in Music - Original Score
Bertrand Chenier
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Martha Burns
Achievement in Overall Sound
Claude Hazanavicius, Daniel Bisson, Jean-Charles Desjardins, Bernard Gariepy Strobl

And here's another nomination for a Newfoundland & Labrador film:

Vive La Rose

Best Animated Short
Tina Ouellette, Bruce Alcock, Annette Clarke, Michael Fukushima

Meanwhile on a wire nearby ...

seen is pretty sure they weren't there to watch the hockey game, but the birds were gathering up for something.


It's Canada's Game

Yes it is, although seen added a few grey hairs Sunday watching the game for gold from Vancouver.

Here are some shots from the Duke of Duckworth in St. John's.