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Newfoundland and Labrador Day

If you're interested in keeping track of events at Newfoundland and Labrador day - which is today - in Vancouver, here's one way.

You can go to Atlantic Canada House's youtube channel where they seem to post videos throughout the day.Here's a screenshot, and you can see they have video posted from Ron Hynes last night.

Atlantic Canada House's youtube channel


Nice ice

The ice at the Capital Hyundai arena  in St. John's is looking very cool this morning.
It's been dyed pink for the Eastern Edge Women's Hockey League Score for the Cure. It's a charity game to raise money and awareness of breast cancer.

The Morning Show's Cecil Haire had a chat with  Paula Tessier of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Andrew McKim who owns the rink. Cec took this picture for seen.


The Cupids from Cupids

Valentine's Day has passed, but the people of Cupids are still sharing the love. They've sent a card to Canadian Olympic Athletes in Vancouver

Here's the description from the news release:

"The card, measuring three feet wide when unfolded, features a large collage of pictures of the people of Cupids taken during the community's Canada Day celebrations with the caption "Hearts, hope and dreams started this country and made us who we are. Know now that our hearts, hopes and dreams are with you in Vancouver, for you represent the very best of who we are." The card with be on display at the Canadian Pavillion in Vancouver during the Olympic Winter Games."


The story continues ...

while seen is waiting to see if Premier Danny William is able to make it to Newfoundland and Labrador Day at the Vancouver Olympics on Friday, the American media is continuing its fascination with his decision to have heart surgery in the U.S.

Today it' s the Washington Post's the Checkup Blog:

Canadian official has heart surgery -- in the U.S.

Gone fishing

because apparently you can, even at this time of the year. These (or maybe it's the same one) were caught in the Waterford River today.



Where the wild snow is ...

If like many parts of the province you're experiencing a lack of snow and are wondering where it is ... it might be here in this Paradise cul-de-sac.


Atlantic Canada House

And meanwhile out in Vancouver there's this little thing going on called the Olympics, and the Atlantic provinces have something going on called Atlantic Canada House. It's a venue in Granville Island showcasing of the culture, tourism and food available from the Atlantic provinces.

ACOA sent out a release with a few snaps including our very own Shaun Majumder.


In the meantime, our sister site cbc.ca/bc ranked five of the hospitality houses that were receiving the biggest buzz, and here's what they said about Atlantic Canada House.

Atlantic Canada House1585 Johnston Street, in the Arts Club, Granville Island, Vancouver

  • Cover: Free.
  • Price for 1 beer: $5.75 (they have 14 varieties).
  • Signature food: Free samples of potatoes and various seafood: lobster, mussels, oyster, scallops. The regular Arts Club menu is also available.
  • Line-ups:  At their busiest, 2 to 3 hours.
  • Capacity: The Lounge, the only space open in the evenings, holds between 200 and 250 people. They average 5,000 people visiting per day.
  • Ranked: #2 cheapest, #3 biggest party potential, #3 shortest line (tied with Irish House).
From our reading of it, this house was # 1:

Minoru Arena, 7551 Minoru Gate, inside the Richmond O-Zone, Richmond
  • Cover: Free.
  • Price for 1 Beer: $4.50.
  • Signature food:  Stamppot (A traditional Dutch dish comprised of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and topped with bacon) for $7.50.
  • Line-ups:  Unless you're Dutch, during a medal ceremony they can be very long. Regular wait times have been up to 3 hours, and that's only after you clear the line to get in to the Richmond O-Zone.
  • Capacity: Holds 3,500.
  • Ranked: #1 cheapest, #1 biggest party potential, no ranking for shortest line as lineup varies drastically.

Sign of Spring

seen on Cook Street in St. John's:


Sea creature

Photos of a sea creature spotted in McIvers on the west coast. The St. John's Morning Show had a chat with Rick Park who sent in these photos.



Hard at work

The St. John's fire department, and later the RNC, were out this morning taking care of a situation at Thorburn Road and Larkhall Street.


Look who's in the house

It's Kevin O'Leary from Dragon's Den in the studio before talking to On the Go's Ted Blades.


LOL mics

nf.general is having fun with our mics today.

The Google discussion group was wondering at one point if one of our mics was unplugged (some mics, including seen's have cords with two input jacks, for the record), and then someone called Todd came up with this:

We like it. Especially the squirrel in the corner.


A Sweet Picture

Wouldn't it be nice if we could see something like this all the time where a number of the movies on our local screens were from Newfoundland and Labrador?


Adventures in news releases

This one from the RCMP in Placentia/ Whitbourne:

"One might think if you assist someone giving birth in extreme conditions that they may name their child after you or if you save a person from sure harm they may do something nice but police officers rarely expect anything. That is their job!
But this week under extreme conditions a member of the RCMP in Placentia saved a dog from sure death during an ongoing investigation and turned over this animal to the SPCA. The SPCA, in honor of the work of this fine young member, has renamed the doggie "Josh."
Cst. Josh TOWER couldn't be reached for comment but the RCMP are sure he is humbled as the Constable is an animal owner and was certainly affected by this file."

But did he have popcorn?

Here's an interesting notice form the inbox:

"Gower's immensely popular sermon series "Jesus at the Movies" starts again this Sunday, February 21st at 11:00. For the last few years Gower's Rev. Dr. Kate Crawford and Rev. Marion Davis have been giving the congregation a new perspective on the scriptures during the Lenten season. Marion and Kate invited suggestions from the congregation for movies to preach on this year during Lent. They asked for any interesting or provocative film that the congregation might enjoy in preparation to "do theology" together during Lent, holding the gospel up with contemporary culture."

The movies and the dates they will be preached upon:

February 21 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) - Luke 4:1-13.  Jesus tempted in the desert.

February 28 Up (2009) - Luke 13:31-35.   Jesus cries over Jerusalem

March 7 Signs (2002) - Luke 13:1-9. The barren fig tree

March 14 Henry Poole is Here (2008) - Luke 15:1-3; 11b-32 The prodigal son

March 21 Patch Adams (1998) - John 12:1-8    Mary anoints Jesus' feet

March 28 Seven Pounds (2008) - Luke 19:28-40     The Triumphant entry with palms.

And sticking with signs ...

Here's the latest offering from St. Augustine's up the road.


Right side up

Yesterday we had a photo of a sign at the health Sceinces centre in St. John's that was a little ... shall we say ... upside down.

Our seen photographers noticed a change today.

Now if they could do something with the ambulance sign - just kidding.


'And we're not kidding ...'

A sign on the door of a St. John's tattoo parlour ...


Signs, signs ... everywhere a sign

This one up at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's is a great reminder ... when you stand on your head to light up.


Pancakes across the province

Scenes and videos from yesterday's CBC pancake breakfast across the province that raised money for homelessness.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Corner Brook

Grand Falls-Windsor Photos by Lori & Jamie Howell.
 CHHN pancake breakfast 2010 002.JPG CHHN pancake breakfast 2010 025.JPG CHHN pancake breakfast 2010 028.JPG

More Pancake Photos

The pancake-making heroes at the Battery in St. John's: Robert Caines, William McKay, Sean Oates


The heroes at the Battery in St. John's: kitchen staff Justin Murrins, Randy Tobin


Happy Breakfasters


Noel and Eileen Joe have been in training to trek from Conne River to St. John's in July.


Pancake Breakfast

The CBC's Nancy Walsh talking to Alan Hawco from the Republic of Doyle,


Pancake Trivia

Pancake Breakfast

Scenes from the CBC Pancake Breakfast in St. John's. There are locations across the province.

Servers Zach Goudie and Mark O'Brien


The Pancake Plaque


Vanessa Butler and Colin Wall from Velocity


The Crowd IMG00334.jpg

St. John's Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff and the CBC's Suzanne Woolridge


The Navigators


Big Machine Ballet

seen has long been fascinated by snowclearing in St. John's. When the streets in downtown get cleared it's a pretty complicated process involving military precision. seen has thought it's quite the exercise in choreography, moving all those big machines about - the grande finale at the end with the 'March of the Big Trucks.'

This was taken on Saturday night.

Newfoundlanders according to Americans

We found this in an story written by sportswriter Rick Rielly from ESPN.

Oh, Canada: A guide to thriving in Vancouver, one smile at a time

- Speak Canadian. ATMs are ABMs. Street hockey is "shinny." Butt is "arse." Beer is "brew." Stuff is "whatnot." Newfoundlanders are "Newfies." Never say the "g" in "ing." And yay is not a cheer, it's a measurement, as in: "I'm lookin' for my malamute, about yay big and yay long?"

Hockey, hockey, hockey ...

Not the Olympics, but a lot of goodwill:

The RCMP sent this in about about a hockey game between the RCMP and students at Gros Morne Academy.

"This is an annual game that has taken place since the mid 1990's. The final results of the game: RCMP 7, Gros Morne Academy 5.  This was a fund-raising event for the graduating class. The RCMP team consisted of members from St. Anthony to Corner Brook."

"Dropping the puck"  Listed from left to Right: Gros Morne Academy Student Roger Snow, RCMP Supt. Dave Dort and Cpl. Daniel Murrin.


Both teams huddled together after the game.


Halloween 1941

A reporter who was working on a story about the 25th anniversary of the Atlantic Accord went to Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie's website to check some facts and came upon this picture:

hallow.jpgWe even recognized some of the names.

If you want to see the entire photo and all the names:

Children's Halloween Party Circa 1941

Happy V Day

it's not 'til Sunday, but a lot of Valentine's Day celebrations are taking place in schools, daycares and offices. So here we go. You're seen's Valentine.


They grow up so fast ...

Happy Birthday to yaffle!

Memorial University's (Re)search engine turned one today.

It boasts 50,000 hits in one year, and endless connections between researchers and regular people, including rural Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Users can look over 1,140 research projects belonging to some 500 MUN experts,

If you're looking for anything, you can give it a try:


The proud yaffle crew at the Harris Centre - the unit at MUN responsible for the launch of yaffle - had a party to celebrate, and sent over this picture courtesy Memorial University.

Harris Centre employees, from left, Chelsey Laird, Karen Follett, Jennifer Adams Warburton, John Duff, Rob Greenwood, Pat Rahal, Kathy Mason.

Yaffle birthday photo Feb 11 2010.jpg

Just to give you an idea of what it looks like.

We did a little search and came up with the following for CBC. We tried seen, and nothing. But it's only a matter of time :).


Wildlife in the city ...

Sandy Morris sent this in:

"Took this shot this morning just after talking to Cecil Haire on the Morning Show. I don't know who the other photographer is but I'll bet he's got some spectacular close-ups!"

Morris was talking about the weird wildlife displays going on at Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's, including eagles, gyrfalcons, otters, seals, and, of course, gulls.


Check this out ...

One of the colleagues passed this along to seen

It's a listing of all the tallish buildings in St. John's from Atlantic Place as it was originally proposed to Cabot Tower (there are two pages, so check out both).

What's neat is the inclusion of all the new proposals, including the latest the Woolworth Development at 351 Water St. seen is still scratching the old head over the Rock at 100 Signal Hill. Is that the Battery proposal from a few years back?

You can see everything here:


Don't know much about the site. The (considerable) work was done by a Joe V, whose profile says he's from Vancouver.

Here is it's description of itself.

'Welcome to SkyscraperPage.com, the world's finest resource for skyscraper and urbanism enthusiasts.  Featuring unique skyscraper diagram illustrations, a world-wide buildings database, one of the world's busiest skyscraper-themed discussion forums and one-of-a-kind skyscraper posters, SkyscraperPage.com is a one-stop resource for the skyscraper enthusiast in everyone."


Over on the west coast ...

...of Canada that is.

Avis and Lloyd Fudge sent this email:

"24-year-old Laura Fudge from Brighton NL will be carrying the Olympic torch today at approx 3.07 pm Pacific time. She travelled to Vancouver May 2009 looking for work and got a job working with elasti path which helps set up online stores for various companies one of which is Vanoc.  Laura's job entailed quite a bit to do with the Olympic online store plus the torch bearers all over the country.  A Vanoc leader then asked her if she wanted to carry the torch. We are very proud of her  and I'm sure many Newfoundlanders would like to know a Newfie is up there carrying the torch today.

Proud mom and dad,
Avis and Lloyd Fudge"


Tiffany helps Haiti

We received this email from Terri-Lynn George:

"My six-year-old daughter has been collecting money since Jan 22 to raise funds for The Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund and have collected $ 2012.77 to date. In return, she is cutting her hair and donating it to Locks of Love. She is getting her hair cut on Feb 10 at 3:30 in Springdale by Delorse Coish.   Tiffany is a Grade One student and became very concerned about the orphans in Haiti, recommending that I adopt one, as if it was so easy to do.  She wanted to help them and have been bugging me to cut her hair for quite some time for Locks of Love since she heard of a classmate doing it.  After talking to her and trying to assist her in any way I can I recommended that she combine the two efforts and she agreed! She wanted to raise ten hundred dollars (in numbers it was $1,000), and we have more than doubled her goal.  She is so excited and we will be taking her to St. John's Red Cross to make the presentation in person on Feb 18/19, weather permitting, hopefully to let her see a little more and understand a little more what an amazing thing she is doing."

"I am attaching a photo of her with her long hair ~ and she will be cutting about 11"+ inches off.  there is also an event posted on Facebook for her Tiffany's Hair for Haiti..  She had a table set up at Foodland in Springdale and collected over $800 that day.  Foodland Staff presented her with $500 that had been collected from their Jean's Day! Shown in the photo of the presentation is Kerry Butt, Foodland Manager and Vida Simms, Tiffany's Grandmother and Foodland Front-End Manager."


Ted Blades, the host of On the Go, plans to have a chat with Tiffany on this afternoon's show after she gets her hair cut.

And just so we know what we're talking about, here's a picture where you can see how long her hair is:


Google Street View Expands

Google Street View went across Canada yesterday, adding more than 130 cities and towns to its roster. The only two exceptions are Nunavut and our very own Labrador

So seen went for a little virtual road tour to visit out stations across the province - except for Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Hi guys!




Blackmarsh Road Beauty

The seen cameras discovered this beauty yesterday in the front of a St. John's home yesterday. seen thanks Rod Etheridge.

That's how we like our snowpeople - with clothes.



Happy City

As part of the ongoing discussions on how to develop downtown St. John's, people can make their opinions - pro or con - known through a site called:


crew 001.jpg

Grown Up Movie Star

opens February 19 in St. John's (Avalon Mall), says the news release.

Here's the description:

"Adriana Maggs' Grown Up Movie Star is a heartbreaking drama about a family in crisis.  Set in a Newfoundland town, the film stars acclaimed actor Shawn Doyle (TV's Big Love) alongside rising
star Tatiana Maslany, who won a Special Jury Prize for Breakout Performance at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival."


Doing the Snow Dance

Greg Stewart wrote us with a tale many of you might find familiar:

"Check out this photo of my driveway! The city plow dumped their load from the street onto my driveway. I called the city and asked if they could help me clear it. The response was that they have to put it somewhere. To give them some perspective, I asked if it was O.K. for me to dump a pile of snow on the street. The response: NO, you will be fined. Well, I said, I have to put it somewhere. After much persistance I was told they 'might' come look at it, if and when they have the time. Even after my shock of seeing the massive pile on my lot, I was even more upset with the 311 city helpline, since they tried to blame me for it, and came up with every excuse to make me go away and leave them alone.

In any case, it certainly wasn't my mistake, but I guess I'll be out shovelling that frozen snow bank."

Shots of the driveway:



The view from CBS

And this is what it was like out at the Foxtrap marina on the weekend. seen thanks Rod Etheridge.





Snow, snow, snow

There was a lot when seen went out with the camera on Saturday:


The Drive Home

 Which was about an hour ago:

The Drive to Work

On this lovely day ... a tour around St. John's. As you can see things are getting worse in Pt. 2. They're a lot worse out there now. Can't wait for the ride home.

351 Water Street proposal

These are some of the images supplied by the City of St. John's of a new proposal for 351 Water Street. 351 water Street is the old Woolworth's property downtown.

As you can see it's being called a work in progress.


A message for Superbowl Sunday

The delightful St. Augustine's always has a message on its sign that's not only funny, but thought-provoking. Now seen doesn't know if its latest message is directly connected to the Superbowl this Sunday, but it's pretty good bet.


The Four Sisters

A shot of the Four Sisters, among the oldest dwellings in St. John's, taken by our very own IT guru Darryn Power.

Here's what he wrote:

"The Temperance Street Houses, from 31-37 Temperance Street, are also known as the Samuel Garrett Houses after their designer and builder. Garrett built the homes for his four daughters as wedding gifts. The houses have come to be known as 'The Four Sisters.'"

The Four Sisters.JPG

Walking down the street one day


Sundance pics

You've likely heard that Grown Up Movie Star was well received at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and that one of it's stars, Tatiana Maslany, was awarded a Special Jury Prize
for breakout performance.

We have some photos from last week's premiere courtesy Emily Bridger.


Actors Sean Doyle and Tatiana Maslany


The crowd


Producer Jill Knox-Gosse, director Adriana Maggs, producer Paul Pope, actor Sean Doyle


A get well card with lots of signatures

A Facebook page has started up to wish the Premier well with his upcoming surgery, and the last time seen looked at it there were 761 members.

Get Well, Premier Danny Williams

Update: found another one. This one has 2,245 and the first one now has 825.

Get Well Premier Williams

And keeping with that story, here's one of the better quotes from yesterday.

"We know that Premier Williams isn't a fat older woman," said Eastern Health CEO Vickie Kaminski.

This story has legs ... and a passport

seen would expect the story about Danny Williams travelling to the U.S. to solve a health problem to get lot of interest in the province, and because he's a colourful well-known politician, across Canada.

However because of the viral nature of the internet, the story is garnering interest in the U.S. itself.

The well-known Drudge Report has posted a link to a National Post story with the title: Canadian Premier COMES TO USA for surgery.

Here's a blog entry from the Charleston Daily Mail: Canada health story of the day

From a Blog called Start Thinking Right: Another Foreign Leader Bypasses His Socialist System For American Medical Treatment

And from a blog called Hot Air: Canadian province premier bails on single-payer system for surgery

seen found many more - on a similar theme.

Walking down the street one day

seen discovered this image in the window a St. John's store.

Should the club be replaced by a pie?


Groundhog Day

seen celebrates any notion that spring is on its way. But alas it is not to be this year, according to all those professional groundhogs on the mainland. They saw their shadows, thereby predicting six more weeks of winter.

But why should we rely on professional groundhogs when we have our very own right here?

For the second year in a row, we have this report from St. Matthews' school in St. John's:

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!
Chippy (formerly known as Chuzelwit) - Miss Spratt's Grade 3 Class groundhog saw his shadow at 11:30 am this morning. Unfortunately that means six more weeks of winter. The class will now study the weather for the next six weeks to determine whether or not Chippy was correct. Stay

Miss Spratt and her Grade 3 class at St. Matthew's Elementary - St. John's


Chippy and his shadow.jpg

The Grade 3 class at St. Matthew's Elementary:

Class with Groundhog - media.jpg

Go Chippy!

Newfoundland and Labrador's Next Top Models

seen inbox had an email from the Opposition about a fashion show on the weekend.

Here's an excerpt:

"Opposition Leader Yvonne Jones, along with Ms. Newfoundland and Labrador, Sara Green, both took part in a seal products fashion show Saturday night at the Northern Lights 2010 Conference which took place in Montreal. Jones called the event a great promotional opportunity for
the province and demonstrated the beauty and diversity of seal clothing currently available in the marketplace."

Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones:

sampsonPhoto_001.jpgsampsonPhoto_003.jpg And Miss Newfoundland and Labrador Sara Green:


whoa ... cool

Check out this photo sent to seen by Frank and Doreen Payne.

Here's a picture of a White Crow. Obviously cross-bred. Pic was taken in Summerside, Bay of Islands. It has been seen several times by Frank & Doreen Payne. You can see two crows in this photo.

100_0393 (2).jpg

What might have been ...

The debate over Fortis's plans for its Water Street property continues, and as what happens with most downtown development debates, people raise the subject of Atlantic Place and the debate over its development many years ago.

As many know, Atlantic Place was supposed to be taller - much taller. There was supposed to be a hotel on top of the building that's there today.

And what would that have looked like? seen found this picture of a possible Atlantic Place in Atlantic Place during a weekend stroll. What do you think?


Skills Canada

seen was at the province-wide Skills Canada Intermediate competition on the weekend. Kids from all across the province came to Mount Pearl Intermediate to compete in different areas from robotics to 2D and 3D animation, website development and many other skills in between.

Here are the medal winners:


seen goes ufoing

This was in seen's inbox this frosty Monday morning.

Gillian Woods sent this from Ontario - an example of the country-wide interest in last week's UFO sighting  off Harbour Mille.

Here;'s what Woods has to say:

"I took a photo on 9th January that was quite similar to the one in your recent article "UFO sighting puzzles N.L residents".

As you can see in my attached "multiphotos" picture, I compared the CBC news article picture to an old photo I took of an aeroplane, as well as the fiery looking one I took on 9th January. They are all rather similar. The noticable difference being that the 'object' in the CBC picture seems larger and pointed, though I think this is just because the picture quality is bad, and the black object is actually just the twisted fumes of the plane."