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Sign of the times

Here's a sign from Kenmount Rd. offering to buy your gold. An unusual sign - a couple of people have already commented on it. But not all that unusual, seen supposes, considering gold is selling for over $1,100 an ounce.


Dear Santa

This year's parade in St. John's will be lacking this year. School children won't be able to march in the parade because of Eastern School District's H1N1 policy.

That means all those cheerleading groups will have to sit on the sidelines. They were an important part of the community spirit that makes the St. John's parade a little different from other places.

If you want to know what you'll be missing, here are segments from last year's parade.

Any mummer's allowed in?

... because they have their very own festival this year.

and a nifty website.

Mummers Festival Poster Web Size.jpg

You wanna look like Dr. Who?

The people in Mount Pearl who can help you dress like Mal Reynolds from Firefly and Serenity can now make you look like Dr. Who.

Here's an excerpt from their news release:

"In partnership with BBC Worldwide, AbbyShot Clothiers of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador, have been awarded the rights to reproduce the outerwear worn onscreen by two lead characters from the recent series of television's longest running sci-fi series the BBC's Doctor Who. The long brown overcoat worn by the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant and the signature red leather jacket worn by companion Martha Jones."


Night shoot

The Republic of Doyle at Cochrane St. United in St. John's.





So that's what happened

seen watched the episode of Jeopardy a few months ago starring who seen thought was Newfoundland and Labradorian Trevor Janes. only to be perplexed and bemused when Janes said he was from Ottawa.

Janes explained all in yesterday's Globe and Mail in an article called I'll take huge blunders for $200, Alex.

It seems he won't do it again.

The scene

... in downtown St. John's this morning as the Republic of Doyle gets ready to shoot at Cochrane St. United Church in St. John's.



Marg Delahunty

seen's favourite warrior princess was in the building this morning. She was doing interviews on her encounter with with American presidential wannabe Sarah Palin.

The encounter was played on last night's episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and you can see it on the show's website 22minutes.com


The province's future ...

is, by looking at the photos, in very good hands.

These are shots from a taping in Studio F on Friday for Musicraft. The photos were taken by Renée Keough.

Here's the blurb:

CBC opens its Studio F in St. John's to students selected by The Newfoundland and Labrador Music Teacher's Association. The teachers select students to perform Canadian works to celebrate Canada Music Week. This year's guest composer is Jason Noble from St. John's. Jason reacts to performances of his piano pieces and songs.

Notice the chicken on the piano. This is Chicken Bob. Chicken Bob goes home with students from this young man's school. Chicken Bob can now tell other students about the session in Studio F.

Nicholas Keough with Chicken Bob experiencing life in Studio F:


Nicholas Keough and Francesca Swann:


Students from the Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Music Teachers' Association in the control room of Studio F with CBC recording engineer Terry Winsor and host Francesca Swann:


Things that make you go hmmm ...

This gadget discovered in a St. John's coffee shop is courtesy the MMSB - the Multi-Material Stewardship Board a.k.a the recycling people . Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a pen, a cardboard pen.


Just sitting there biding their time ...

Just in case you didn't know, winter is coming. It will eventually appear. And local malls have these puppies all ready to go.


Challenge issued

This was in seen's inbox:

Cst. Hussey of the Placentia Detachment is in the process of issuing his second "food bank challenge." Community Support Organizations of the Placentia area have been challenged to collect food for the area food bank, and bring it to the DFO office in Placentia on December 15th. The food will be weighed and divided by the number of employees . The organization which donates the most food per employee wins the "Bragging Rights" only. Last year's winners were the DFO office who brought in over 70 lbs of food per employee, and they have already thrown down the gauntlet !!!!!

So there. Consider the gauntlet thrown.

Cst. Hussey is Todd Hussey from the RCMP in Placentia-Whitbourne District.

CBC's kid reporter

Jamie Kovacs is the star of a first time film by his mom Susan.


Where were you this weekend?

According to what seen saw, you were likely out Christmas shopping. seen hit the local establishments and parking spots were harder than usual to find.



Turkeys need friends

seen found these two languishing in the freezer set up downstairs at the St. John's CBC. The freezer is, of course, for the 5th Annual CBC Turkeys for Christmas Drive in aid of the Community Food Sharing Association and local food banks.

Now it is impressive that there are two considering how early it is in the Christmas season.

But seen thinks these guys need some companions. Don't you?


Local group makes good

seen's inbox this morning had a notification that the Kids Eat Smart program has won recognition for its work from Today's Parent, as well as a $2,000 donation from Today's Parent and KRG Children's Charitable Foundation.


Christmas traditions

Decorations, gifts, parties ... these are part of seen's Christmas traditions. So are the annual list of appropriate childrens' toys from the Toy Council of Canada, and the annual warning from the Canadian Standards Association people about not frying yourself with lights, candles or badly wired appliances, among other things.

This year, CSA has produced a couple of youtube videos, including this cute piece that will make you see your vacuum in an entirely different light.

Torch sellers

seen saw a Nov. 4 story about Olympic torches being sold on Ebay, and decided to see what, if anything, was available from this province.

And here's a couple:



What's perhaps more interesting is the ads for torches from people who haven't even run yet.


Deanne Burton Snow has had a memorable week. Last Friday, she was one of the Olympic torchbearers as it went through St. John's. She got to meet her favourite weatherman Ryan Snoddon annnndddd she was also ready give birth to her first child.

Well that wonderful event happened early this morning.

Deanne's husband Chris kindly sent us this announcement.

Finally, six days after her due date, Grace Marie Snow made it safely into a cold (thanks Ryan) world weighing 6lbs, 6 ounces in the early morning hours of Nov 19th.

Thanks to everyone at CBC, especially Debbie, Melanie, Ted and Ryan for helping make Deanne's torch day extra special.

I have attached the first pic of baby Grace.

And here she is:


SmartBay Watch

The province has announced the winners in this year's Export and Innovation Awards.

The Exporter of the Year is Provincial Aerospace Ltd. and the Innovation in Business Award goes to Camouflage Software Inc. Now, the winner of the Distinction in Innovation Award is the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University for SmartBay - the largest ocean observation project in eastern Canada.

Now seen is not overly familiar with SmartBay, so it's time for a look:


And while we're talking about the Marine Institute, seen came across this posted on youtube yesterday:

Some little kitten ...

has lost its mittens, making for a very nice photograph. The mittens, by the way,are on the Long Pond trail.



seen has trailers ... for the Republic of Doyle, the homegrown show that premieres on CBC in January.

Here's the latest:

Craft Council Craft Fair

seen was having Blackberry trouble yesterday, something about a server meltdown. Oh we know, boo hoo. However, now that things are fixed it means pictures from this weekend's craft fair at the Arts & Culture Centre in St. John's - the second weekend in a row.

Rattling Books' booth:


Cathia Finkel and Dale at the Anna Templeton booth:


Carolyn Morgan demonstrating doll-making:


On the Go's Ingrid Fraser lobbying for her Christmas present at the Birches Gallery:


Things go bigger ...

with Coke, it seems.

The Olympic torch relay left our fair shores on Sunday to make it's way to Nova Scotia. But the Labrador spirit will still be felt this afternoon in Halifax when Coca-Cola unveils two six-foot Coke bottles decorated by aboriginal artists from Labrador and Nova Scotia.

The Labrador artist is Christy Groves, an 18-year-old Dalhousie student from the Labrador Straits, and here she is with her winning entry:

Christy Grove.JPG

The news release says the bottles will be displayed on the Olympic site during the 2010 Games.

Bright shiny faces ...

...with bright, shiny awards.

It was time to celebrate the province's best musicians Sunday night at the annual MusicNL Awards.

"The Once" took home four awards at the Music NL Gala last night in St. John's. The trio won Rising Star, Album Of The Year, Folk Roots Group of the Year and Group of The Year.

Rod Jackson, gospel artist of the Year:

Music NL Winners 001.jpg class=

Karla Pilgrim, Female Artist of the Year and Country Artist of the Year:

Colleen Power, Alternate Artist of the Year

The Unsung Hero Award was presented to Gerald Mitchell, from Makkovik, Labrador . It was announced at Music NL Industry Brunch Saturday, Nov 14-09 at the Delta St. John's.

Gerald Mitchell.jpg

Curtis Andrews was named Male Artist and Instrumental Artist. And, Shanneyganock went home with the Entertainer of the Year honour.

Billy Bragg ...

was in St. John's on Saturday night. This is the third time that seen can recall an appearance by the British rocker though seen thinks there was one more at least. Members of the crowd seen talked to said they had a good time. And everyone is looking forward to a mild bit of civil disobedience Bragg proposed that, if someone takes up the challenge, should happen on New Year's Eve.


adventures in news releases

seen just found this in the inbox. Here's an excerpt:

Bianca is proud to announce that Bianca's Restaurant Chef Ivan Kyutukchieva
was awarded the Gold Metal Plate champion title at Thursday night's
prestigious Gold Metal Plate Competition held at the St. John's Convention
Centre.  Eight of the finest restaurants in the region competed for the
opportunity to represent Newfoundland Labrador in Vancouver November 27-29
in an intense three-day culinary face off.  The winner of this event will be
crowned the Gold Metal Plate Champion for the entire country.

The torch on the run

The torch is on its way ...

Up at the Basilica:




seen goes for a run (and can't keep up).

Torchbearer Mark Stanford:


Torchbearers in Mt. Pearl getting ready to run, getting instructions.


Torchbearer David King who had family fly in from Vancouver and Toronto to see him run:


The latest snap from Topsail...


And here are the first snaps...

The torch at Cape Spear:


And in Petty Harbour ...



Now seen had a link to an interactive map, but the City of St. John's has a great breakdown of where the torch will be in the area

torch run wheres

Trying to find out where you can see the Olympic torch run turned out to be not as easy as seen thought.

But something finally turned up at the Vancouver2010 official site. It's this interactive map and you can find it on, well where else, the interactive map page.

Here's an image of what you'll see when you get there look:



seen took in the Remembrance day ceremonies at the War Memorial In St. John's yesterday. And even after the formal ceremony was over, people continued to go to the Cenotaph for a hours afterwards.

Thumbnail image for DSC02625.JPG

Christmas in Churchill Square

This photo does not do justice to this interesting little scene in a restaurant window in Churchill Square in St. John's. seen is not sure what it means ... Santa and his helpers decked out in Hawaiian gear, and with the Dec. 26 sign in the front. And it was fun to watch the photographer jump when the whole thing started moving.


adventures in news releases


ST. JOHN'S (NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR) November 9, 2009 -Today, Coca-Cola Canada named its Olympic Torchbearers for St. John's and surrounding area. These Canadians will carry the Olympic Flame on either November 13, 14 or 15 as the torch relay makes its way to the Opening Ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games on February 12, 2010.

These Canadians were chosen through Coca-Cola's torchbearer nomination program because of their commitment to active living or environmental sustainability. They have made simple, small modifications to their lives that incrementally amount to bigger and better changes - for themselves, the planet and their fellow Canadians.

Coca-Cola is also part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay's 189 city celebrations. The Coca-Cola experiences attendees will enjoy include:

  • Being mystified by the extraordinary world of Zero Gravity Circus where acrobats will dazzle the crowd

  • Seeing rare Olympic Torches dating back to 1948

  • Taking a picture with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch

  • Enjoying an interactive drummer to get the crowd all jazzed up for Coca-Cola's Open Happiness stage show


St. John's Torchbearers on November 13th:

  • Vickie Kaminski - President and CEO of Eastern Health

  • Danielle Drover - 13-year-old resident from Port aux Basques; potential Canada Games athlete in figure skating; recognized for her efforts in active living

  • Jill Benoit - Primary school teacher and mother of two from Stephenville; recognized for her environmental sustainability efforts; runs a compost and recycling program at her school

  • Adam Gilbert - resident of Cupids who played five years of varsity volleyball with the Memorial University Sea Hawks; volunteered twice at Americas Camp, which is a summer camp for children who lost parents in the 9/11 attacks; recognized for his efforts in active living

Mount Pearl Torchbearer on November 13th:

  • Kelsey Guy - avid athlete despite a debilitating diagnosis of hydrocephalus, which causes severe back pain and balance issues; resident of Mount Pearl and known as a local hero within her community; being recognized for her efforts in active living

Paradise Torchbearer on November 13th:

  • Kyle Smook - 16-year-old student from Paradise; his favourite subject is gym; he is an active volunteer; was selected as a torchbearer through phase one of Coca-Cola's youth active living program called Sogo Active (a program in partnership with ParticipACTION)

  • Goulds Torchbearers on November 13th:

  • Albert Butler - firefighter and resident of Conception Bay South; completed in his first triathlon in 2009; being recognized for his efforts in active living

  • Jason MacDonald - resident of Conception Bay South; weighed 303 pounds eight months ago and worked hard to shed 113 pounds; being recognized for his efforts in active living

Cupids Torchbearer on November 14th:

  • Gary Gordon - resident of St. John's who was inspired to lead an active life and be involved in the Olympics thanks to his wife, who watched the Calgary Olympic Games in person; ran a marathon for Newfoundland's Joints in Motion team; being recognized for his efforts in active living

Corner Brook Torchbearers on November 15th:

  • Canadian Diabetes Association (Group Torchbearers) - lead of group torchbearers is Carol Ann Smith who is regional director of Canadian Diabetes Association in Newfoundland and Labrador, and resident of Torbay.

anybody missing anything?

Like this bike? It's been lying around the CBC parking lot for a day or so. And does it have a permit? And no, seen didn't prop it up there.


Eastern Edge's 25th Anniversary

seen went all artistic on the weekend and ended up at the Eastern Edge Gallery's Silver Soiree. There were nibblies and music and comedy and an auction all aimed at raising money for the artist-run gallery located on the harbour in St. John's.

The poster:


The works:


Showing off the works:



And, the Once:


The Craft Council Christmas Fair

seen has a rather lengthy Christmas list. Luckily the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador's annual craft fair - a St. John's tradition - can meet some or all of seen's high expectations.

For example:

Donaway Pottery


This Bear Got Heart:


The Labrador Craft Marketing Agency


Ugh, ugh, ugh or Yayyyy!

seen appreciates that the winter season has its enemies and its fans. seen a fan? Not so much.

So it was with a heavyish heart this morning that we fired up the old Storm Centre for another year:


seen fired up the Parkway Cam for a look at 12:30:


... or real ducks. seen finds it hard to tell sometimes.


The downside of Halloween ...

... those people who come along and smash those pumpkins you've spent time on, as well as your creative juices.


They have their own channel ...

the British Monarchy that is... seen was snooping around youtube looking for videos from the Royal Visit to Newfoundland and Labrador and came across the Royal Channel, the official channel of the British Monarchy.

And here's one of their videos on Charles and Camilla's visit here:

Dirty deeds done right here...


That's what a Facebook page called AC/DC Newfoundland Concert Wanted! wants. Hundreds of AC/DC fans are ironing their Australian schoolboy shorts in hopes they can persuade the aging, antipodal rockers to add Newfoundland and Labrador to its upcoming Canadian tour.

The Facebook group says it has 10,716 friends, seen has two.

Adventures in news releases

seen found this in our inbox:

Here's an excerpt:

Nov. 4, 2009- ST. JOHN'S, NL- Upstream co-founder Joe Coffey seized the
opportunity of a one-on-one chat with His Royal Highness Prince Charles to
slip him  a business card for his two-year-old company. 

The Prince was amused by the offer and engaged Coffey in a 5-minute
conversation about the marketing company.  Coverage of the unscripted moment
in the Prince's tour of Newfoundland was picked up as front-page news by
media outlets across the country, including The Canadian Press, Yahoo and

"I think it broke the ice and gave us, you know, something to laugh about,"
said Coffey.

"He was very curious about our business and what we were doing and that kind
of thing. One of the girls said to me: 'He kept the card.' So, if we get a
hit on our website from England we'll know who it is."

seen should have thought of that.

And finally ...

seen had pictures of where Charles and Camilla were staying a few days back. It's one of those St. John's-style secrets where everyone knows what's going on, especially since the place was lit up at night and there were police cars on the scene at all times. And, John Crosbie talked about it on CBC News Network.

But we weren't allowed to say where because of security issues. Fair enough. But now they're gone, so here's an image of the place Charles and Camilla called their home away from home while they were in Newfoundland.


If you want to pretend to to be royalty, you can take a look at Ryan Mansion at its website.

And the fur is flying ...

seen has been monitoring the British press, looking for stories about Charles and Camilla's trip to our fair province.

Haven't seen much to be honest, but something eventually popped up, something like this:


Here's a link to the full story

It will be interesting to see if they pick up on this tomorrow. Lieutenant-Governor John Crosbie is already commenting on why he was wearing his sealskin coat during Royal Visit events.


seen says stay tuned.

meeting the Royals

seen just came back from joining a small crowd who assembled outside those tents we mentioned below.

The weather was well, frightening, with that lovely combination of freezing temperatures and rain
that is the hallmark of the charming weather we all know and love.

But our little band was undeterred and was rewarded by hellos and handshakes from the Prince of Wales himself.




Off to the tents

The tents went up early in downtown St. John's in Rawlins Cross in preparations for a royal visit this afternoon.

seen heard some wits saying it looked like Muammar Gadhafi decided to come to town after all.


Fans of Firefly unite

Fans of the cult TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity - wasn't there a marathon showing at MUN a few weeks back? - will now be able to dress like hero Mal Reynolds thanks to Mount Pearl company Abbyshot. The company has the rights to make the official Captain Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat.

Later on it will be releasin two jackets for the BBC series Doctor Who.


Guess who's coming ...


The rules of engagement:

Coverage of Walkabouts

It is not permitted to attempt to record private conversations of the Royal Family, including conversations with members of the public during walkabouts. During walkabouts, journalists can follow behind the entourage to address persons who have met the Royal visitors. Journalists must remain behind the dignitaries at all times.


Their Royal Highnesses do not give interviews during official visits.


Smart casual clothing is appropriate. When covering official receptions and/or dinners, business attire is required.

Our royal reporter Heather Barrett.
 IMG00142.jpgIs her attire smart enough for you?

Yes he is alive

Elvis is in the building.


seen: the Halloween edition

seen was out and about on Halloween checking out the decorations in several St. John's neighbourhoods.