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You too can be a zombie ...

If you're in Corner Brook tomorrow night, you can join the walking dead and stroll the streets amongst the zombie quality.

Here's the description:

A Zombie walk, organized by Theatre Newfoundland Labrador begins at 10 pm at the Majestic Lawn and ends with a screening at Millbrook Cinema with the screening of four horror/zombie films from the Nickel Independent Film Festival. The screening begins at 11:30 pm for all Zombies and Zombie enthusiasts!

Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador kindly sent us a picture of their "administrative zombie".

Zombie 003.JPG

The Star

The Republic of Doyle was offering a chance to look around it's studio to the local media. Suzaane Woolridge went up for a look and took this snap of Allan Hawco - one of the creators and star of the show. seen looked at this picture and thought it was cool that Hawco was in the Duke of Duckworth - the legendary downtown watering hole. Not so, seen was informed, it is in fact a detailed and faithful recreation of the Duke - dartboard and all. Suzanne will have the full story on Weekend AM.

Allan Hawco 002.jpg

Halloween Eve

It's the day before Halloween, the second biggest decorating holiday of the year. And people in this province like to decorate as well as the next. seen came across this guy in a St. John's neighbourhood.


Haunted house Labrador-style

The Labrador City Youth group has set up a haunted house for the last 10 years as a fundraiser. The youth group recorded this video to give us a taste. It's organized, planned and created by the kids in the group. seen wants to go.

futuristic speed bump

seen on Bonaventure Ave. These gizmos that record speeds (and encourage people to slow down) have appeared in school zones in several locations across St. John's. seen was stopped when this picture was taken, honest.


Adventures in news releases

What's going on in Gander?

From the RCMP:

During the early evening of September 30th, 2009, a Gander resident was parked at the James Paton Hospital, and when she returned to her vehicle less than 2 hours later, she noticed that the tail gate had been removed from her truck.  

In a separate incident  on October 22, 2009, a truck was parked in its driveway, and sometime overnight the tail gate was also stolen from the truck.

Anyone knowing anything about this incident are asked to contact the Gander RCMP, your local RCMP detachment or Crime Stoppers. 

The Source in Mount Pearl

No, not that Source. seen knows there is a Source - the store - in Mount Pearl. seen visits it often. "Source" is the name of a new scultpure commissioned by the City of Mount Pearl from artist Luben Boykov.

The description:

"Source" is comprised of two life-size female figures (mother and daughter) made of indigenous grasses and cast in bronze. Water gently streams out of the mother's cupped hands (delivered there by means of hidden pipes embedded into the interior of the bronze) and trickles down into the daughter's hands. It subsequently cascades down in a thin line between the two figures. A pump circulates it upward from the reservoir beneath the beach rocks and the motion is repeated perpetually, creating a constant cycle of life energy exchange.

"Source" celebrates the intimate and deep family bonds as a unit of social harmony and community growth. It uses water both as an artistic element and a metaphor of the energies and emotions that bind us together. It praises and promotes the values that lie at the core of our individual and social consciousness.


confused bird

so, if there's bluejay after the cat food, does that mean there's a cat somewhere hanging out of a tree? seen thanks Rod Etheridge.


Christmas at the Glacier Pt. 2

More photos from the annual craft fair in Mount Pearl on the weekend.

Laura's Attic from St. Philip's.


not seen's best shot, but the Red Cross booth was selling pandemic kits.


Newfoundland and Labrador books by Flanker Press.


Hmmmm, maybe seen needs something like this.


Zombies invaaaaadddddeeeeee!!!!

They took over the St. John's Morning Show this morning to promote Neighbourhood Dance Works Thriller-grams.

Who's in whose shot?

Radio-Canada reporter Stephan Theriault was doing stand-ups in Wabush this week when an audience of one showed up.

Christmas at the Glacier Pt. 1

yeah, yeah ... seen knows Halloween hasn't happened yet, so some people would rather not think about Christmas. But Christmas at the Glacier happened on the weekend in Mount Pearl and seen couldn't resist grabbing up the camera ( in this case - the Blackberry) and grabbing a few photos of Santas, reindeer and such.

The scene by seen

Marie Barnes working in her booth.


Wanjiru Nderitu and her business: Sahara Crafts.


D'arcy hanging out in the Greyhound Rescue of Atlantic Canada booth.


Was it something we said?


Human hourglass

seen went up to Nagle's Hill in St. John's on the weekend to see the NL Climate Action Coalition hold a Human Hourglass Demonstration. They billed it as St. John's biggest action on the world's biggest issue to mark the International Day of Climate Action.

seen ... the wedding edition

We got married on Sept 12 (the first day of the moose hunting season) and on the way from one of our photo locations who should we meet but Mr. Bull Moose! He didn't seem to mind us at all as we stopped and my photographer clicked off the pictures! It certainly made for a true NL charm to our wedding photos. seen thanks Kristin Bromley.

Mr. Moose.jpg

Mr. Moose2.jpg

Pope Productions Party

St. John's-based uber Newfoundland movie maker Pope Productions holds an annual party every year to celebrate the St. John's International Women's Film Festival. seen put on a nice outfit and went along to hobnob with the hoi polloi. What is a hoi polloi anyway?

The Band: The Mudflowers from Bishop's Falls



The Party:


Your Hosts: Lisa Porter and Paul Pope noredeye.jpg

check this out

Squires House 09/10 Lip Dub

Here's the description:

On October 17, 2009, seventy students at Memorial University of Newfoundland and their proctor participated in this lip dub to "All Star" by Smash Mouth.

All of these students are residents of Squires House, a co-ed residence hall in St. John's, NL .

This activity was only one of several throughout "Squires Day". "Squires Day" is a day-long celebration held usually once a semester focused on building house spirit, getting to know your fellow residents and having a lot of fun



weather fit for a duck

The neverending cold and mist continued in St. John's today though the ducks that live in the pond in front of Health Sciences Centre, and wander over to ditches on the other side of the Prince Philip Parkway seemed unperturbed (and kind of warm).


seen under construction

There's lots of construction on the go in St. John's as we barrel, it seems, towards winter.

seen was snooping around downtown alleys recently and came across this project.

The alley had fallen into disrepair and had to be barricaded. Now the city is spending cash to give it a facelift and new life as a tourist destination.


But would Bob approve?


seen loves Halloween

A nice display at a grocery store in Manuels.

seen thanks Rod Etheridge.


seen downtown

seen wanted to know if Jack White was back in town...


What do they know...

.... that we don't?

Some interesting photos of birds seen in the Conception Bay South area.

Anyone seen Alfred Hitchcock?

seen thanks Rod Etheridge



Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia

seen in Here and Now's e-mail:

Last night your story about lower tuition fees within the province had the lead caption misspelling tuition.   To be clear, tuition was spelled tutition, as seen in the enclosed attachment. As I was watching Jonathan Crowe introduce the story, I was wondering whether this may be a hybrid story about lower tuition fees and the pharaohs in ancient Egypt (ie: King Tut)?   

Stephen Brocklehurst


False alarms, Halloween style

There's a house on Thorburn Rd. that's famous for it's Halloween displays. This year there's a bit more to talk about. The St. John's Morning Show this morning told the story of how this year's display turned into a 911 call yesterday morning from someone who thought they had come across an accident. Firefighters realized quickly they had been tricked and not treated. The homeowner said he tries to make his decorations as realistic as he can, but he certainly didn't mean for the fire department to respond.

Here's this year's display

Van Accident 001.jpg

seen dipped into its considerable backfiles and came up with this shot of last year's display. No one called 911 last year.


Flotsam and jetsam

Storms produce all sorts of unfortunate side effects, including general junk that just shows up from where ever it was hiding.

seen saw a lot of garbage when it was out this morning. seen also saw the crews who have to clean it all up.




MUN Freeze

The mission: freeze for 1.5 minutes in Thomson Student Centre, and then dance your socks off.
Some students weren't shy Monday - and helped by the East Rock Crew - replicated the freeze phenomenon.

For the record, seen can't dance.

Where's the Enterprise?

'Cause we know you're coming, we know you're coming to St. John's harbour, and we know you're gonna speed. We blame it on Scotty. seen thanks Paula Gale.


Let's go fly a kite

seen took the advice of many of its friends (?) Sunday and went out to 'go fly a kite.' Luckily it was an organized event called Festival du Vent, a celebration of francophone culture, local artists and wind. When seen was there, the wind was - surprisingly for St. John's - not cooperating, but there were still a few kites on the go.




The Cape to Cabot - Cape Spear to Signal Hill - race on Sunday morning. 335 people completed the amazing 20 km race, including Heather Barrett and Glenda Reddick. The photo is courtesy Selina Asgar.


The Home Team at the wine show

seen went drinking last night .... ummm, no... let's start that again. seen went out to advance its education in all things wine including its tasting skills, at the always popular Winefest sponsored by the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation.

And in amongst the fancy French, Spanish and German vintages - Hey is that Veuve Cliquot in the corner? - seen found our very own Newfoundland & Labrador companies duking out with the rest.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Home Team:

IMG00077.jpgBirch wine from Fleur de Lys.

Jelly Bean Row and Funky Puffin from Twillingate's Auk Island Winery.

IMG00075.jpgThe winery that started it all - Rodrigues from Whitbourne.

Adventures in news releases

Advice from the Baie Verte RCMP:

Thieves have been entering unlocked vehicles parked in residential driveways, businesses and stealing loose change, money, electronic equipment and other desirable items that can be quickly sold for cash.

Police wish to remind the public to lock their automobiles, homes, sheds when they are unattended.  Keep valuable items out of sight.

A police investigation is progressing to curb this activity, however in the interim-"Lock it or lose it."

seen says word.

The art in everything

Wednesday's weather bomb was an inspiration for many. Some people were inspired to get out their chainsaws. Others, like Paul Kinsman, got out their video cameras. His video is called October Gale.

Here is his description:

Newfoundland weather bomb with almost 90mm of rain and 120kmh wind during Glenn Simmons sessions at Stage House Recording Studio. Not a great day to break out the large-diaphragm condenser mics.


seen's audio sister heard loves podcasts. heard has been listening to BBC Radio 5 Live's Kermode and Mayo's Film Review - an extremely popular show - and heard something peculiar. For the second time in approximately a month, listeners have heard emails from a Ted Blades writing from St. John's, Newfoundland. They stand out because most of the emailers and twitterers are from Great Britain. heard only knows one Ted Blades and if it turns around and looks at the On the Go section of the newsroom, it can see him sitting there.

Watch your back, Snoddon

seen came across kyleweather and his take on the Weather Bomb on youtube yesterday. Kyle Brookings does periodic forecasts from the 'Carbonear Weather Centre.'  Whaddya think?

Calm after the storm

seen was surveying the aftermath of yesterday's storm in the St. John's area. Commuters faced a headache at Allandale Rd. and Prince Philip Parkway after the lights were knocked out. That intersection is one of the busiest in the city although it's not the weirdest. The RNC helped out by directing traffic.


Crews getting the lights back on...

Meanwhile, over at the Long Pond trail.DSC02354side.JPG

Weather Bomb

That's what Ryan Snoddon's calling those high winds and heavy rains that are plaguing Newfoundland today. seen stuck a camera out the window to grab this, and the thing of it is, every time we turn the camera off the weather gets worse.

This is from the RNC:

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is advising the motoring public to reduce their speed and drive with extreme caution at this time. The north east Avalon area is currently experiencing heavy rain and high winds that has contributed to several accidents in the area. Fortunately none of these reports have resulted in serious injuries.

So be careful out there....

Well things seemed to be worse out there around 4:30 so we updated our video from earlier.

This one was taken at about 3:00


The duck sums it up

Marjorie Lester sent us this photo she took this afternoon in Bowring Park. It does sum up today's nasty weather, but the duck seems unruffled.


This morning at the beach...

Topsail Beach to be precise. The CBC's Ryan Snoddon out for a morning dip. The occasion? He was invited by Mike Nordby who was on dip 100. seen doesn't know what to say about this. It's too cold to contemplate...



dip2.jpgAnd out.

Yaaay! Pumpkins

It's that time of the year - as you can clearly see - at Lester's farm in St. John's.

What the hail?

In one of the those common moments in Newfoundland and Labrador weather, one of those "Wait five minutes and the weather will change" moments, St. John's experienced this brief time of the dreaded harbinger of winter - the hail storm. It lasted ten minutes and an hour later it was gone, forgotten. It was not, however, all forgiven.


Happy Thanksgiving

Have a good one.


Adventures in news releases

From an RCMP news release:

During this same time period, the accused is also alleged to have choked his pet dog which was subsequently taken to a local Vegetarian Clinic and later died.

From an RCMP news release (revised):

During this same time period, the accused is also alleged to have choked his pet dog which was subsequently taken to a local Vet Clinic and later died.

Google Street View

Google announced Wednesday that it's Street View service was going live for select Canadian cities:

"The service is now available in much of the Greater Toronto Area and in Vancouver and the surrounding area, north to Whistler and east to Chilliwack, B.C.

Google Street View is also available in the Ontario cities of Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Ottawa, as well as Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta, Montreal and the surrounding area, Quebec City and Halifax."

Now Google has been filming Street View images in this province for a while. Its site says it's been mapping the following places:

Bay Roberts, Bonavista, Carbonear, Channel-Port-aux Basques, Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Gander, Harbour Grace, St. John's, Stephenville.

Not to worry. If you're filmed, Google says there are privacy features, including the automatic blurring of faces.

So with that in mind, seen is imagining what the old CBC will look like when Street View in St. John's is unveiled.

By the way, if you see the Google truck in your neighbourhood, take a photo and send it seen's way.

Things that make you go hmmmm ...

seen this morning. What exactly is this? Why isn't it attached to anything? Why is it 30 ft. away from the lights.


If you move it, they will move

Since Eastern Health has banned smoking on Health Sciences property, smokers have had to move to a bridge on a nearby walking trail. It's sort of like high school. seen was out for a stroll, and found an unfortunate byproduct:



The teeth will tell

seen knows this is all over the news, but a good picture can provoke a thousand thoughts.
An hour after St. John's new long-awaited sewage treatment plant started, these were found.
seen wonders if the owner showed up later.


ooooo Thunderbirdy

Porter Airlines launched its service to St. John's on Monday. Anyone think the flight attendant's uniform is something out of one of seen's favourite childhood TV shows? Anyone?


Church on Saturday?

seen followed the crowd (and it was a crowd) into the Anglican Cathedral in St. John's, and discovered the annual Blessing of the Animals service. People brought dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, doves and even a hermit crab.

IMG00037.jpgwaiting for the service to begin.



Chocolate Chip

Halloween headstart

Anyone going into Value Village knows that the search for Halloween costumes is in full swing. seen came across this sale by Model Citizen in the Masonic Temple.

the Halloween scene

Local entrepreneur Jason Holley can meet all your chain mail needs.

searching for the perfect accessory.