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Who's sorry now?

Sign defacing was a popular sport in St. John's during the recent municipal election. But seen is wondering what the defacer thinks now after Sheilagh O'Leary came in with the highest number of votes in the at-large council race with 24,056.

IMG00006.jpgWhen seen last looked the sign was gone.

Republic of Doyle

seen in a St. John's neighbourhood ...



Farmers Market Friends

seen was at the St. John's Farmers Market on the weekend leading up to the Sept. 29 municipal election where we discovered a whole lot of council wannabes in a very good mood.  Mark Wilson and Shannie Duff.

Scott Fitzgerald

Sheilagh O'Leary

IMG00022.jpg... and berries! seen voted for them.

car, car, giant ball, car...

seen saw this ... 

hopefully not looking for a parking space.