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  • Pop-up deli fundraiser

    Hungry people found their way to the Sheraton on Sunday for a fundraiser supporting Chinched Bistro's culinary team on their road to Kelowna for the Canadian Culinary Championships. Biiiiggggg deli sandwiches were prepared by Bacalao, Todd Perrin, The Sheraton, Chinched, and Five Brothers Cheese.

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    St. John's-20130126-01316.jpgSt. John's-20130126-01318.jpg St. John's-20130126-01317.jpg

  • seen loves snow clearing

    Big machinery clearing big piles of snow. What's not to like? Here are city crews at work on Bond Street Thursday night in St. John's.



  • A cold, dry day

    We're not used to "Canadian"cold in St. John's, but it's what the weather spirits have been delivering to us the last few days. At least it looks pretty.


  • Snow clearing

    St. John's crews were out in force last night, clearing up the remnants of last week's storm from downtown streets.


  • Sidewalk clearing

    Sidewalk clearing is a popular conversation in St. John's after any storm. Pedestrians find walking a struggle, since a lot of sidewalks aren't clear. City politicians say they're making sidewalk clearing a priority.

    seen walks a lot, and on this morning commute's noticed that while one side of most streets were completely blocked,  you could easily cross over to the other nicely-cleaned side.

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