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Hey Folks,
I hope you had a great holiday weekend! As far as May 24th weekends go, it was pretty decent across the Province. Here are some highlights for the upcoming week across NL!

-No question, the headline this week is the warmest air mass so far this season, which is currently moving into Atlantic Canada. Western Labrador & even into Western Newfoundland will be the first to feel it's 20°+ warmth today (Monday), with the rest of Province really heating up on Tuesday.
-Western Labrador will turn wet and actually cool down on Tuesday, while in Southeastern Labrador and right across the Island, most inland locations will reach 20°+ on Tuesday. The warmest pocket will be in Central Newfoundland and along the Northeast Coast, where 25°+ is looking possible for many, inland from the Coast. Some backyard decks in Central Nfld, will likely see their first 30° day on Tuesday. 

-Extra long weekend? If you can... do so. The Sunshine to go along with these amazing temperatures will make it a dynamite Tuesday for the Island. 
-Things turn wet across Eastern Labrador, late on Tuesday and then the Island on Wednesday, as our cold front passes through... and a new Low developing off to our South shoots Northward. As of now, it looks like about 10-20 mm for most of the Island on Wednesday, with some 30 mm pockets possible.

-Our next area of High pressure will start to clear things out across Labrador on Wednesday, before it moves over Newfoundland on Thursday. As the ridge of High pressure builds in, winds will be from the North and temperatures will return to seasonal on Wednesday in Labrador and Thursday across the Island.
-Late week, it looks like that High will once again move off to our Southeast... while another system rolls into Northern Quebec and Labrador. This will mean another Southwesterly flow warm air setup for NL, with temperatures set to rise yet again.

-It's still a bit early, however it appears Friday and into Saturday, most of Newfoundland and Labrador will once again be flirting with 20°... or even warmer. Stay tuned.
And while we're talking about these Summer type temperatures across the Province, I should also briefly mention another Summer time feature - A Tropical Storm!
Tropical Storm Alberto has become the first named Storm of the season, forming off the Coast of Florida and the Southeastern U.S. over the Weekend. Impressive, because Hurricane season doesn't actually start until June 1st. The storm will stay close to the Coast and work Northeast over the next few days. In the end, the Storm (which is pretty small in size) will stay offshore and dissipate while being absorbed into that system just to it's North... which is actually the same system that will be rolling through Newfoundland on Wednesday and into Thursday.

By the way, the National Hurricane Centre is set to release it's 2012 Hurricane Forecast Outlook on Thursday. I'll be taking a look at that and some of the other predictions and factors for the upcoming season later this week on the blog.

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