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Picture taken in Happy Valley-Goose Bay this past January.  Courtesy:  Kristin Simms

Hey Folks!

Well, it's that time again. Time to look at this past Winter. The period I'm looking at, is December, January, February and March. It's safe to say this Winter will be remembered much differently, depending on where you live in Newfoundland and Labrador. Here's the breakdown. 

-This Winter might best be remembered as the Winter that wasn't... or at least the Winter that came and left in a hurry. We had that big 30 cm storm back in November to kick things off and another 30 cm Storm for the last weekend in March, to help finish things off. But in between, I think most would agree this Winter was pretty tame.
-For the most part, Winter was contained to a 3 week period from January 20th to February 9th. Over that 21 day stretch, it snowed everyday, we had 5 Snowstorms, 113 cm of Snow & our average temp was -4.2°. Certainly our coldest and snowiest stretch.
-In fact, our average 4 month Winter temperature was -2.2°... which is +1.5° above average.
-This was our 9th straight, warmer than normal Winter. 2003 as the last time we had a colder than normal Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar season.
-Our 3 week Winter stretch helped to bump Snowfall totals up to 273 cm for the 4 month period. That's pretty close to our normal of 260 cm. 

-Back in October, Gander and parts of Central had 40 cm of Snow in 6 days... and then nothing. It took until January 27th for Gander to pick up more than 10 cm in one single shot.  Just 27 cm fell in December, however amounts were closer to normal for the rest of the Winter.
-You folks finished off the Winter at 282 cm, about 50 cm less than average.
-Temperatures averaged close to 2° above normal from Dec-Feb, but a cooler than normal March, helped average your 4th month Winter temp out to +1.3° above normal.
-This was your 4th straight warmer than normal Winter and 8 of the past 9 years have been above average.

-It was a pretty good season for Snow on the West Coast, which was good news on the hills and on the trails. Snowfall totals were 391 cm over the past 4 months, with 191 cm falling in January alone. Your 4 month average is 340 cm.
-Following the last few Winters which had averaged more than 4° warmer than normal, this winter was cooler, but still averaged +1.8° warmer than normal.
-This was also your 4th straight warmer than normal Winter and 8 of the past 9 years have been above average.

-Southwestern Newfoundland is on quite the run. It's now 9 Winters in a row which have been warmer than normal... and 10 of the past 11.
-Much like Deer Lake, it wasn't as warm as the past few Winters, however every month came in above average and in the end, Stephenville averaged 2° warmer than normal, at -3.1°
-Snowfall amounts were still about 270 cm in Stephenville, which is about 80 cm short of the normal 4 month average

-Winter in Southeast Labrador started like a lamb with just 40 cm in December. However the 132 cm in March helped average things out.
-Temperatures in the Southeast were also slightly above normal. Your 4 month Winter average came in at +0.5° above normal.
-However again, it continues the trend. 2008 is the only recent Winter which has finished cooler than normal... 10 of the past 11 have been warmer than normal.

-Winter returned with a bang in HV-GB! From January 14th to March 15th, there was more than 100 cm of Snow on the ground. You folks haven't seen a Snow base like that since the Winter of 08/09!
-Total Snowfall for the 4 month period was 353 cm, which is above the 297 cm average.
-With December & February slightly warmer than normal & January & March slightly colder than normal. Your Winter temperature finished almost exactly average.
-This was the first Winter since 2008 to finish near normal.

-Winter wasted no time in Labrador West. 110 cm in November and 133 cm in December, almost double your monthly average.
-Snowfall remained above average in January & February March, finishing the 4 month period with 350 cm. Your average 4 month total is 250 cm.
-Your 4 month "Winter" average temperature finished at +1.23° above average at -17.7°
-This was 4th straight above normal Winter and the 7th over the past 10 years. 

-January and February were both above normal in terms of temperature on the North Coast of Labrador, however a cooler than normal March helped average out your 4 month Winter average. You finished the period just +0.3° above normal, or close enough to call it an average Winter in terms of temperature.
-However this keeps with the theme. Over the past 11 years, Nain has only had 1 Winter (2008) colder than normal. 


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