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Just a quick update on our potential Weekend Storm...

Overnight forecast models and now again Wednesday afternoon, have been trending EAST with the track of our potential weekend Storm.

What does that mean? 

-That means the track would be further offshore, as would the heaviest Snowfall totals.
-The models continue to spin up a Powerful Nor'easter Storm capable of dropping 30+ cm of Snow, producing Winds gusts 70-110 km/h. However as of now, it's looking like that might stay offshore.
-However, with the system just developing in the Southern United States, it's still early in the game and we need to keep a close eye on this one.
-Even with the current model tracks... the Avalon and parts of the Northeast Coast could see 5-10 cm of Snow and Wind gusts to 60 km/h.

-Thursday will be an interesting day. I'll keep you posted.


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